FourTwoFour on Fairfax with red armbands | Streetwear Era #2

Hi guys, I am Mang Su Welcome to Streetwear Era Today, I am going to introduce to you a pretty unique brand the famous – 424 on Fairfax no matter what you think, trendsetters has their own expression This is the front store of 424 looks small with plain decorations even the shop assistants are a little quiet You have no idea how big this place is if you don’t ask As the brand leader, Andrade says, we only tell stories to those who are willing to listen Such a low-key, or even a little bit cold brand enjoys global reputation Pharrell, and Lu Han all volunteered to wear it Then how did it make its way out among other brands? 8 years ago, the handsome founder, Andrade opened an exquisite, and high end streetwear boutique on Fairfax street which is now known as 424 on Fairfax Different from other boutiques, he only sold brands he loves and admires 5 years later, Andrade was not satisfied to express by others’ works, launched his own apparel brand 424 on Fairfax the brand belief is reality and freedom Just like the famous red armbands, it represents those with free wills, and willing to express and rebel Andrade did not want his clothes to follow suit. Therefore, in this new season, he abandoned the red armband And used this picture to express his mind NYPD is shown in this picture with a sentence below, “We are here to help” it was used to mock the indifference of American police who looks quite warm, but actually did nothing useful It does not want to play to the gallery but wants to present its attidtude and belief Item recommendation “classic features” 2015AW washed demin jacket with red armband , making the brand well known “Super Collab” Hummel x 424, a combination of soccer and pop culture “Attitude expression” complaint against American government

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