Fox News Deck – Battle Station Or Ploy For Younger Viewers?

so we have we’re done with the new Fox
News breaking new studio looks like ship Smith is in charge of this and he
brings it to us it’s called a Fox News Dec well %uh they’re not kidding it looks like the deck of Star Trek well
let’s take a look at the USS Enterprise at Fox News
headquarters and I hate to use that analogy because I
love the USS Enterprise I’m at your local Fox News Dec you see
ships standing there with what appeared to be the most gigantic
iPad’s in world history now I actually think
the over-under on this is three and a half months before the
real house everyone can see exactly what we’re doing our computers
get this is become ridiculous let’s not immediately remove this but a
right now a at least chef Ken the tell lieutenants
Ulu to engage and hughes’s warp drive
accordingly okay checkoff what fire all phasers case surface a lot of
fun to be had here and apparently people have already
started having a fun so first we’d comes from Matt duce and he says chef
Smith will not demonstrate the fire for firepower this fully armed and
operational battle station think that was a look they’re going for it is Fox’s
after all de Ruben hey let’s start a rumor from
the report on even realize that doesn’t always do in the story I love that he’s quoted here and having
a post ship Smith is Willy Wonka and the Fox News people behind them are the Hoople bus and then Seth fieger been Wrightson either Fox News
just bought a bunch of gigantic I beds or they employ very very tiny people okay now you could try to make Fox News look really cool and part of
what they’re doing the Jain iPad’s is let’s low worthy age for the Fox News audience cuz the last numbers we saw on
all Riley soon couple years ago they don’t release
them anymore a was that his average age was audience
was 71 years old so they might relate to the original
Star Trek they will not relate to an iPad they
will have no idea what that is so roger ailes is into he did effort to
lower that age number because soon their entire
audience will be dead okay but he will fail because you see
roger what you need is you need substance to go along with
that you can’t just say Hey look at my work for you flux think yeah didn’t get a pic iPad’s phasers on stun home if you don’t actually then deliver news that’s
interesting the young people or that they believe that’s credible if
you deliver through your Jain iPad’s the same news
liberals are wrong about everything and ever-present destroy the country. Obama
is a socialist marxist and everybody make sure to you both for
the richest person in the race yes a lesser democrat cuz they will give
me as much tax %uh store other rich friends young people are buying that the matter how tag into
your iPad’s are so ironically what you doing here is your
rearranging that chairs on the Fox News Dec before the
Titanic goes under 71 years old is not amazing I like ship a lot and he’s a rare guy
and Fox News who tells it actually like it is and I’m
glad he’s the one in charge there breaking news division but he’s got a tough task had
over man shop good luck to your brother you’re
gonna need it

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100 thoughts on “Fox News Deck – Battle Station Or Ploy For Younger Viewers?

  1. If this Shep guy really tells it like it is, and he's at the helm of the USS Foxerprise, well, maybe he'll turn that ship around. lol. Hey, you never know.

  2. Cenk, 72 is the AVERAGE. So if half of O'Reilly's audience is 20, and the other half is 124… If I learned anything from Fox in 2012, it was how to understand statistics.

  3. Haha, you need to watch tv to undertand averages? People usually learn that in primary school, but I guess not all can. And yes it's highly probable that half of the audience is 20 and the other half 124. Bravo

  4. There's something important you're forgetting to consider though, ETworldjone, and that is that a large segment of those Fox News viewers are actually liberals and progressives, who are watching just to see the craziness and gawk at a train wreck. Viewers and audience are not necessarily the same thing, and sponsors do understand this.
    Think of it this way: It's the same reason as why the atheist community provides a large portion of view counts to religious videos on YouTube.

  5. Regarding the "fat thighs small breasts button,I have been a Hilary Clinton since I first read of husband Bill's debauchery. Hilary bore all that stuff with enormous dignity and, since Bill left office Hilary became more and more interesting, for her power and charm. With all she has to say, always intelligent and sincere, it has never occurred to me to look at her breasts and thighs – why would I? Her personality and charm are more than the vast majority of men. The button is moron wit – BUWAAA

  6. I can assure you it's what apple wanted…for every tablet in existence to be referred to as an Ipad, even though apple didn't even invent it.

