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Yeah retreats are usually great, right,
because you kind of get to disconnect for a couple of days or whatever it is. As founders and
company owners, we don’t often take that time. The people at this retreat are coming from
San Francisco, Seattle, New York. These kind of high productivity city’s, urban environments. I’ve been looking forward to the summit for several
weeks now. To get together with fellow founders. Great people doing great things. The level of authentic conversations
is the one thing that really stands out within the first 30 minutes of arriving. We were talking about business, about
life, about aspirations, about challenges. I was really struck and humbled by what
kind of fellowship there is here. That you’re all kind of going through the same time. You’re not alone. Being at this event, you get to meet different types of
founders and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. You get to see what their experiences, and how they
learned, how they went on their journey What was important to them, what was game-changing,
how to avoid the same pitfalls. The vision for Founders Network is lifelong
success through peer mentorship so we want to build a support network for this
startup, the next one, and the one after that. If you do one thing a year, offline, we want this to be it. We’re going to take full advantage of the property. So we have a hike, we have a pool We have an eight foot inflatable unicorn. So as well as connecting with people, I really feel that I know some of the ups and downs of
the investment world. I joined that fire side chat last night.
There were some great insights. It was like, ok, wow I feel connected to this. I think I’m coming away with
just a lot of encouragement And you know some really good
energy and stuff to take back I got a lot of good pointers as to resources I should
look into, and strategies I should employ. And I think that was very helpful. It’s certainly worth it. Yeah I would say the value dollar-for-dollar
was incredible. Absolutely, I think the quality of the speakers
was second to none. You get to meet people you would never have a
chance to have a sit down talk with. That’s invaluable. Great community, beautiful scenery, really good food,
very fresh, I appreciated that. The icing on the cake is being at Domaine Chandon
and I can’t wait to see these people next year and say I remember you twelve months ago,
we’ve stayed in contact. What’s going on for you now and
what do you plan for next year. Its going to be exciting.

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