Garmin VivoMove HR Premium Unboxing – Mevvah !!

Hello everyone, back with me Mikhail from gadgetapa and this time we’re gonna unbox an activity tracker from Garmin and that’s Garmin VivoMove HR okay, HR here stands for Heart Rate Why? because it has a heart rate sensor As usual , before we start the video , you can first punch the subscribe and the bell button So you won’t miss our new videos Okay, now let’s take a look at the box The box is quite simple, there’s GARMIN printed on front and the photo of the product itself and this one has the color of gold and comes with a leather strap Premium smart analog watch On the right side we can see the photo of the right side of the watch itself Garmin printed on the frontside… On the left side there’re some specification about the device, it says… …the battery can lasts up to 2 weeks… …if it’s in analog mode, while in smart mode it can lasts up to 5 days it’s also water resistance, it has the rating of two… …in which i don’t know what it means… then there’s the size of the diameter, this one is large still in this side we can see there’s a place where… …we can measure the diameter of our hand, me myself is… …it’s regular, says the measurement table Then there’s a writing “wrist based heart rate” it means the heart rate sensor is built in the watch. smart notification, can track your daily stress and activity tracking. well… it should be, it’s an activity tracker afterall… featuring a hidden touch display and smartwatch capabilities with full activity tracking so it has a hidden display… and where’s the hidden display? sit tight and let us see it together without further ado, let’s open it [sound of box falling] *plak nnnah (okay, what kind of sound is this?) let’s see, what do we have here, oh we can open it and what’s in it… and as you can see, we have the watch here Premium smart analog watch, vivomove HR and let’s… …put it aside first… and what’s more inside? we got the charger cable here the manual book and the leather strap brown leather strap to be exact and it feels… …very premium… and yeah let’s take a closer look of this garmin vivomove HR so this is… the watch, it’s analog and… …it should have a hidden display… …but where is it? (i think that’s why they called it “hidden”) let’s take a look at the back side oh there’s the heart rate sensor right there and the charging plate there’s “garmin vivomove HR” inscribed on it it has the color of gold if we take a closer look we can see the analog watch there’re only two hands, without second hand, only hour hand and minute hand yup only minute and hour hands we got the number of 12 ,2, 4, 6, 8 , 10 all of it are even numbers and… what so special about this watch , i think, is the fact that there are no buttons at all it’s quite different from the vivoactive and fenix series here in this watch there are no buttons at all, and i mean at all and to put on the strap is quite easy you just have to slide it in and there’s GARMIN inscribed on it and we can see a little garmin logo in here let me put in on my hand first then *gracefully putting on the GARMIN vivomove HR *still gracefully putting on the GARMIN vivomove HR okay, it’s already on and it fits perfectly *and gracefully and it’s a very different feeling than what you get with Garmin VivoActive that i have reviewed earlier on my YT channel while the previous feels,,,, so leather… opps sorry, not leather while the previous feels so rubbery…very elastic, it’s quite different with this one this one feels so premium and… it feels very … leather-y… 😀 how should i put it?humm.. feels luxurious, cool, and very classy ! well one thing for sure it’s an analog watch lemme tell you i’m a fan of analog watch and i like this simply because well it’s an analog watch (obviously), with a hint of tech plus there’s this hidden display and i think it’s good i actually fell in love with the analog style of this watch it’s very cool anyway and if you want to you can turn on the hidden display easily you just have to double click it here on the watch or you can use gestures to light up the display that way the hidden display will show itself and you can see some informations on it just like this and yeah, for now my first impression of this watch is it feels very luxurious and… …beautiful I like it okay, i think’s that’s all for this time unboxing I’m Mikhail from GadgetApa signing out And as always… …have a nice day! dahhhh 😀

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9 thoughts on “Garmin VivoMove HR Premium Unboxing – Mevvah !!

  1. I think maybe you should edit these videos instead of just doing it in one take. Make it more fun too. Look at the big players in the industry. Unbox therapy for example. They make the videos instructional and funny. This is not really easy watching. Sort of cringy. Sorry man. Im trying to give you some decent positive feedback. Good luck for the future!

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