Fly is an enterprise software company for corporate travel booking

(calming music) – So Fly, we provide
software for companies we help them save money and time on their travel bookings, we help them book the right
travel at the right time. It’s really born out of my own frustration of booking last minute, and basically paying two to three-x more for this event I already
knew I had to go to, two or three months in advance. – So, this is obviously a space where there’s some huge
players on the enterprise side, how do you as a small startup kind of convince customers that you’re a good solution for them? There’s a lot of tools out there, we call them online booking tools, and they have this kind
of pull versus push model. I think we’ve all been there, right? We have kind of pull tools, we’ve kind of teched about, looking for that flight,
looking for that hotel, opening up a ton of
windows, a million tabs, just to sort of get
from point A to point B. And what we notice is that
people end up procrastinating. You know? Just like maybe this event. And what happens when you procrastinate, all the booking supply
vendors out there know it, so they end up charging you and 1 1/2 x, two x, three x, on that
hotel or that flight. – Gotcha, so your goal is really, as soon as kinda the higher-ups
know who’s going on a trip, that they’re able to kinda book, and the onus isn’t on them? – Yes, the higher-ups, but
also before the higher-ups, because we’re tapped into
corporate data systems, like CRMs, Gsuit, corporate counter systems, insured travel calendars so. Our intention is to actually know about those events ahead of time before people manually kind
of get wiff about them, and just ambuli ping the end users, the corporate bookers, sorry the the bookers and the travelers to go on that trip and just one click book front to back. – So is there… Obviously a big turtle
dress ball market here, who do you focus on first, and how do you kinda
build those relationships? – We’re focusing on businesses, small, medium sized businesses and also we’re starting to pick up some large companies as well. It’s a $1.4 trillion industry, dominated by some incumbence based off on that whole model that I was talking about so, we’re starting to get entrance by basically anybody who dislikes the existing booking tools, I think we all heard
people hate using Concur I think that’s probably
unanimous pretty much nine out of 10 time or more when we talk to potential customers. – So what’s next for you guys, is it doubling down on sales, trying to get more customers, do you have any big feature rollouts that your working on, what’s coming up? – Yeah we’re here at Tech Crunch trying to basically pick up as many clients as possible, we’re seeing resounding reception to our tools. And you know, there’s very little risk
to get started with us, so you know, we’re happy about, taking a slow but steady
private beta release and eventually back later in Q4, you’ll see us having our general release, to the public – Awesome hey well, Fred thanks for joining me on stage, best of luck. – Thanks.
(upbeat music)

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