Georgia Tech hand delivers good news to Cairo, Ga.

(upbeat music) – We wanted to recognize two people who have been admitted to Georgia Tech. I’m actually the director of
admission from Georgia Tech and so, I want to introduce
my colleague here, Caroline, to talk to you about that. – Well I want to call up Jalyn, there she is, hi Jayln! So I want to hand deliver your acceptance letter to Georgia Tech. – Thank you. I thought it was coming tomorrow, at noon. So I was, I had it marked on my calendar, I was looking forward to tomorrow at noon. Men in suits come in, and we’re not used to men in suits around Cairo,
especially not at school. And, he comes walking in and a guest, so that’s the moment I found
out and it’s just elating. – [Caroline] And I also
wanted to recognize Meredith. Hi Meredith. – Hi. – [Caroline] So Meredith
was accepted early action. – I got my acceptance
letter and I screamed and I cried and I was so excited. I was a little worried to
open it, I like I hesitated. ‘Cause I was like if I didn’t
get in to my dream school. But once I did it was really awesome and Jalyn is actually my best friend. When it came up that there
was a tornado touched down 3 miles west of Cairo, that was
actually on my side of town. Luckily it past over our
house before it formed. When it hit, when we started
to get the notifications, it was just devastating. We went through Hurricane
Mike, pulled a lot of damage through that as well, but
it, we have a catch phrase, Grady unbroken. Little old Cairo, we’re so determined just
to keep pushing forward and I want to be able to
come back during holidays and kinda share what I
learned so that I can really help Cairo advance
into the next generation. I think it’s just awesome that y’all take the time to come see us personally like I haven’t had a college do that.

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