Fix Loud Squeaky Skateboard/Longboard Trucks

bjbj Sometimes when purchasing new trucks
or bushings you could end up with squeaky trucks that could be super-annoying! Usually
a little noise is normal, but when it s really loud, you ll get sick of it and probably want
to get rid of the squeaky noise and that s what we re about to show you how to do The
noise usually comes from the pivot-cup bushing in the base plate rubbing against the truck
hanger, but it can also happen with your other bushings as well. There are some people that
recommend using WD-40, baby powder and lubricants. Now, these recommendations may work for quick
fixes but have no lasting results plus, they can make a mess and attract dirt. What we
recommend using is household paraffin wax. It s derived from petroleum and it s not soluble
in water so it won t break down in moisture. It s used for various things like sealing
jars, making food and candy shiny and candle-making. Now, we don t recommend using candles unless
you re absolutely sure that they re just made of paraffin wax. Those are usually just the
really small cheap candles with no fragrance. We don t recommend candles because they re
usually a mixture of waxes including paraffin, beeswax and plant wax. You can get paraffin
wax at any grocery store for about five bucks for a whole box and it s way more than you
need because you only need a tiny bit to get rid of squeaks, so you can donate the rest
of it to your local shop for some stickers or you can save it for waxing ledges (since
this is the absolute best stuff for waxing ledges.) Here we cut a small chunk off the
bigger piece. What we re going to do is make a little pile of shavings using a grater.
You can use a potato peeler or a knife if you like. I like using the side that is used
for grating citrus fruits for zesting. It gets the wax shredded into small pieces. Anyway
you make wax shavings is totally okay. If you use a grater, run hot water on it to get
the wax off. You only need enough for a couple of big pinches because that s all you re going
to need. Now we can take off the truck hanger and put the wax shavings in the pivot-cup
bushing. Just grab a big pinch of it and pack it inside. You re not going to try to completely
fill it up, you just want to cover the walls or surface of the pivot cup. Try using your
finger to spread it around. This is how it should look Most people only put soap shavings
in the pivot cup, but it s a good idea to cover the pivot on the hanger as well. Since
some noise can come from the other bushings, it s a good idea to coat the surface of the
hanger where the bushings touch. You also never know if the squeaks are coming from
the bushings rubbing on the washers. Since these washers are flat, I m covering both
sides just to be sure that a waxed side is touching a bushing. For street trucks you
only need to do the inside of the cup washers. Just in case some of you are wondering, everything
we are showing you is exactly what you would do for street-skating trucks. Okay, now that
every possible squeaky spot has been coated with wax, we can now put our truck back together.
Wipe away or blow off any extra wax that s on your deck or trucks. Be careful not to
get the wax on your grip tape s really hard to get off. As you can hear, there are absolutely
no squeaks or any noise coming from this truck. There you go! Now you can rid yourself of
the embarrassing sounds of an annoying, squeaky truck. If you have any questions about this
video or anything skate-related, send us a message. If you want to know some more tips,
check out the rest of our videos or click around Now I can go skate like
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