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you know sometimes you see specs leaked on a phone or you see some photos that are leaked about upcoming phones and you build an idea in your head of what that phone will be like and sometimes that idea is wrong so these are the Galaxy Note templates on the regular Galaxy Note 10 and I liked them a lot more than I thought it would now at the briefing when they first announced these phones I remembered thinking that shirt like the note 10 plus really easy phone to just recognize as being the flagship it’s a very powerful phone very expensive phone but the note 10 the regular Note 10 felt but just underwhelming it was it was a smaller phone 1080p screen a lot of features that were missing from the big boy version and it was like the first thing I actually thought it was like why does this exist what purpose does a smaller Note 10 with worst paper specs have when the traditional Galaxy Note line is just a flagship product with the best specs possible but it turns out both of these phones are really solid and I’ve really grown to like the smaller regular Note 10 now before I get into the meat of this video I want to talk about the lack of the headphone jack on both of these devices both a note 10 and the note 10 plus no longer have headphone jacks and Samsung just straight-up removed them and it sucks I think they’re gonna get a lot of backlash from note fans and from Samsung users I really hate that it’s gone but it’s just how it’s played out now I don’t think Samsung just copied Apple for the sake of copying I think they did just follow in Apple’s footsteps but the reason why they did it the reason why I think they’ve removed the headphone jack at this point in time specifically is because they’re now in the position to actually profit from removing the headphone jack they’ve done the math right clearly people aren’t buying Samsung’s phones just because of the existence of the headphone jack right so they’ve turned to the dark side it’s time to dump the jack and to sell you alongside with their phone a pair of wireless headphones and I think at this point in time the only companies left on the market that are still making phones with headphone jacks are companies that just do not have a pair of popular wireless headphones to sell alongside with their phones because everyone else like Apple Google 1 plus and now Samsung will all gladly sell you a pair of wireless headphones to go with your headphone those phones it’s gone I hate that it’s gone but that’s just what we have okay back to the actual phone so the design of this phone I like the way that these things look way more in real life than they did in photos a note on the colors the aura glow like the kind of shimmery silver color that they have it looks really extra in videos and stuff like that it’s got this rainbow sheen to it it looks crazy like that if you shine a lot of light on it but I don’t think it’s as obnoxious or as loud as it may seem in videos if you like that look but you’re hesitant because you thought it might be too bright or too colorful I think for regular use it’s relatively muted it’s just outdoors it really blasts like you saw the thumbnail in this video that was shot with just lights hitting this thing at the right angle and it just glows but oftentimes it’s just a more of muted silver color now another thing I really like about these phones is the frame so these use a stainless steel frame kind of like heavy iPhone 10 and 10s have used that same kind of stainless steel frame around the phone every other phone that I’ve used recently has had an aluminum frame and the vast majority of premium kind of flagship phones use an aluminum frame now this is the one plus 7 pro and I’ve dropped this a bunch of times since I’ve switched over to it and this material is soft it scratches dents it’s even cracked the glass in one of the corners but stainless steel frames are just a lot stronger not that you’re going to be dropping your phone every day but it’s just a more durable frame material than aluminum other changes to the note 10 this year the button position so they got rid of the kind of traditional spot of the power button or the sleep/wake button and they’ve repurposed the Bigsby button on the left to have that function and you can customize it so I’ve set mine so that a single tap will sleep and wake the phone a double tap will launch the camera and then a press and hold will launch the kind of power menu and there’s just no more bixby functionality off of that button just by how I’ve set it up so it’s nice that you can do that there’s just no more accidental Bixby launches because the button no longer does that okay the screen so I’m coming off of the 1 plus 7 Pro when I’m coming over to this phone and the resolution on the smaller phone is stuck at Tandy P and I’ll be honest when I first found out that it was a Tandy P pentile display on a Galaxy Note I was like what these phones are supposed to be the Samsung flagship these are the galaxy notes they’re supposed to have the highest resolution screen so you can get on any Samsung phone it turns out though that the 1080p screen is very good like maybe my eyes aren’t sharp enough like I can tell the difference between the 1080p screen and the 1440p screen you can tell them apart especially if you have them right beside each other but there’s no way that I would ever look at the regular no.10 screen and think this is insufficient like this is lacking in some way or another I really think it’s a fantastic screen the shortcoming though I would say is the lack of high refresh like a 90 hurt screen would have been so nice and coming off 1 + 7 Pro there is a noticeable difference between the 60 and 90 Hertz refresh rate but that’s what we have 60 Hertz screens on Samsung flagships for this year the whole punch at the top I actually don’t mind it at all I thought I would coming off the very clean 1 + 7 pro screen but it’s just it’s there I really don’t seem to notice it now one of the benefits of having a 1080p screen is battery life when you’ve run a lower resolution screen you just have extended battery life and this phone does not have a big battery I’m only getting like four four and a half hours of screen on time over the past few days I get it it’s a relatively small device that has a pen there’s not a lot of room in there for a battery but I was just hopeful that it’d be getting better than four hours of screen on time this is still relatively early on in the whole review process and I’m sure I’m running some kind of like early hardware and early software but yeah that’s what we have so far shorter than battery life than I had hoped and even expected okay the camera system this is a triple camera system the note 10 plus has an added fourth sensor like a depth camera the photos are clean from what I can see so far but the night shots in particular look really good now the main feature of the note 10 and the note 10 plus is the S Pen and this year it’s been improved they’ve added some gyros in here so it’s got more features and stuff this is the best feature of the phone and it’s the most unique feature of the note lineup but whether or not you can fit it into your life or your workflow is entirely dependent on you now you have like your regular note-taking stuff you have the remote shutter stuff for the camera they also have gesture controls which honestly feel a little gimmicky to me I don’t ever see myself using the gestures to navigate around instead of swiping or tapping on the screen they also have an SDK which I honestly think is just super ambitious for Samsung to think that some developer is going to make a niche app have niche controls for those like few people that have this particular S Pen to navigate in their apps like I don’t know I don’t think that’s kind of happen anytime soon but the pen is fantastic now if you’re someone who’s been interested in the idea of a pen based phone like the notes in the past but you’ve been turned off by its size I think the regular Note 10 this year is like you just got to take a look at it when I pick this up for the first time I realized why they made the smaller note 10 the big boy Note 10 plastic we’ve seen this form factor for years like that big phone with the pen it suits a lot of people just fine but I think a lot of people are turned off by its size a lot of people are just intimidated by how big this phone is like it does it fit in your pocket this is like is big it’s even bigger than the 1 + 7 Pro which is already a giant phone this fits in most people’s hands just a lot more comfortably and I much prefer the ergonomics on the smaller note 10 than the big one despite its technical shortcomings now the last thing I want to talk about is price because you cannot talk about the most expensive Samsung flagship without discussion about the price these start at 950 for the small one and 1100 for the Plus and the presence and availability of the s10 and the note 9 from last year really affect how I view these in terms of value obviously we just really want the latest and greatest note you’re just gonna get one I think the one that’s special the one that’s most unique is the smaller one at the Note 10 even with its lowered specs is something that just did not exist before it just offers an experience that you can’t get with any of the older phones you have to spend the big money to get this small phone with the s-pen okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it see you guys next time [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 10 – 💙💜❤️💛💚

