Futuristic Skateboard! | ENJOY or DESTROY?

yay All right here we go, the maiden voyage *falls* These things made it worse dude *Theme music plays* What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to another video ten strange things found on Amazon, actually Found by the tan man, who ain’t so tan am I right? I’m gonna let you know whether these items are enjoy or destroy, meaning if I like them I enjoy them and if I dislike them or destroy them Shout out to Emil Zidek for clicking that Bell icon and being a part of that notification squad and now let’s begin MaxiSee TV glasses by Reizen. Upside down and right-side up man. I love it I love it when it’s like an older guy, with like the white hair And they’re like wearing these things that are like, look like they’re from the future Just look slightly out of touch, great for TV, school and sporting events hands-free eyeglass style binoculars 2 times magnification so they’re like glasses Binoculars allow focusing each eye separately, ok that’s actually kind of cool dude, also a little pervy, add to cart. All right, I’m actually really curious about these. They look well-made to certain extent so really really interesting not gonna lie here. Will they work that’s the big question? Oh wow, wow, wow, wow, wow How come me? But like the focusing is like a little rough. No they a hundred percent work. Hi guys. I’m Matt Do you have my account those days? Do you think I could do your homework for you? I mean, they work. Dude. It just blocks out a lot the vision. Comfortable your head is like ten times the size. It should be whose your eyes feel like I could like touch them I wouldn’t be able to get used to that get definitely get a headache, but I can only see like this much It’s very tunnel vision and that for that reason like it’s really only gonna work If you’re like are able to wear them like this and then like maybe you’re at a sporting event and you’re like oh yes Or if you’re like trying to read subtitles on a TV and you’re like. Oh yes, or if you’re like looking out a window Hopefully first – you pervs, I’m gonna say destroy it because it legit – oh my gosh. These are made well, dude, ow!!! Yeah, I destroyed it for sure Should be dude send that to amanda and be like,”hey, honey” Brooklyn Workshop skate cycle hubless skateboard white. Look at that thing dude I know this has been a dope or nope so in this video right there. I asked you guys hey Do you guys want to see this awesome skate cycle see this teen here dude? He’s so hip with the kids look How hippy is dude with a saggy beanie and as thick watch? 100,000 likes and I will be that person and you guys blew Through that like goal and here we go guys. This is it finally the dope or nope. We’re including in a longer video It’s gonna be pretty awesome, so let’s check this out Brooklyn workshop skatecycle hubless skateboard recommended ages 14 and up ages 13 can’t do it. Not ready the hell’d are you 13? Oh, don’t you dare step on this bit around hubless self-propelled skate? That’s the only bummer meaning you suck. Yeah Well you got to do all the work Which is like a little bit strange because it’s like how you gonna take off your foot till I push off Maybe you do it like one of those ripstix where you have to like actually? You know move your body around to like get that thing going is it electric no It’s another breed of a ripstick see you’re supposed to like kind of Know that you’re in a difficult learning period my 13 year old son. That’s a problem, you know why 13 years old dude this brain isn’t developed And we’re just messing all you 13 year olds. We know you’re capable of this all right man. Oh That’s impressive. Do you think you can do that tanner? Yeah, all right, so here’s we’re gonna Do we’re gonna add this puppy to cart while we get that prepared for you check out the next product Bundle Skike, skike? I don’t like that. I was gonna go for skike, for some reason skike sounds derogatory Yeah, I think I know why plus with the original Skike high-tech carbon poles Oh, what what it’s like skis on land. It’s like land skis roller. Oh roller roller skis We should’ve just kept reading you know skiing outdoor experience Just finished reading, bro. Here’s the deal guys This is three hundred and nineteen dollars and just like that product that we just looked at that We’re going to be testing out in the rest of the video We need to know if you are Interested in seeing us test out this product so to do that Let us know by clicking that like button so many of you think that likes equal money No subscribers doesn’t equal money likes doesn’t equal money adds equal money so when you like it It’s not doing anything for me pretty much, so Shut up about it Shout out to all the naysayers dude. I just looked at Tanner for confirmation like, is that okay to say that? Domino rally ultimate adventure set with 108 D dominoes and four props I had something in my throat, dude. No, I was like – kha, kha. You know what I hate I hate it when the pictures are so tiny I can’t see anything, but that looks cool looks great But here’s the thing like Domino’s takes so long all for a like one tiny little moment I just don’t know if it’s worth it. I mean I know some people that do crazy dominoes I don’t know if I’d have the patience no reviews