FOREO MODA Digital Makeup Artist: Re-create Beauty Looks In Seconds

It’s about time your makeup kept up with your
fast-paced lifestyle. From a romantic dinner date to the hottest club opening, every day is filled with countless events. And every occasion calls for a different look. The season’s hottest red carpet celebrity
looks, the most inspired fashion-forward runway trends, all at your fingertips! Smoky cat eyes, bright pink lips, instantly
replicated in less than thirty seconds! Upload and show off your amazing new look! Get ready for the MODA: the world’s first
digital makeup artist. Only by FOREO. It integrates cutting-edge 3D-printing technology
with the most advanced real-time facial-mapping software. The MODA’s biometric lens scans and analyzes
every nook, cranny and plane of your face. Made from FDA-approved mineral powder that
is safe, natural and breathable on your skin, it goes on in three steps: primer, foundation
and high-impact color. Whatever your look, the FOREO MODA will help
you rock it to its full potential. Once again, FOREO is revolutionizing the beauty
world. The MODA will transform makeup application
forever. Discover more at

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57 thoughts on “FOREO MODA Digital Makeup Artist: Re-create Beauty Looks In Seconds

  1. I don't get it, does it put makeup on your face? Or does it just make you look like you have makeup on in pictures? Wtf lol

  2. It puts on your make up in 30 seconds? Putting on makeup is not that hard to do.  Is a machine really necessary? 

  3. On the (extremely) outside chance that this thing is real, the price tag will be way out of most people's range by miles. I call BS though.

  4. Wow,thanks a lot!Now I can't be a makeup artist because your machine will be in my way well they're goes my future money

  5. この動画を当ブログで紹介させていただきました!↓↓

  6. What about eyebrows? What if I don't want my eyebrows to be the same shade as the picture? And also mascara?? I just don't know about this…

  7. How much does it cost and where can I buy one. Please don't drop the ball on this and make thousands of dollars. If you have to do that please make economy based one to. I want to buy one and recommend it to my friends.

  8. I'd love to have one. no excuse for me no more to rush without makeup in the morning. the  dream comes true for all busy moms. yeah !!!! I want this. how much is it?

  9. Hi there I wanted to ask u about luna 2…my speed is only 4 and the antigaging is 4?? Now my question is why I don't get the 12 speed??I exchanged 4 of them and they all do that why!?!?!?!?? 🙁

  10. I have been keeping up with this since the first announcement came out. When will there be any more information about it? It’s been years with no updates

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