Gears 5 – E3 2018 – Announce Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] Something’s happening to me! For months now, I’ve been having these dreams… …nightmares… …but I think they were messages. It’s your grandmother’s? There’s a place… up north. I think we can find you answers there. Where are we going? Back to where it all began! I need to know the truth. She’d never be our enemy by choice, I know that but what if it’s not her choice? The necklace? That’s a Locust symbol! I want it out of my head! I want it to stop! Katie… Mom! Cut me loose… Please… [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

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100 thoughts on “Gears 5 – E3 2018 – Announce Trailer

  1. "Play solo or with a friend in local split-screen co-op, or online co-op and experience every mode in 4K Ultra HD resolution with stunning HDR at a smooth 60 frames per second" ?!?!? guys you should include this in the trailer, you know nobody reads the description section

  2. Not a Gears fan. But looks awesome.. sad that now you're going to have to deal with all the crying and whining and backlash from all these fanboys and stupid YouTubers because you have a woman in leading role.

  3. This looks fantastic and all, but please tell me it's still called "Gears of War 5" and not just "Gears 5".

  4. Can't wait, Kate was one of my favorite characters in Gears 4. JD is still here and Marcus is still around, so that's good. Best game at E3 for me.

  5. Hey guys I made some 4k wallpapers from the trailer if you guys are interested, here are the links

  6. My gamertag is (Jericson12) I'm so freaking angry and devastated because my home xbox if my internet goes out I cannot play none of my games and if you're offline playing you cannot get any of achievements I need to wait 1 year before I can able to play all of my games offline hopefully they listen to this comment it's really frustrating that people download their games and they cannot play them and I need to wait 12 months Xbox is doing too much like this comment if you're having this problem too

  7. Not sure about a female lead in a Gears game but some of my favourite games (Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn) have had female leads and I can’t deny this looks incredible. I just hope the campaign lasts longer than Gears 4.

  8. While the game and especially the new environment looks great, I wish they stuck with JD as protagonist. He was more likable than Kait imo.

  9. Want a chance to win redeem codes for GearsOfWar, GearsOfWar2, GearsOfWar3 and GearsOfWarJudgementDay?
    Join the Discord Server and write what your fav GEARS game is, who you're fav character is and what you're hoping to see in GEARSOFWAR5.
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  10. A game that was designed and made for a campaign experience, little did they know they produced the quickest and most exciting online third person experience.
    They have opportunity to compete in twitch, e-sports and with popularity in players online.

    Yet everyone involved are happy to make a game that 1-10K people will play online for a few years and the rest will pick up complete campaign and never touch it again.

  11. Hello, were the Coalition. We didn't know the games we're milking had an established design style. So here's some emotionally vulnerable tomb raiding hipsters fighting Hasbro robots while wearing fuzzy snow jackets.

  12. Well it looks like i have a lot of catching up to do within the GOW series. I remember playing the first game & liking it but i just never got around to playing 2 when that one came out. There are so many Xbox games that i have to catch up on it's not even funny (AC series, Saint's Row, Borderlands, GOW, ect.). Gotta thank the MS/Xbox crew for the 360 (and OG) backwards compatibility!

  13. Jeez all these soft dudes who have masculinity issues there’s been women gears since day 1 with anya’ Sam’ Bernie etc for god sakes even the locust leader was a woman but you didn’t bat a eye at that but once you play as one as the lead you take a hissy fit. The ending to 4 makes no sense for jd to be the lead

  14. I have a Theory. I think JD is acting like this tough leader guy because he is afraid of whatever happend to him, should not happen to his friends. Maybe that's why he is so strict, he wants everything under control so his friends wont get hurt

  15. I can't wait. this was a very nice trailer. not much difference in graphics compared to the last one but still looks a bit better. having a female lead is a nice change, as well as it looks like its adding a hint of both exploring and mystery. ill get it for the Xbox one x 🙂 I'm sure we will play as Marcus for a level or two.

  16. Microsoft you are the best company i have ever seen in my life finally you guys are gears of war 5 thank you thanks to phil spencer

  17. Please let it be that was switch between Kait & J.D. Also think its the end of sass and cussing the locust and more about "finding oneself" :/

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