either. How can you get Domino’s wrong right so add to cart ooh? This is a big box, bro Domino rally the ultimate adventure feels like a knockoff of Legos Oh, okay, once this Domino hits that it sends the plane flying, and if you aim it right It’ll hit another Domino and trigger that effect and look you got a little ball that rolls down here. That’s not bad, dude That’s not bad. What are the ages? I don’t want to choke I’m always looking at toys now i’m thinking like what age can luna play with this to disguise me playing with it Yeah, all right, man Let’s check this out flash-forward to where we actually build it so you can see the good bits all right So we have a bunch of pieces here. We got the little plane right here. Oh And when it gets triggered how does it get triggered. Oh!! I barely touched it bro. This should be the finale. Okay, okay? I set it up so we got the beginning over here So it’s supposed to go all the way down to here and supposed to split off and do something over here make its way all The way to here and then once it hits the rocket. It’ll go to there. Yeah really I’m not so sure let’s find out let’s go for it Thing about these is that these dominoes are hollow right if you look at them They’re hollow on both sides, so they tend to get stuck on each other yeah, and they’re not heavy enough Was unexpected We missed something though isn’t this is this a domino layer oh? No, it’s a wall Or a big domino, that’s the coolest part of the whole thing I think makes this and enjoy it you can sit back and have someone else lay Domino’s and then have all the joy doing this om I need a voice : You know we’ll be way cooler is if you could steer it, even I knew exactly where this boom either way. It’s an enjoy Npw USA a better TV viewing slanted beer mug. I’m not gonna pretend to understand much how this is gonna Help me view my TV better Look at the little guy down here looka little guy basically a problem Then I guess a lot of beer drinkers have when they’re sitting on the couch eating Their pretzels is when they pull up the beer it blocks their view of the TVs so we’re gonna fix this so we’re gonna fix that by shaving off the top you must be sitting low and Lauching maybe it’s the recliner thing look at the beer belly Add to Cart Boom look at this dude TV beer mug. I mean pretty self-explanatory. I hate this packaging because it takes like a day To get open luckily we got scissors on standby all right tanner here. It is Racker open, ooh pomegranate orange, so here’s the idea right you have it and then You don’t get blocked But would you get boxed a little color green is delicious by the way it’s soda though Tanner can drink Oh Tanner went to Wendy’s the other day and to not order a soda you got a ginger ale I didn’t get it I asked You about I was like that’s soda brah ready Yeah, it works. Oh that tastes good to Really rub it in as review. It’s good, but now the experience of drinking beers has been lowered I do have a big nose, but most men have bigger noses right so check this out nice, dude It’s my nose get anyway My gosh usually goes in the mug a little bit huh? I’m gonna say destroy it, but the contents is too Good to destroy so I’m gonna finish it and then I’ll destroy it you can count on me Here you go tanner. All right. We got this wood. What does that say? That is so difficult to read skate cycle some wacky fonts. It’s hard to come up with a good logo all right I’ll give him that so guys since you hit that light goal. We did it man We bought the giant watch and a funky looking beanie here. We go dude I’m gonna be that guy right now bro big face the watches. Oh, it’s just what just broke, dude The watch isn’t gonna work, so I’m gonna wear it in spirit, but I will wear the beanie for for y’all I’m ready. It’s Gator boy Do you think that you’re gonna actually be able to write it ride this I used to be able to write ripstix I’m told that this is way more difficult than a rip stick. We’ll have much better than an average person I like how they’re able to put it in this like kind of smaller box one of the features of this items able to Be compact which is kind of cool. You know if you’re like gonna go somewhere and throw it in a bag well It’s actually somewhat simple, so here’s the question let’s take a look at this thing up close We’ve got a tire here that spins hubless meaning. There’s no axle, so I’m assuming. There’s a bunch of bearings inside here I don’t know for sure there’s some grip tape in here, and then there’s two pivots right so this I believe is What’s going to allow you to actually get momentum to gain speed question is how do you start it off all right here? We go the maiden voyage These things made it worse dude Like I was gonna hit my face because because of these things let’s try that again. You can do it, too It’s it’s all about Like if you can get that right foot to the proper aim so that you don’t take yourself off balance when you’re putting this foot In there what if I’m going the wrong way I’m doing it, dude. Where’d you go? That might actually be a good tip start off by like trying to balance it Just figure out where the balance is you’re supposed to like do the rip stick thing you guys. It’s way Way more difficult than you think but I feel like this is easier Wow dude we’re gonna