Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

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100 thoughts on “Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

  1. This is more than my pc with a rtx 2080TI wtf and a 2 year protection plan w/ accidental control other gen Intel i7 2 tb hdd so a vr ready pc

  2. Top presentation by you and Louis (he is automatically everbody's hero) I enjoyed it as well as learnt quite a lot. Thank you gentlemen. I liked the screwdriver personality quip also Athena Danu.

  3. You guys are too emotionally invested in Apple's shady business practices. Yes, it's a bad investment, most luxury items are.

  4. Guys, STOP! This is clearly a show in the making!! I was so glued to my screen watching the two of you argue things about basics and such.

  5. i need your help i got a Imac 2010 , and it has a problem , it´s burning the RAM memories , i don´t know why , have already changed the mother board , and it keep doing the same thing , please help me .

  6. Actually touched my iMacs power supply before, could hear the sizzling in my head and left me with 3 black dots on my finger that went really deep into the flesh, perfectly spaced like a triangle. I’m forever marked. I am my Macintosh.

  7. I had a iPhone 4 for a month a long time ago did not like it had a Blackberry after that and Samsung ever Since now have the S10 and it is the best you Can get right now

  8. I have almost made the mistake of buying an apple computer. That will never happen now unless i buy an old cheap one and don't care if it stops working.

  9. Lmfao Luis looked like a deer in a headlight. Probably distracted by the camera crew as he kept looking at them at odd times 😂.

  10. I hope at some point the right to repair will be guaranteed by law and that companies will be getting billions worth of fines for intentionally making their products non-serviceable.

  11. and people say Apple Computers are "amazing" .

    Do you see HOW dust circulates inside this machine? It makes it worse. SO if my machine gets dusty inside, i need to buy a new one?

    PC FOR LIFE yo.

  12. I`d seriously rather lay on a trainline, one butt cheek on each side and wait for the next train, than listen to this annoying guy for one more second. How come his parents didn`t drown him in the bahtub, when they still had the chance?

  13. I'm a graphics designer and when I left school we were almost all using Apple computers. Now the majority are using PCs. Adobe used to develope their programs for Mac and port them to PC. Now they develope for PC and port to Mac.

  14. Haha… you could tell who the REAL tech is by the sarcasm and pun on dumb corporate mandated design and engineering. Of course it's Linus, duh. It's all in the name.

    You should see how we all get hosed the same way with cars. I'm a tech of 10 years and holy doodles it's the same shit everywhere. Now what would be the equivalent of a Thinkpad for cars?

  15. Doing something the first time = Harder than it actually is

    Doing something the second third and fourth time = getting used to it, learning, and finding improvements
    Doing Something after that = routine maintenance by a skilled technician.

    If any company ever tries to tell you you cant or you should not without providing detailed information and proof about why it is because they themselves don't know or are trying to hide something.

  16. 20:35 Louis is offended by foul language😂
    Literally him saying f*ck Apple in his own video without bleep😂👌

  17. When I was in production it was common to discharge the the 400V Caps on the switch mode power supply with a discharge circuit using a 100 OHM 10W resistor made up into an insulated lead. Make sure you isolate the AC power first! and yes you will see sparks! Check the voltage afterwards with a meter.

  18. At 17:15 you can actually see Linus angry. Not the acting-angry but real-frustration-ready-to-fight-angry. And we veiwers does not see that Linus that often. And its valid.
    We all have all experienced that feeling sometimes in our life, specially when it comes with customer service.. it's brand hurting, at it's core.

  19. It’s weird right? Apple products tend to hold their value, if they’re still working. Coming from a company, that doesn’t support longevity in hardware in a cost efficient way.

    I still paid a grand for 2015 MacBook Pro with decent specs. Though, after receiving it was overheating badly. The only reason was because it was full of dust. Clearing it out, it now works like a dream and is a big upgrade from my mid 2010 MacBook Pro, which is still going strong btw.

  20. I was fixing an iMac with one of those open PSU's and my manager decided to touch it. Don't ask me why (cause if you don't know what's going on with a unit repair, you shouldn't touch it. That you work on it you own it philosophy comes in here). As she reached out for it I yelled "NO! DON'T" but she did. She got very lucky. I just couldn't believe it. She got a real good zap from it.

  21. I have touched one of the power supplies when it wasn't plugged in and it's not pleasant …also had a screwdriver fall blow up the PSU …so yeah no joke even someone who knows better accidents happen

  22. Why did you buy the iMac in the first place?! Or do you want the nice juicy youtube money. PCs are faster and easier to fix.

  23. Apple computers are just a scam to be honest, I can build something equally as good and close if not less in price and it’s actually able to be serviced.

  24. Oh damn. Louis really came off as heavy handed and unreliable in this. I'd expect some more respect when handling delicate goods

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