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Hey, do you have an idea that requires investment? Introducing business startups ideator and builder, it provide recommended tool for user to answer several questions Which related to the users idea and generate recommended canvases for user to visualize and position their business models for growth and innovation Next, is progress bar. User can select different track and start working on the canvases that recommended from previous. The purpose of the progress bar is to generate a path as a goal for users to working on the recommended canvases On the progress bar the way that users edit the canvas is through adding the stickers and input some texts on the card text section and drag the sticker into the specific region of the canvas and complete the entire canvas. Once user fulfilled the canvas, lets us proceed to the next stage Summary Board The system automatically retrieve the data from the canvas itself and display it on the summary board User are feel free to export the whole summary board into PDF format Lastly, are you ready to pitch your idea? If you were ready and welcome to pitch deck creation Click on create pitch deck User can select type of pitch deck they prefer and they enter name of the pitch as well as the description Next, click on create and now user can modify the pitch deck beyond creativity and imagination by adding text and images as well as changing background image Want to find out more? Stay tuned for demonstration presentation afterward

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