Fox Business Exclusive: Inside Chinese tech giant Huawei | Part 2

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45 thoughts on “Fox Business Exclusive: Inside Chinese tech giant Huawei | Part 2

  1. Another bunch of fascist nutcases bent on world domination presents their spiel as being victims.

    The Persian people will rise.

  2. Huawei is a big consumer of U.S. technology products? A very good reason to be banned… why is this English guy speaking for Huawei and why is he there? Hmmmm. I'm sure others are interested in the truth on that…

  3. Consumer prices on Android and iPhones in the United States will not rise because Huawei does not sell their phones in the United States. So there won't be a vacuum or shortage created in our Marketplace. His logic only makes sense if cell phones were a commodity and not a product.

  4. research and development? I think you meant stealing and spying. Tick Tock 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🕳🐇

  5. This guy fully denied any possibility of information reaching the Chinese government but can’t even say what year their new os will roll out? Says he the VP but knows nothing, seems legit. China’s largest export is the USA. USA’s largest import isn’t China. We don’t need them. That’s why they’re looking so desperate.

  6. What made me laugh out loud is when he said that Huawei is one of the largest corporations for research and development. Chinese corporations do not believe in research and development… they believe in stealing technolog. This is why Cisco Systems, T-Mobile, and several other telecommunications companies have successfully sued Huawei in the last 10 years.

  7. Samsung, HTC, AUSUS, Sony and even Lenovo offer a variety of smart phones with different price ranges. No one will notice if Huawei closes tomorrow.

    The missing of $11 billions worth of high tech US chips will break the Chinese Great Fire Wall that hinders free trade between the private companies across the board. That will bring hundreds of billions of USD flowing out of China per year. THIS HAS BEEN TRUMP'S GAME PLAN.

  8. "am unstable policy environment". In other words Trump is not going to let you do what you want like Obama would/did and you don't know if you can count on Bernie or Creepy Joe to let you if they can even win.

  9. The huawei executive couldn’t give an exact date they would be stealing a new operating system from America…

  10. Why we talk so much about espionage , in fact we are what we are spying on all the other nations and even my comment that I writing right now, sounds familiar to you Wikileaks, Snowden ?
    Our techs need to work hard and fast because huawei is one step n front, already beat all cell companies apple ,except samsung.
    5G is the main concern .

  11. China is a great nation! There is no censorship in China, you can create whatever you want in China! Just no one will ever see it. There is no political oppression of Uyghur in Xinjiang, this is Western propaganda! The Uyghurs are just in a serious competition to prove that they are the best Chinese citizens of all and want to be left alone. Hong Kong is happy to be run like China, population 7 million, only 3 million are protesting. Tibet is not being occupied, citizens are very happy. For 70 years Monks have followed a strict ritual of celebrating unity of Tibet and China with gasoline. Very sacred ritual, westerners do not understand.


    Western democracy:

    only USA could surpass others, but no others could surpass him.
    if he is stronger than you , it is fair competition
    if not, they blocked you and told you you are fraud
    if he print us dollars, it is because of market needs
    if you print other currency, you are considered as manipulation of currency
    this is so democratic!!i learned.

    you are not white man without religious, and also it is different system of USA as it is evil communist,
    it is unbearable that you could surpass such a god religious country! which people elected the president!
    你一个非白人的 不信耶稣的 而且还是共产党执政的国家 要超越上帝的选民 美利坚合众国 川建国表示是可忍孰不可忍啊

  13. Andrew Williamson didn't owe the reporter any money, answered was so clear that huawei don't even bother if US sacrifice huawei in US market.. Hahaha, look at the face of the reporter..

  14. England-born Huawei Vice President Andrew Williamson is so upper class English. He cannot speak USA, with its direct plain English. Huawei needs a more honest, plain speaking spokesperson. None of that polite avoidance of being truthful.

  15. The fact is that Chinese made phones have spyware.. And I don't like talking bad about people, but the Chinese government is EVIL.

  16. any business operating in mainland China belongs to the communist government, you can never trust the Communist Chinese government. ask the people in Hong Kong?

  17. Hmmm… Speaking of Phones, Huawei and Chinese phones now are the best selling phones to date. In fact Huawei is the best smart phone seller to date in terms of revenue (data last Month, May 2019). And you know why. Because the fastest market now in Smart Phone is not is US/EU it's in east asia and south east asia. Lol. Besides, Huawei is going to release their own OS, OAK OS to replace android and all chinese phones aggreed to use the OAK OS instead of Android and Huawei is ramping up with their in house/own chip to replace US suppliers. So bye bye android's monopoly. Bye bye US tech, you just lost your biggest tech customer. Lol.

  18. The animosity in the comments towards Huawei seem to just match that which the US government would get on acount of waging wars, manufacturing lies for waging wars, hacking Merkel's phones for national security or aiding own business etc. Not fair, you should up that animosity to a new level because Huawei is far more dangerous.

  19. Every company that engages in interstate commerce is under the thumb of
    governments. Any company employer that denies that is an absolute liar.
    No one should trust the communists. No one should trust their own government.
    Everyone should learn cryptography and to communicate over multiple paths.

  20. China was allowed to joint the World Trade Organization. However, it has not followed the free world trade rules and regulations. Major violator. Let it go to hell, if I care.

  21. Trump did Huawei a huge favor and now every one knows the company all over the world. Any publicity is good publicity.

  22. The CCP spying machine I mean 'Huawei' needs to be dissolved to dust………Never trust China they cheat, lie, steal and eat your dogs and cats.

  23. Yes, plant an everclever and lovely Englishman in the front who acts disarmingly bemused when confronted on the hard issues. The Chinese are liars and cheaters everywhere they exist.

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