practice a little bit more. Let’s look at the next product when we come back We’ll see if Tanner can handle this Showers pass crosspoint waterproof hi vis crew sock I’ve is waterproof wait what what’s the point of that? Why do I need my socks to be high visibility and/or waterproof waterproof socks would be the worst thing Mankind would ever know you know why I mean What socks is the worst experience of all no guess why because you’ll have internal wet socks Sweat if water doesn’t get into your socks right then it means it’s not really breathable doesn’t necessarily mean air can’t get in but it means it’s not breathable your butt is gonna heat up because your Feet your ears these things are like the radiators of your body That’s like when you take off your socks and shoes like when you get home you like cool down You know I’m telling you man. You’re gonna have wet socks on the inside This must mean like in very very cold climates or something like that No one seems to have those problems So let’s buy it test it out it shower pass crosspoint all weather accessories waterproof breathable socks. See it says breathable hundred percent waterproof Highly breathable, how does that work dude? you know a Test that my dad always had he would always teach me like how to buy good shoes one of the ways you get foot fungus Is by having not breathable socks or shoes basically what he would do and this is after sometimes I’ve worn the shoes, and he’s like those shoes looked cheap come here son Who’d like take off my shoe and then try to breathe through it no joke? No joke look You can slightly breathe through it meaning They are somewhat breathable, but they’re not gonna be anywhere breathable as a normal saw so if you are prone to those issues Maybe this isn’t the sock for you But if you hate the wet sock more than the non breathable sock then this is for you There’s something plastic feeling about it. It looks plastic very very plastic II very very firm We got a bucket of water right here. I’m gonna stick my foot in it. Maybe I should take off my Socks for you. Just in case no dude. I’m confident whoa You see that oh, oh Yeah, whatever scent not wet let’s find out dry That is weird. Yeah, I say enjoy Nap time for the a smash shoutout, hh8 asks hashtag ask Matt Why can’t anyone speak properly in front of you I assume fear guys if you want your own Twitter shut up make sure you follow Me have a thighs I am on twitter and ask me a question using that hashtag next product Star Wars Death Star Kitchen timer with lights and sound works well for the price feels like it was cheaply made Add to Cart oh Whoa that’s bigger than I thought it would be Wow bro, that’s so big Bro, they got a bb-8 one two you just twist the little heads look at you see that started to light up set a timer for 10 minutes I Guess you have to just kind of sit and wait and watch. Oh, yeah here it so when it finally counts down Okay, yeah, I see what they’re talking about cheaply made. I like it like it when I here’s the clicks in there – like I Like it – I like to know when it engages and like when I could hear it a little bit more cuz what happens when? This thing breaks like the gear slip or something like that and all of a sudden you really don’t know if it’s timing or not So every time you got to do that Every time you got a double check it so that’s my only gripe But it is the Death Star and it does work as advertised, so I’m going to say this isn’t enjoy it I’m gonna say this and enjoy it Etude house BB foot mask foot Peeling is this anything like putting a mask on your face and like peeling off your skin when it you know I mean like Generally women will put this stuff on their face and it exfoliates their skin I’ve done it before have you yes doesn’t work doing it you were talking about your talked into didn’t want entire face turn red Right after directly super Rhett never do it again, but it worked. What did it do? I think like remove the pillow like a small layer of skin interesting but why would you want to do this to your feet a special foot mask with skin smoothing and Moisturizing ingredients to get rid of course dull and dead skin on the foot I don’t particularly have that problem course dead and dry skin, but some people do I assume and it’s somewhat I would assume Normal too much trouble to do with your foot. You know I mean I like contort Just let your foot your foot did Alright, let’s test this out Add to Cart o BB foot mask What is this some type of towel angel wings? Oh? No? This is the foot bag? This is a book bag. Did you see I’m saying? I thought look dude. It looks like angel wings finally They’ve been sent down B. I’ve been waiting for like three months for deliveries No you put your foot in here, and you let your foot kind of do its thing oh No, you pour the goop in the foot pouch you Wait a while, and then you wash off your foot and then your foot exfoliates itself And then it looks sparkly that’s kind of like the deal here. Here’s the question right does it stink oh? It smells like that face mask. I made you wear. Oh really remember the keratin the animal fat. Oh, yeah Yep, so you goop it in there. Oh yeah, Kanna. Do you have extra skin on your foot? I? Don’t know I’m not gonna put my foot in that that looks scary. I’m just like I don’t know like I’m not that desperate I’m not like oh my gosh all that extra skin people are making fun of me my wife’s Wearable to put my foot in that Oh like I feel like that’s the kind of place you need to be in to put your foot in this Let me know down in the comments below Like I’m not intestines out cuz I don’t even know what’s gonna do to my foot, but maybe it’s not gonna do anything cool Right there. What do you guys think enjoy it or destroy it? Pet tornado No description no real description on the box pet tornado Recommended age five through adult by the way if you want a pet tornado. You got to be above five Okay, kids under five they just let that tornado go rampant and it kills all their pets you know oh
