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100 thoughts on “Full Flavour Nikya EDH Deck Tech | Spice 8 Rack

  1. In regards to the announcement at the end of the video: Follow me on twitter @Spice8Rack for up-to-date information for my whereabouts at Magic Fest London! Also, some folks have been asking if I have a PO box. It's a bit too expensive for me to set up at the moment, but I do plan to host one in the future and, for now, feel free to send anything you'd like me to see at [email protected]!

  2. “original Borborygmos would have made it into this deck too, if he hadn’t have been beaten into retirement by Domri, and if you lose any form of physical competition to a twink, you automatically slip several rungs down the food chain”

    I laughed more than I should have

  3. I’m gonna be honest from a gruul flavor standpoint I was disappointed and I don’t think this lives up to what the gruul want, yes they dislike artifacts but they have them. Gruul signet anyone? They have sweet enchantments Rhythm of the wilds for example. I think you are overthinking what the gruul dislike. You built an anarchy deck not really a gruul deck.

  4. You should do more flavorful decks maybe but this one felt a little.. iffy. Like you mostly don't gotta go into the details of why magus of the candelabra is in the deck bro that's an auto-include for sure.

  5. Taping that lettuce to a Wilderness Reclamation was a nice touch 😁

    This was a fun style, and I'd love to see more videos from you like this!

  6. Love the video. Such an original way of presenting a deck. EDH is my favorite format too. Keep making more deck techs! 😀

  7. As Domrai might be "dead' but I think he might have a chance. He might be resurrected in time. I loved the explanation for Boborygmos not being in the deck.

  8. Coming over from PK's fan club, this video is good stuff. Watch out though, Vince is pretty kinky and might shit in your shoes. It's behavior that we haven't quite beaten out of him… LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!

  9. Why is every new youtuber in my feed some pinko commie that has to insert random political rants into otherwise solid content.



  11. This is a Hundred-Thousand Subscriber Channel. That's just at the end of the year. See you then and thank you for the great content.

  12. I'm late to the party but boy, do I love this deck! I'm in the neverending process of refining a Xenagos Full Flavour EDH Deck that focuses on themes of revelry, fitting Theros-related cards and creatures, Dionysian symbology (goats, leopards, snakes, satyrs, maenads, dryads, centaurs, etc.) , and Xenagos' philosophical attempt at rising above a false order, and I'm not making any of this up.

    To be honest, all my EDH decks are attempting at going Full Flavour. The Xenagos one is the only one that actually works well. The other three (none of which are complete) are a Slinn Voda sea serpent and leviathan tribal (no krakens or anything else big and blue, just sea serpents and bigger sea serpents, plus some of Slinn Voda's merfolk friends, because flavour, damnit) (only flavoured control and removal, and yes, attempting to ramp in mono blue is … a problem), a Starke of Rath one (he was the first Magic lore character I really got attached to, so this EDH is attempting to rewrite his story toward a better ending), and … this one grinds my gears a little. Rakdos, the Showstopper. I don't want it to be Rakdos. My favourite MtG characters are Xenagos, Starke, and Tibalt. However, Tibalt isn't one of the planeswalkers who can be commanders, but Showstopper Rakdos gives some love to devils, and the cult of Rakdos have taken interest in Tibalt in War of the Spark, so it's the best I could do.

    Anyway, that's me done babbling. It's my first comment on your channel and it's just me solipsistically prattling on about myself. I've been subscribed for a while and love your stuff, and this deck video inspired me to go back to tinkering with mine some more. Thanks for your amazing videos, you're my favourite MtG content creator on youtube right now, and your channel deserves all the love.

  13. This was the best, most flavorful, hilarious deck tech video I've ever seen. Very happy I subscribed.

    (Though, that tape on that card makes my sould hurt.)

  14. Domri didn't beat anyone in a feat of strength, he used the power that Bolas gave him to conjure up an arbitrarily large amount of boars to ""beat"" Borborygmos. Even most of the gruul knew this was a cheaty way and didn't really respect his reign but didn't want to start shit with everything else going on. Luckily that issue solved itself.

  15. You have totally inspired me to make a Flavored EDH deck.

    I’m gonna go make a Nicol Bolas, war of the spark flavored deck. Only cards pertaining to his invasion of ravnica and his allies. I’m trying to convince my friends to make the opposing flavored “Superfriends” / ravnica united deck to go with it.

  16. I have to say, it is marvelous seeing your channel grow. You have fantastic content. I can't wait to see more! Also, you adorable.

  17. You are my 2nd favorite Mtg youtuber, Keep up the good work.
    Also just wondering but would a Nissa planeswalker fit in here flavor wise?

  18. I have an idea for a video. What is the the best plane to live on in mtg? Also you could find the opposite but I am more interested in the best

  19. Literally just spent like 2 hours trying to create EXACTLY this sort of deck after finding Nikya in a set of rares I bought. Spoopy

  20. The *TCGplayer
    * Channel has made a summary of the War of the Spark book already.
    Might want to work on something else now.

  21. I have a Ruric Thar deck that I'm thinking of turning into Nikya. Pretty much all I have to do is take out my noncrearure spells (Which I had very VERY few anyway) and put in more beaters 😉

  22. I LOVE Nikya and all her flavor. Definitely one of my favorite Gruul commanders so far, and I've been having a blast building her. She really takes me back to my first time playing Magic, casting huge red and green creatures to stomp on the opposition.

  23. Greetings spicy-est one! I must say that this video here is beautiful. You can taste the Gruul upon seeing it! I hope you do this again since I always aim for flavour in my commander decks. I need some help though, I am building a flavour deck around Nicol Bolas, the Ravager and while I think it is decent I am curious about how you would construct something for the God-Pharaoh. I hope you have a lovely day!

  24. I feel the need to speak up and leave a comment for once, even though you probably won't see this. The "Full Flavor" show type has to be my favorite on this channel so far. I am looking forward to some better flavored decks than even Wizards have taken the time to preconstruct for us in these sets. I vote a really fun flavorful pirates deck next please!

  25. these cards really do tell a story, but your hands tell a much bigger one lol

  26. Holy shit the babish style, reference to PK, and call out to commander's quarters! All of my favorite things in one place.

  27. Those finger nails disturb me on a spiritual level. It's like a stroked out fairy tried to make a checker pattern but seized out on the first nail and ended up making it one color, and when she got out of it she decided to just paint the other hand with just green

  28. I dig the flavor, I’ve been trying to build a 5 color “Planet Earth” deck where you play as David Attenborough. Progenitus?? I need your halp Chef the Movie!!!!

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