Frills is a platform to grow and build customer engagement

(digital music playing) – You need Frills if
you’re direct to consumer or E-commerce brand, because
you are probably trying to stand out, out of all
the other competitors right next to you, whether
they’re better or not. And you need to build just more engaging, more personal connections
with your customers, to have them come back,
to share their story, to keep the brand alive and stand out. – How long you guys been around? – We actually started in
January 2019 this year, and we just launched last week, and have been selling for a week now. – Oh great, so who are you targeting, big or small companies? – Really that’s kind
of Agnostic as of now. So what we’ve started doing
is literally reaching out to over 800 thousand
Shopify stores that are (stutters) there’s 800
thousand unique merchants on Shopify right now, so we’re
starting with that market. And then more specifically
then, we’re targeting people using platforms
already to reach out to their customers, and then try to engage them, telling them, you know, for
example like people using email platforms to say hey
you just purchased a product, thank you for purchasing,
and we’re included in those campaign links. – 800 thousand’s a lot. – Yeah, yeah, I haven’t reached out to all 800 thousand yet. – Well, that’s my question,
you guys just really started last week, right. How are you going to
reach that many people? – Well I have a sales background
as well, so I know how to reach out to a lot of people. Prospecting is my thing as well. So, we definitely wanna
plan on getting there, but right now we’re just
trying to just stay focused and reach out to sectors
of that market for now. – Right, so take me
through the whole process. How does a product work? – Yeah, so we’re a community
marketing platform, that again direct to consumer brands
use us, to create campaigns that basically gameify,
incentivize their own customers to share their story and
share, generate content to share their story on using a
specific product of that brand. And then what that does is
also it creates product based communities, within that brand. – So sort of what like Kickstarter does for individual products? You create a campaign
around a specific product and you create a community around that. Is that correct? – Yeah, that’s what, it’s
kind of one thing that ends happening out of it, but
at the end of the day, it’s also, the big driver
that brands use us for, is to drive repeat sales and
drive loyalty of the customers and then to share the word in
and get the brand name out. – What does your sale cycle look like and how long does that take? – Yeah, so, like I said we’ve
been selling for one week now and we’ve had, I’ve had 20
meetings with unique merchants. All from Shopify, using a
specific email campaign, which is why I reached out, well email platform, which
is why I reached out to them in the first place. And 10 of them have signed
up and created a campaign already with us. – Joseph Egby raise his money yet? – No. – Do you need money? – That’s what I’m here for. – Okay, good. Well, I hope you have
a successful Disrupt. Thanks for coming. – Thank you. (music ending)

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7 thoughts on “Frills is a platform to grow and build customer engagement

  1. 2:54 and I still don’t have a good understanding of what they do or how they do it. Hopefully he can try to simplify how he explains the company, before sitting in front of possible investors.

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