we got a little bit more description here the tornado in a jar simply shake the self-contained model and watch a tornado form right in your hand it includes it printed Fujita Fellowes fajita Includes a printed scale and descriptive information detailing wind speed and degree of damage for f12 f5 tornadoes. It’s your pet tornado Exorcism that’s what it is. I think you don’t do this with your pet. It’s like a pet tornado Let’s get a new pet man is set man. She said don’t ever bring a pet home to their tornado her goldfish I picked tornado Add to Cart Directions shake well let substance clear shake briskly a few times in a circular motion then watch so I’m supposed to do this Okay, yeah Little tornado there’s a pet tornado. Here’s my question. How do you keep it alive man? What do you feed it little cities? Where is it telling me what’s what though? I think that’s it it has a description on the back that gives you information about existing tornadoes But it doesn’t rate the tornado that you make kind of like why can’t you just you know get a water bottle and shake that? There’s no glitter in the water. You can put glitter in a water bottle. Well now you just broke their business plan That’s a big one. That’s a nice one. That’s probably an f4. I’m have to say this one’s a destroy it Show me how to make it a bit you Today I don’t think I’d be able to destroy this I want to take the top off though unleash the tornado amongst high five Put your lunch away Maj sin unique magnetic Zen garden box tabletop desktop Zen garden kit for relaxation see now This is cool. Look. Dude. They look like little bushes. Yeah, Brian actually has like a little desktop Zen I saw in his office when his girls come over and then leave he looks at it as just destroyed Sand everywhere like his little tree is just broken. I never really got it oh
My god waste my time Scraping some stuff like I don’t get it this I get a little bit more because you can like make little things out of it Yeah
The only thing you can make in sand is like the little creases in the thing hey Brian Diggs our dude good for him Dude, he’s not a loser whatever. He’s not a loser for leaving this show As it go Boom magic Zen we’re gonna say anything about how this is not even centered. It’s like slightly askew to the right Yeah, this kind of skewed. I’m not too confident that this was made with utmost quality. Oh whoa what is this okay? We got the little tools in here They look way cheaper than what was in the picture and then here is the sand the magnetic sand Oh sweet a bag in a bag love it when that happens There’s a decent amount of sand though they didn’t skimp on the magnetic sand what this is obviously I’m just gonna like separate the sand a little bit and Like kind of disperse it even it out You know now we have like somewhat of an even area here obviously these tools are not magnetic so There whoa that is sweet So now what we can do is use these shovels to potentially drops stuff on whoa No separate dude get off each other inappropriate Definitely doing something and you just have to have a lot of patience in which I do not have I don’t have Patience for things like this I kind of stink at this still interesting to play with I’m gonna say it’s an enjoy it All right now. We’re back now. We’re gonna see if tanner can actually take a shot at getting this thing to work Okay, I don’t think so dude. He’s longer and lengthier than I am see that’s my advantage. It’s kind of like I’m riding a snake The practicality of this item practicality zero it’s less useful than a skateboard buy it all right Why don’t you stop sucking? So we just flip the kick off. Oh just go Dude yeah, rip stick is not this difficult Wow okay first the top of your foot like a lot oh You went like a butt dude. Oh, this is easier talking It is finally time for us to give this thing a rating I think it’s pretty expected It’s pretty, but I want to hear I want to hear your thoughts pretty much. Why is this a note? Why do you think this is enough you’ve seen people write it? Yeah, it’s just not practical like it doesn’t make sense like I like the idea of like the whole snake kind of thing But like the RipStik easy to do so for me. I’m gonna have to say it’s a nope as well Let me know down in the comments did we get this wrong Is this a dope or is this a note until then check out this video right there that product? No, joke it’s called a booger sucker I’m not lying to you and this one over here. That’s a video that YouTube things you specifically will enjoy Will you I don’t know click it and find out who it is hot dude

