Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Welcome (Back) To The Future

– The first foldable smartphone is here, again, and you can officially
buy it this Friday, again. Here’s what you’ll get if you do. And here is why I’m so
excited to welcome it back, into the fold. (upbeat music) And folks you know, I
don’t normally do unboxings but this debut is different. As a quick refresher, Samsung
rolled out the galaxy fold back in the spring, but it
wasn’t ready for prime time with design flaws that made it too fragile to survive a normal day. I covered those shortfalls
along with the design changes Samsung made to address them
in a video earlier this month. And now I’ve got my very own
retail review device to borrow. Samsung says it wanted to
elevate the ownership experience for fold customers, and
when we pull away the box within a box that actually
contains the phone, we see the first evidence of that. It’s a welcome letter,
hardly unique to Samsung, OnePlus has been doing
this for a few years to make people feel like they’re
joining an exclusive club. You know, rather than just buying a phone. So I’m more interested in
the insert beneath that. This is a list of perks
you get when you do drop that money on a fold. Number one, a dedicated support hotline. It’s open 24 seven for your
questions or troubleshooting. Apparently you’ll be able to
call by voice or video chat, even schedule an in person meeting, if you want a Samsung rep
to physically walk you through the device. Below that, is an offer for
a onetime screen replacement to quote, “give you peace of mind”. Yeah, that piece is gonna be
hard to come by if you’ve seen the Jerry rig everything video. If you haven’t, suffice it
to say that this display is the softest, most fragile
on the market right now. So it makes sense that Samsung is offering a repair solution if
something happens to it. Still, it’s only good
within one year of purchase and it costs $149 dollars,
which doesn’t bode well for peace of mind over the long term. To protect the outside, you
do get a complimentary case for the fold. It’s made of Aramid, the
material that forms the basis of Nomex worn by fighter pilots, because of its flame-resistance. And Kevlar, which makes
a Bulletproof vests. Should be a pretty solid
case in other words. At the bottom of this treasure chest, a charger rated for a not
very fast, quick charge 2.0 sorry folks, the 25 watt
charger from the note 10 plus didn’t make the jump. Then there’s a USBC to a
adapter and the crown jewel of the collection, a
complimentary set of galaxy buds. These are a pretty solid
set of wireless ear buds that usually go for $130 bucks, so nice. Coming to the phone itself,
you cannot unwrap it without seeing these care
instructions and that’s good cause there’s a lot of them. You’re not allowed to
press hard on the display. Even with your fingernail. Use any objects to touch
the screen, put any stickers or screen protectors on it and
you should get the fold away from your credit cards because
of the powerful magnets that keep it closed. Most important of all,
the fold is by no means that Samsung’s words
dust or water resistant. So if you buy it, you’ll
want to mentally hop into the way back machine and treat it like you would have treated your
smartphone from a decade ago. After you dropped the nearly
two grand on this thing, you’ll need to go buy a
$30 dollar burner phone for the beach. Picking up the redesign
fold, I get the same feel I reported from Berlin. A little more solid on the hinge feel and locking open a bit more firmly. I don’t have to do away
with the visible crease in the screen, unfortunately,
but it kind of fades away when the screen is on. And frankly, I’m too distracted
by my joy at being back on a foldable phone. That’s kind of a misnomer,
people before me have said, this is really more like a foldable Tablet and the first few things I find
myself wanting to do again, bare that out. I lost my Kindle Oasis a while back and I’ve been without an E-reader since. Well, the fold is the perfect
size to take its place. So I eagerly re-sync my Amazon account, dive back into Calvin and
Hobbes and Richard Russo. The second thing I do is lament the loss of those custom colors I loved so much, which were cut from the assembly lines in an effort to streamline production. So I restore a little of
that color by swapping out the Samsung keyboard for a custom G-board. It gives me a little eye
candy and space for my thumbs to spread out, which I like. My third task is to round
up the truly colossal amount of bloatware on this thing, and though the fold
doesn’t have a recycle bin, I give it the next best thing. Obviously this isn’t the unlocked model, it’s the 18T variant and no
carrier is better than Ma Belle at burying its customers
under a prodigious mountain of unwanted junk. But I give 18T credit for
agreeing to sell the fold in stores, unlike T-Mobile, which canceled after the
whole debacle in the spring. This isn’t a review, so I’ll
make this my final point. Being back on the fold
is a constant reminder that you’re on the bleeding edge. That means bad things as well as good dealing with wonky apps
that reset when you switch between screens or the phone
forcing you into tablet mode to train the fingerprint
sensor, which makes no sense. It means getting used to the
leaden weight of this ponderous brick when it drops into your pocket. And then the anxiety
when you pull it back out and wonder if your pocket
lint is gonna find its way in there to kill the display somehow. And yes, you still have to
deal with an external screen. Not much bigger than the Palm phone. But this is still the first
day, so each time I pop it open, it all becomes worth it. Reading a book, taking
notes, playing a game, watching a YouTube video, BT
dubs please like and subscribe. It’s like having a tablet
that fits in your pocket. Remember how for years
some of us begged Google to build multi window
app support into Android. And when we finally got
it, we never used it because the screens
just weren’t big enough. Well this one is, and big
enough to run three apps at a time in fact. Add in the fact that the
phone is its own tripod, handy for me and has
tremendous battery life handy for everyone. And I continue to feel that
life on a folding phone is just beginning to
reveal its advantages. I’m gonna take my time exploring that life and deliver my review down the road folks. In the meantime I’m gonna
document the day to day with the fold over at
my Instagram account. Join in over there or on Twitter. Ask me of anything you wanna
know about the galaxy fold. And if you are gonna buy one of these, and you miss the fun colors,
as much as I, do what I do. And dbrand it. drand sponsored this video,
and with premium vinyl skins in so many textures and colors
offered at a fair price. dbrand is the best way to
customize your galaxy fold while also protecting it. Hit the link in the description below. This unboxing made possible
by a galaxy fold review sample provided by Samsung, but
I don’t do paid reviews. The company provided no
compensation in exchange for producing this video,
and Samsung was also not offered copy approval. That means they’re seeing
this for the first time, right along with you. Please subscribe to the
Mr mobile on YouTube if that’s the kind of video
you’d like to see more of. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends.

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