FPPad Bits & Bytes for September 6, 2013: The Best in Financial Planning Technology News

“Like this video!” On this week’s broadcast, a peek at Junxure’s
new cloud CRM for advisers, a custom built workflow system is coming to MoneyGuide Pro,
why it’s time you should stop asking clients for referrals, and more.
So get ready, Bits and Bytes begins now. This week’s episode is brought to you by Shareholders
Service Group, offering custodial services, advanced technology, and superior client service
to nearly 1,100 independent RIAs nationwide. Access leading technology from Black Diamond,
MoneyGuide Pro, Redtail, TRX and Envestnet through the SSG open architecture platform.
You personally handle your clients’ financial needs, so let SSG be the custodian that personally
serves you. For more information, visit fppad.com/ssg Leading off is an update on Junxure CRM, as
their long-awaited transition to the cloud is just about ready for prime time. Financial
Planning magazine technology editor Joel Bruckenstein recently reviewed Junxure Cloud, but hesitated
to issue a resounding endorsement of the product. Bruckenstein praised Junxure Cloud’s modern
design, reminiscent of tiles found in Windows 8, but cited a lack of functional widgets
and live integrations as reasons to wait before fully embracing Junxure Cloud. Those issues,
combined with minimum retail pricing of $2,700/year for 3 users, will likely put advisers in a
wait-and-see mode to determine if Junxure Cloud eventually lives up to its potential.
To read Bruckenstein’s full review, visit fppad.com/105 for the show notes. Next up is news from MoneyGuide Pro, the most
popular web-based financial planning software program used by advisers today. This week,
MoneyGuide Pro announced that it selected the Fox Financial Planning Network to develop
a custom workflow system to streamline the financial plan creation process. The Fox Financial
Planning Network already provides pre-built workflow templates for popular CRMs like Redtail
and Grendel, but this development marks the first time a workflow system addresses the
steps unique to financial planning software. With over 300 adviser members to date, the
Fox Financial Planning Network has clearly positioned itself as one of the go-to providers
as advisers seek comprehensive workflow systems for their business. Now Fox Financial Planning Network is a great
example of a company that uses video conferencing and webinars to share information and build
their profile. So you’ve probably considered using video conferencing yourself for similar
activity with clients and prospects, but have yet to find the right platform. Webex and
GoToMeeting might be too cumbersome for some clients use, and Google+ Hangouts might just
be a little too informal for your tastes. One new service attempting to bridge the gap
is called Business Hangouts, which claims to be the enterprise-friendly app for Google+
Hangouts. Users get all the useful features of Google+ Hangouts video chats, but also
a number of add-ons like event registration, email reminders, virtual 3D rooms, and more
that are attractive to enterprise users. Paid versions start at just $9 a month for up to
50 attendees, which is a very steep discount from many of the other online video conference
services. For more information and the link to Business Hangouts, visit fppad.com/105 Finally, you are well aware how important
referrals are in the organic growth of your business. But one industry consultant insists
that it’s time advisers stop asking their clients for referrals. Stephen Wershing, president
of The Client Driven Practice and author of book Stop Asking For Referrals, recently sat
down with me to talk about the things advisers *should* do to create an effective referral
strategy, which includes a few technology tips as well.
To watch my interview with Stephen, as well as follow up on all of this weeks’ stories,
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