  1. I absolutely love the size of the smaller Galaxy Note this year.
    P.S.: Samsung has corrected their press material, it's not a stainless steel frame. It's still aluminum. RIP

  2. Don't care much about the headphone jack loss but no SD card slot is downright Apple retardation. Especially on a flagship phone. Yes. Having a high on-board storage is possible, would it hurt them that much to enable me to have more? Fuck you Samsung. This is Note 5 all over again. You can just tell they're testing the waters here. Soon, even the Plus model won't have that fucking SD card slot.

  3. My mom used to tell me that "don't laugh at your opponents because you will never know what the end result can be." Here I am laughing at Samsung as an Samsung fan so hard, I really wish they failed with the note 10. You made several ads making fun of Apple, yet you chose to follow their steps. Apple removed the headphone jacks and they made the best wireless earbuds ever. What about you Samsung? The galaxy buds is trash , I still have the first generation from the free gifts included with the note 9 that I barely even touch. I'm going to move to the iPhone XI this year with my head high because I know at the end of the day Apple stand on the top without the need to make fun of others. I was a fan who would buy every single flagship from you since the first Galaxy S came out. I know that you have to make money at the end of the day, but at least cmon make something better. Magic wand? Wth?? I don't need a magic wand. I'm not going to wave my hands on the street like the Asian version of Harry Potter. You made a 90hz panel for OnePlus and you put a 60hz panel on your flagship? I'm so disappointed to a point that I did not even watch the unpacked event. I'm telling you this Samsung, you just pushed away a customer that spent at least $5K every year on your mobile devices. Now that guy is going to eat Apple instead of Korean BBQ from now

  4. I can't wait to get my Note 10+, coming from the S8+ (which I adore, my roommate just wanted to buy it off me anyway) it's a big step but I've been eyeing the S10+ anyway I just didn't like the offset camera position for the holepunch there.

  5. OnePlus 7 Pro all the way! Great phone, fantastic screen, insane speed, clean software with quick updates, solid cameras, good battery life + much better value than Samsung/Apple flagships

  6. imo they should skip the plus and mini sizes, and leave the galaxy s for a regular size phone, the note if you want bigger with more features, and leave the other stuff to the galaxy a or m or whatever. it would be easier for consumers to choose and easier for the company to maintain. like apple does, but i can't fault them for that.

  7. Cant understand why so many people are tripping over a headphone jack. I've had a note 8 for 3 years and have never used the headphone jack!! I preordered my Note 10+ and cant wait till it arrive this week.

  8. Hi Dave. Can you tell me please what launcher do you use for your phone please? I like it cuz is showing the icons without a badge or anything else. Cheers

  9. I am one of the people who wants a built-in stylus phone that isn't giant. The smaller Note10 is great news for me!

  10. I fucking HATE their solution for the notch. Its worse than a notch. It looks like a big dead pixel. How are budget phones having better solutions to the notch than flagships.

