Galaxy S10 istifadəçiləri smartfonun Face Unlock funksiyasını aldadıblar | Tech-News #24

What happened last week in the everchanging world of technology? Let’s find out. You are watching Tech News News on Azercell’s presentation. On a time when all the auto brands are revealing their new e-crossovers the strongest of them all Tesla joined the lot. Company introduced its new Model Y last week. “You’ll fell like it’s a sports car” said Elon Musk during the presentation. The Model Y is a compact crossover and has a smaller dimension and lower price than the Model X. Last week Samsung Galaxy S10 users discovered that it is possible to deceive the Face Unlock function easily. A large number of videos have been posted on the Internet related to this topic. In the videos, it’s enough to unlock the Galaxy S10’s Face Unlock function by just bringing a photo of the user to the phones face recognition system. In addition, the Face Unlock function can also be deceived with a video of the smartphone owner. It has also been discovered that this technology does not recognize the user’s sexual orientation. According to a female blogger, Jane Wong, from Hong Kong, she discovered that her brother’s Galaxy S10 has been unlocked by scanning her face. Which company are you trust for Face ID? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us from the Instagram in order to catch weekly technology news.

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