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100 thoughts on “Futuristic Skateboard! | ENJOY or DESTROY?

  1. Geez, that SkateCycle was seriously so hard to ride! I mean… I can ride a Ripstik easily, but this was something else even more bizarre. Do you guys think you could ride it – or more importantly if it’s even WORTH riding?! Also be sure to check out this other DOPE or NOPE episode ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCQmxEFrgaw&index=7&list=PL15dtrx_ng4QiBZll2i6v1zab_4gAGdGH

  2. the footmask, you wear it for about an hour, about a week later, it loses skin, like it's a snake losing it's skin…, it's disgusting, but your feet are nice and soft after :p

  3. Was I the only only who thought Matt looked like a smurf with the big beanie on? No disrespect, smurfs are awesome!

  4. This is one of my favorite videos on your channel. But their was a Tik Tok ad before it. Sooooooo……..

  5. Lol "Likes do basically nothing" The more likes you have the more Youtube will shove the video down peoples throat to view it. which views are what pay you. If they did nothing you wouldnt want them so bad. JS

  6. In the beginning Tanner was ready to come on all happy until Matt said that isn't so tan than he said awww

  7. "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one."
    -John Lennon

  8. The foot masks are good for your feet but hurt in the process. Over a course of 2-4 weeks your feet peel and flake very intensely and they are bare and hurt to walk on but it is good for your feet

  9. I’m jealous because you guys can buy like anything but then if you were us you wouldn’t be able to afford these motorcycles skateboards and other stuff that is expensive because we are not rich like you guys are

  10. I laughed so hard that it was so hard to breath when he destroy the magnifying glasses and then put em back on.

  11. @Dope or Nope I did the cheap version of that foot thing on wish. it shows a picture of the entire foot peeling old dead skin. It didn't peel my old dead skin like the picture but my foot was really and I mean really soft afterwards. It was the coconut and something else one. The foot bag already had the gel like stuff in it

  12. Instead of that weird foot bag, just use petroleum jelly/vasoline, and a sock. After sleeping with or using for a few hours during the day, your feet will feel exfoliated & great!

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