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13 thoughts on “Future Tech from Panasonic at SXSW 2017! [SXSW Interactive]

  1. Hey #TechSquad! This video is a teaser of the nine cool futuristic pieces of tech I saw at the #Panasonic House at #SXSW! More to come giving you a look at these items. I'll link them here as the videos are posted!

  2. I stayed up all night that day waiting to see who won i'm pissed that I didn't win but it's normal for someone to loose

  3. OK, that was a lot of gadgets and stuff to review, hopefully you will receive one of each to test and review!

  4. Hey Andru. Finally getting around to checking out your channel since we met in that egregiously long Switch midnight launch line. Legit stuff! Definitely will be keeping an eye on the channel for more. Looks like you're having fun down there in Texas. Color me green with envy, sir! I've been wanting to hit up SXSW for a while now. Have a handful of friends living down there and as a filmy, figured that would be a blast to attend. The interactive side too.

    BTW, if you want to hit up what little online multiplayer we've got on that there Switch, I'll message you my friend code. I've been really digging Fast RMX lately.

  5. Hey Andru, that was a lot of cool tech. Hopefully you can do a "Best of" video for all the cool things you find at SXSW.

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