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New phones, new laptop and awesome new gadgets in this TECH NEWS I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech I am your Tech Friend JOE 😊 Samsung launched their latest flagship Note 10 & Note10+ recently The prices for these phones for 8GB RAM 256 GB internal starts at Rs.70,000. At the same time the plus version 12GB RAM and 256 GB internal starts at Rs.80,000. When you pre-book and buy this phone you get a cashback of Rs.6,000. Also as combo offer you will get Samsung Galaxy watch worth Rs.20,000 for Rs.10,000. The pre orders for this phone started at August 8th. In India sale for this starts at August 23. MI has launched 2019 version gaming laptop. It’s external looks identical as the one they launched last year. But inside they have added lots of extra features. The screen is full HD 144Hz refresh rate display. Due to its high refresh rate gaming experience will be smooth. Internally you can pick between 9th gen i5 or i7 Processor. Also it is available in 8GB RAM and 16GB Ram options. For storage option, they are giving you 512 GB PCIe SSD. Also to run this, it has RTX 2060 graphics. In this new version, for cooling they have improved the Thermal management system and with this they claim that they can dissipate the heat up to 60% efficiently. You can get upto 4½ hours battery backup in this laptop. Not only that its weight is 2.6 kilogram. It has a starting price of Rs.75,000. For those who want to buy a gaming laptop, this will be the best option. TECH FACT Tech Fact – In the last episode of Tech Fact, I talked about the first selfie ever taken. If you have missed seeing that episode click this link and watch. In this episode of tech fact let’s see about the first ‘group selfie’. The first ‘Group Selfie’ was taken in 1920. In this photo, five people are together. You can find this image in New York at the ‘BYRON Museum’. In photography for different needs there are different lenses. For example standard lens for normal images, telephoto lens for far images and ultrawide for covering many likewise there is macro lens for taking tiny objects. The Macro lens which are available can take 1X zoom. For a photographer named ‘Nicholas Sherlock’ this 1X zoom was not enough. The main reason, using this 1X zoom he couldn’t take an Insect named ‘Aphids’, in tamil ‘Asuvini’. it was very small. Because of this, using 3D printing Technology, he created an extension tube on his own. With this tube which he created he can go up to 5X zoom. If you ask is there big difference between these two? You an see the differences from the images which he posted! If this is the pic we can take normally using 1X zoom we can go up to this close only At the same time, with the extension tube which he created we can zoom this much! He posted images using this and these looked very pretty. Tube like these will be useful to other photographers also. So he posted a blueprint of how to do this in his website. He created something for his needs also posted in internet so it will be useful to others. For this reason I really salute this person. Apple on September 10th is gonna conduct an iPhone event. In this event not only new iPhone but they are going to introduce new generation of Apple watch. An analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo said that not only the phones but also the watches will have Oled display. This Oled display will be imported from Japan and comparing to last year 15 to 20% more will be manufactured this year. In this new watch bigger battery, sleep tracking and many new health features will be added. Its prices are unknown but when the launch I will inform you about the prices. Today’s hot news. Let’s see about the new phones which Samsung patented. Samsung hyped about phones which could bend. But when they sold it, there were many issues in the phones that they have to recall. They still haven’t fixed the bending issues but when we see the phones which they are patented it makes us wonder if any of its are possible. ‘Let’s Go Digital’ released these patents. Samsung screwed up their single bend but in this new patent, a single phone had two folds. You may wonder about the two folds. But not only these there are additionally many models. If you look at one design the front and back are screen looks like a wrap around style. In another one the screen detach itself and comes separately. In another one it has physical switches like Nintendo. Another one has design where the screen rolls. My favourite one is, the phone can be wrapped around a wrist like a wrist watch. Apart from these they have patented many designs. Out of these designs which ones do you like the most? let me know the comment section down below! Friends if today’s news was useful to you, click ‘like’. ‘Share it’ with your friends who loves Tech. If you want to see videos like this daily, ‘subscribe’ and don’t forget to click the ‘bell’ icon next to it. We will meet in another episode. I am your Tech Friend Joe 🙂

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