Formlabs Research: Anatomical Model-making

I’m Crispin Weinberg and I’m the president
of Biomedical Modeling Inc. We’re an Anatomical Engineering Service Bureau. We’ve been doing
this now for about 15 years. We work with a variety of people. That’s
one of the things that’s really very enjoyable about what we do. We work with surgeons, particularly
for planning complex operations and prefabricating prosthetics like cranial plates. We work with
medical device designers from lots of different types of medical device companies. One of our projects, I was making a mold for
a silicone model of the spinal cord. This was for a training model to teach pediatric neurosurgeons
how to operate on spina bifida, which is a severe congenital defect. We made a mold with very well defined small
tongue and grooves so that it fit together and sealed nicely, and we were able to cast
this silicone part in it that was made of a very nice smooth surface for casting and the
pieces fit together very well. We were one of the original Kickstarter backers
so we got it very early. We built many parts by stereolithography before on much bigger
but more difficult to use machines, so we find it very useful to have a desktop stereolithography

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