Galvanize + TechCrunch Disrupt

This weekend at TechCrunch Disrupt maybe sort of a Galvanize on steroids what galvanize does all year long is nurture startups nurture entrepreneurs nurture budding developers and create a space for people to connect. I was talking about progressive Web Apps progressive web apps are a set of technologies and techniques really a philosophy for making web applications a lot more like native applications. So pair programming is basically two programmers working on one piece of code one goal two brains and ultimately can produce better code. So the idea was to help entrepreneurs figure out how to move their organizations and startup companies to become more data-driven organizations. I think having us here to do the workshops from an education perspective is a really nice twist so it’s not just about startups presenting their technology we’re also talking about what is the industry like and what are some of the trends in education. One way to be ahead of the game is always revamp the curriculum that you have and be in tune to a lot of industry trends. When you come to Galvanize you’re not a web developer now instead of what you were before you’re a developer and what you were before so if you were a musician or performer before you still are and now you have this skill set and it really widens the sphere of what people can do. Again we’re looking for the people with aptitude drive and determination not necessarily the people with the right credentials and the people that actually enjoy coming to school collaborate people just want to work in teams to do the pair programming that facilitate and enhance learning we want to serve people that want to change the world.

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