  11. Flagship phones now are terrible deals and straight up scams. Considering the Xiaomi mi imx 3 is £350, has the same size screen, slightly worse panel. Slightly worse hardware that you will NOT notice ever unless you're benchmarking the phone and the note plus is £1200. Like, how can you justify spending £900 more on a phone for a flagship these days when the things you gain are SO little

  12. Dave, Note 10 is just perfect or the most perfect – 1080p Dynamic Amoled Display. Human Eyes can't see quad HD (4K) for a fact, you can appreciate it when your display is more than 40inches. 1080p is perfect display for mobile phones, it's your brain dictating you that you can differentiate it because you know the specs but visually you can't even tell the difference. My previous phones are Note 9 512GB and again I got the S10Plus 512GB ceramic. When you watch the display in your smart phone, do you really need quadHD (4K) resolution all the time??? When you watch Netflix or video streaming from your phone , is it in 4k format? When you watch YouTube or any social media content, is it 4k? or just 1080p? Mostly it's in 720p or even 480p. Still very clear to watch, And mind you, this phone are targeting power users who can afford these phones not students in which at their age might be wearing glasses already so no need for quadHD. No headphone jack means more space for improvements – improves haptic feedback, slightly more bigger battery, makes it thinner and lighter. NO ONE IN YOUTUBE Vloggers properly understand the genetic mutation (if I have to compare it to a HUMAN) of the new NOTE series. 1080p is power efficient, UFS 3.0 is amazingly fast while lowering power consumption, again power efficient, 7nm processor again power efficient. 3500mAh is more than enough. I'm so disappointed for all this reviewers, I will crate my own.

  13. People think it's okay to have a full PEN in a phone without questioning it, but when blackberry make a keyboard phone, it's called weird and outdated?!

  14. I love your videos. They’re very clean, straight to the point and informative. No exaggerated effects or lame jokes but still very entertaining to watch. Good job mate you just earned a sub

  15. You know it’s a big deal if I considered switching from Apple for a second if the display and the way the icons look with the background ALONE make me consider it, but hey let me give Apple a chance first and let their new phones come out, will probably still stick to the iPhone but man does that look good, no wonder Display Mate said it was the best ever

  16. Seriously, screw wireless. I didn't buy fancy IEMs just to feed them with crappy bluetooth signal. That doesn't apply to this phone in particular. It applies to all phones.

  17. This was gonna be my first Note phone after carrying around an iPhone SE for 2 years, the ultimate upgrade, but I'll be going for the S10e instead. Hopefully in another 2 years Samsung gets their shit back together.

  18. Totally agree. Bought the small one. Went from note 4 loved it to s8. I have small hands and have not bought a new note due to the size. I have missed it. Excited to get it tomorrow. I ran my s8 in 1080 and it was fine. Looking forward to DeX for business.

  19. Can you, please make a comparison with the Asus Rog Phone 2 ?
    in speed, benchmarks, productivity and more?

    There are stylus now a days compatibles with any android device, so the Spen of the Note is not a real game changer.

  20. why does the iPhone get a free pass when it comes to price. It's always "Yes it's expensive but it's worth it" the iPhone XS Max at 64G of storage cost the same price as the Note 10+ at 256G of storage. but that never gets brought up.

  21. How does the small Note 10 compared with Note 9 in terms of battery life? I want to upgrade but I do worry this small Note 10 drains faster than my N9.

  22. Kinda sad really.. i guess i will go with two device now, the cheapest smartphone i can find with a decent screen and something like a fiio for music player. I wish smartphones makers would give "sound" the same priority of "display" and "cameras", with hd dac/balanced output and a jack that accept high quality headphones.

  23. Serious question may be some one can answer me, this is obviously an inferior phone compare to iPhone? So why do people buy it? ( I wouldn’t buy iPhone either I refuse to pay more than $600 max for a phone)

  24. Hi Dave, would you say note 10+ would be good for photo and video editing and do you think the apps are good enough to use?

  25. Why is no one comparing it with the Note9? That may be the best overall phone right now, no punch, big screen, long battery, audio jack, discounted price.

  26. Why does everyone lack creativity. To say the gesture is a gimmick means just that. It's a remote. Why the hell would you hold your phone and use gestures? Everyone has to charge the phone or listens to music while cleaning or something. Now your phone has a remote. 💡💡💡 Not the best feature but definitely useful. Need to copy and paste this to damn near every video review besides one or 2 I've seen.

  27. 4hrs battery life is ridiculous and unacceptable – why even push this?

    Honestly, in real-time, 4 hours: switch on and literally see the life of your device drain. Can't enjoy or practically use the device without panicking about recharging.

    A phone lasting 1 day has to become a base default.

  28. I still love my S9. Good build, feels great and work just the way i want. and its 2960×1440 res is just perfect.

  29. Hey dave, it you want a smaller note, get a frickin S10+, it's just very slightly bigger, but have 4000+ mah battery, 2k screen, and still keeping that Headphone jack

  30. These tech reviewers will shit on Apple for having a notch and being expensive, but they just gloss over Samsung phones having a fucking FOUR HOUR BATTERY. Double standard.

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