  7. The only reason I mentioned Fox viewership is because of Cenk's arrogant attitude towards Fox even if it has nothing to with politics. Decent people acknowledge the good aspects of their enemies too.

  8. Cenk, the reason why Shepard Smith (tells it like it is) is because he's one of the only journalist that fox has in their lineup, the rest of their on air talking heads are listed as "commentators"!

  9. But you're trying to make a positive out of a negative that just doesn't equate. And no, a decent person doesn't have to always point out or acknowledge good aspects of their enemy. Does a decent Jewish person who spent years of their childhood in a concentration camp have to acknowledge good things about the Nazis in order for his point to be considered credible when vilifying them?

  10. A decent person does not 'have to' but 'will' acknowledge good things about their enemies by definition. There is a big difference.

    And r u suggesting that Fox News are the same as Nazis and the relationship between Cenk and Fox News is like that of the Jews andthe Nazis?

    That is just outright disgusting,

  11. First off I used the Nazi example as an extreme metaphor only. I'm not going to draw into a conversation of Nazi comparisons here.
    Next, if your end game is to sway opinion here that somehow TYT are not decent for not pointing out positive aspects about Fox News then you're in the wrong place. Maybe you should try Fox's channel on YT. I'm sure you'll find many who will agree with you over there.
    Lastly, regarding your whole decency argument: check this *3:23* and shove it up your ass.

  12. "Shep Smith is Willy Wonka and the Fox News people behind him are the Oompa Loompas" No truer words have every been spoken! lol!

  13. Waoh! Brah did you hear they have giant ipads on Fox? Yeah bro, I watch it every night now, so cool brah!

  14. They watch TYT? Lol! They get their news from selected MSM. TYT does not even have original reporting. Its a biased news commentary channel. Thats it!

  15. Congrats good to know that so many old viewers watch a news station that won a court battle stating they had the right to LIE when protraying the news on their channel.

  16. Strange decision by Fox. I mean Star Trek is based around science and philosophical discussion. I didn't think Fox believed in either of those things.

  17. Haha 😛 put some bbc on the screen, I'm sure those old conservatives would love that. And I'm not talking about BBC the News channel.

  18. BTW, the point of asking questions is for other people to answer them, not making up the answer yourself, that's just being a twat. I didn't say that "private is the golden standard for unbiased"…. People will always have their own bias… However if they are privately owned and funded it is NOT influenced from the outside like most news organisations are… And it has NOTHING to do with "big government"… Do you even know what "big government" means?

  19. It really pissed me off when the daily show called them iPads and later made their bit out as an Apple commercial.

  20. TYT are funded by rich producers just like the MSM!! So, TYT have to run views that are compatible with its funders just like MSM!! So, TYT is influenced by its funders!! The only difference is that the pockets of TYT producers are not as big as the MSM's!! And TYT is not big enough to float their shares on the stock market!!

  21. I'll have to how people use the set, before I call it the overkill it looks like. I wonder if the female hosts at fox news will be wearing the mini-dress Federation uniform?

  22. FOX NEWS HAS BEEN #1 FOR 12 YEARS, the liberal media can do nothing but try to attack it, so TYT should stop the lies, because your audiance are the stupid children who dont know shit yet, FOX RULES AND SO DOES TRUTH, THE SET IS COOL AND YOUR JUST JEALOUS

  23. So the average age of Fox viewers isn't over 70?
    Oh wait, that would be what us 'liberals' know as a fact…
    Scary stuff to those on the right I know…

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighborhoods✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything✓
    Anti-Whites say there should be no White People✓
    Immigration = Colonization – “Diversity” = Fewer White Children
    “Multiculturalism” = WHITE GENOCIDE
    Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White

  25. Dude, you humor me. Where did you get this lie of Fox News being #1? They are extremely conservative, more than liberal media.

  26. It's not the size that matters, it's the pixel density (measured by dpi). A big, wide LCD running at 1280×720 is gonna make everything look like shit.
    This is why Fox News fails technology.

  27. you can *kind of* judge the screen resolution by the windows 8 tiles on them. there are only 5 in a column, so I'm guessing 1080p, which, when you're that close, still looks like crap.

  28. I believe Colbert did a parody of this calling it the Big Unbelievably Large LED Super Hyper Information Technology or B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.

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