FlyKly Smart Ped E-Bike

FlyKly, creators of the Smart Wheel and Smart
Light, recently launched Smart Ped. Claiming to be the first foldable, motorized smart
scooter. With kick-assist, a compact frame, and corresponding
Bluetooth app, Smart Ped is targeted toward urban commuters who want a portable transit
solution, with reduced risk of theft, and ability to navigate and track where they’ve
been. We caught up with FlyKly’s founder to learn more about their latest product. Smart Ped is the first and only legal electric
scooter on the market. Our first product is Smart Wheel. It’s all-in-one system that goes
on your bicycle and helps you pedal. It has inside a motor, battery, electronics, sensors,
Bluetooth. Everything is inside. So we took the idea from this concept and
we developed a wheel for the Smart Ped. But we also had to do a bit more of the engineering
because now this is a kick assist. It means that when you kick the motor realizes
that there’s a spike and it starts giving you the assist. There is no throttle or anything.
Really you control everything with your feet. The Smart Ped comes with a Bluetooth connection
so it connects with your phone. The application is called Bitride and it’s available on iOS
and Android. It shows you the speed, the distance, the
duration. You can set up things. But on thing that I am really proud of that we are doing
with Bitride, we are tracking where people are riding. And with this information, we
share with city officials or bike communities so they know where to put bike lanes. And
on the other side, with ore information, we can start suggesting different routes to our
users. So they know instead of using a car to get to the office they can start using
bicycle or public transportation. This way they will save time, money, energy, and also
save the environment. Really it’s for people going to work, doing
run-arounds around the city, or even going around the campus. Unlike most crowdfunded hardware, Smart Ped
is fully developed and almost ready to ship. With expected delivery before Christmas, FlyKly
chose to use Kickstarter as a way to get Smart Ped into the hands of fans first at a promotional
price. Costing roughly $1200 US, it will be interesting
to see how this new type of electric commuter vehicle fits into last mile transportation.

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13 thoughts on “FlyKly Smart Ped E-Bike

  1. Anyone have any reviews on electric bicycles?
    Would like to put one of those smaller motors on my mountain bike.

    But I'm wondering if there are electric motors that can
    Be attached to a pre existing bike frame
    Power a 35 lb bike completely on their own.(no peddling)

    Btw. Asking question like this got me subscribed to this channel. 😀

  2. Personally I like it, its very good looking and could be an even more tempting if the price was more realistic it.

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