GDIT’s Kristie Grinnell on gender diversity in IT

and things have even in the three
years that you’ve been with GDIT it has changed in terms of just the number of
women that you see in the executive suite talk about that a little bit yeah
so I happen to be the executive sponsor of our women’s employee resource group
and we call it forward which is for women’s advancement recognition and
development and the reason is acronym in there very very done that but what we
what we see from this is we like to say that GDIT way you could spell that
acronym out is that it’s great diversity and thought if we want to be a company
that can innovate anywhere and really bring new solutions and services to our
customer we need to have that diversity of thought and the only way you’re gonna
get that is by having people who don’t all think alike we have to have people
with different clothes different experience different mindsets
that come to the table which all of that perspective helps us get to that next
innovation mm-hmm so our women’s network when I first came in to GDIT I was the
only woman in the c-suite four GDIT mm-hmm knowing that we had a female CEO
which is exciting but I didn’t see it at my lair in the business unit now three
years later we have a female president Amy Gilliland who is one of the most
inspiring leaders you’ll ever meet we have a female CFO a female growth
officer a female CIO myself and a female legal counsel and chief legal counsel
and female division leader as well that’s a really exciting place to be
right where you know women are you know the glass ceiling is is definitely
broken and GDIT for women we are we are coming through and showing that that
diversity and thought is really changing and the more we have these employee
resource groups to help us open the minds and give everybody a voice at the
table really helps us to be that innovative company that we need to be
for our customer at the end of the day.

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