frogg toggs® Pilot Rider Pants

Hey everybody. As you may know, motorcycle, ATV riders have
always been a big part of the frogg toggs family. I want to introduce to you today the Pilot
series of rainwear for the motorcycle riders, the ATV riders. This is the Pilot Road Riders pant, and I
wanna show you some really unique features of this pant, and explain to you why this
should be the pant you’re using on all your rides regardless of weather. You got an external locking belt, you’ve got
elasticized waist, these slip on and off easily. Inside, you’ve got gallus buttons, so you
can add your own galluses or suspenders to these. For ease of access, you’ve got side zips with
snap attachments rather than a front fly, and what this does is this protects your front
area when you’re sitting on a motorcycle where water can tend to pool up. You don’t want zippers or openings in that
area, so this is completely sealed on the straddle all the way up to the waist on the
front. Then you got side zips, this will allow you
to access easily your pockets underneath. Also, when putting the pants on and off, that’s
a great system right there. Like all our Pilot reflective gear, you’ve
got reflective striping and piping. Complete 360 around the leg, up the zippers. So another great feature of the Pilot Riders
pant is the extra long 20-inch zippers that run behind the reflective piping. What this allows you to do is open that leg
up really wide and get it on with riding boots on really quickly. I mean, you know, you’re riding, it comes
up in a hurry on you out there. All you gotta do is stop on an overpass or
pull over real quick, unzip these, it’ll go on quickly over each size boot. It zips quickly right back down, then you’ve
got a custom fit with your adjustable tab, it tears away. Another great feature for you guys is the
removable spats on these. So you get your pants on, you get back on
your motorcycle, most rain gear tends to ride up without an articulated knee in it, so we’ve
added a retention spat to each leg that just simply goes around the bottom of your riding
boots to hold your legs down in the high wind and rain. Keeps those from riding up. The best feature that we’ve added for all
of our Riders pants, the Pilots, the Toads, the Java, even in the Road Toad non-woven
suit is this interior piece that you’ll see now on all of our Riders pants. This is a heat-resistant material that allows
you to come into contact with your exhaust or hot motor parts without damaging the rain
suit. This has been a problem in the past for some
of our items, so we’ve added this feature to all of our Riders pants. It’s most prominent here on the Pilot, so
you got an interior thigh all the way to ankle, eight-inch wide strip of heat-resistant material
that’s gonna protect that rain suit against contact with mufflers, hot pipes, hot engine
parts. We hope the next time you head out on your
bike for an extended trip that you’ll take a look at these and consider them as a riding
companion for you.

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