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Why does clothing have to be gendered? And if you take that question it’s kind of fun what you can make. We started TomboyX back in 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign where we raised $76,000 in 30 days. I was frustrated with the lack of shirting options for women’s bodies and Naomi one day infamously said, ‘Well, how
hard can it be to start a clothing line?’ We chose TomboyX because we thought the theme was really cute, but what we learned was that people were really responding in a powerful way to what the word, and the name and the brand meant to them. They felt seen for the very first time. And so that really started feeling like a responsibility that we felt like we needed to kind of take care of our community and be there. It’s been important to us since the very beginning to be inclusive. Being part of the LGBTQ community we recognize the subtle ways that we as a society can shame people, and these beauty standards that don’t apply that have a very narrow lens. And so it was important to us not only in our sizing and in our pricing — all our prices are the same you don’t pay more. There’s not a special section for plus-size: everything we carry we carry an XS through 4X. And so that also goes into different body types and what we think is beautiful. A lot of brands out there subtly trying to tell you — and some not so subtly — ‘Wear us to be cool,’ and we’re not that. We are, ‘We think you’re so cool the way you are.’ And so we want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and wear some really damn fine underwear.

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