Five Ways You Use Quantum Technology Every Day

You use Quantum Physics every single day as you go about your life Something you Probably Don’t realize Because When People Talk about Quantum Physics Including Me We tend to emphasize More Crazy Aspects Of it like Particles That Can Be Separated by the Size of the Universe and Still communicate With each other Instantaneously Or When Particles Could Be in Multiple Places at Once Or multiple Positions and This Tends to Make Quantum physics Seem Like This Really Strange Abstract Crazy Kind of Physics That doesn’t have much to do with our everyday lives but this Couldn’t be Further from the truth So this is A list of five Ways, we use Quantum physics Every single day? Number One On the List is the entire Basis of the modern World it’s Computers and Computers Wouldn’t exist if It wasn’t for our Understanding of Quantum Physics? The Basic Element of Computer Is the Transistor Which is a tiny Little Switch it’s very Useful because it doesn’t Have Any Moving Parts in it which is allowed us to Miniaturize it and Have Billions of Them on a single Chip all Switching a billion Times per Second Transistors use The Special Electronic Properties of Silicon Which is a semiconductor and the rules of Semiconductors are Dictated by Quantum Physics Now Electrons in A semiconductor Can only Be in Certain Energy States and you Can use these energy States to create on On-off Switches Now you can’t do A whole Lot With Just Pure Silicon you need to Engineer These Materials By Adding in Extra Elements Like Phosphorous or Boron to Make Materials With Different Energy Levels and by combining Those Materials you can Make a Junction Where Normally Electrons don’t flow until you apply A Voltage and Then Electrons Can Flow and that’s how you Make an on and off Switch In How are the energy Levels Behave in These Different Materials that’s Dictated by the laws of Quantum physics and We wouldn’t have been able to invent the Transistor? Without This Understanding Now my Technology 2 and 3 The Screen that you’re Watching This on and, also the Camera that I recorded this on Which Both Also Rely on the Quantum Physics of Semiconductors Most Screens Today a backlit by leds light emitting Diodes and These Are Semiconductor Devices That when you apply a voltage An Electron goes from one Semiconductor to another it loses Energy and then Some light So leds Have Been Gradually getting Better Over Time and A Lot of Engineering effort has gone Into making Leds that are very Bright and also White in Color Now Kind of the Opposite of an Led Is number Three Which is the Sensor in My Digital Camera that Sensor Is made Up of Loads of Tiny little Pixels Called Photo Detectors Or Photo Diodes and These When They receive light they create a current of Electrons again Through our? Manipulation of The Energy Levels in Semiconductors Part of the Reason why These Cameras Have kept getting better with More Megapixels and Higher Sensitivities Is our Increasing Ability to Engineer The Quantum physics of These Semiconductors Now Technology Number Four Is the laser in A laser you Apply Voltage to specific mixtures of Elements and Excite the Electrons and Then They Give off Light This is Amplified With Mirrors and Finally Gives Off very Strong Focused Monochromatic Light the Process That Lasers Use is Called Stimulated Emission Where you Promote an Electron to a higher Energy State in One Atom Transfer it to Another Atom and Then Those Electrons Get Knocked Down With a Correctly tuned Theme of light Which releases more light Which is all in Phase And to Make A laser Beam Work you need to find These Elements That Have very Similar Energy Levels again Which requires our? Understanding of Quantum Physics Now You might be Wondering how you use laser beams Every, day, well this Video Probably got to you Through A fiber Optic Cable as A laser Beam as Does A Huge amount, of Web Traffic these Days Now the last Technology on my list Number 5 Is gps Technology gps Relies on? Incredibly Accurate Clocks on Gps Satellites The Satellites Continuously Broadcast Their Time and your Phone Takes These signals and Can Work out Where it is on Earth Depending on How Long the signals Took to get to it The Ticking of These Atomic Clocks Depends on the Frequency of a transition between Two Particular Energy States in A Cesium atom Because The Frequency of These Clocks Depends on the laws of Nature all of the clocks are Exactly in Time and Are Accurate To One Second in 1.4 Million Years So those are my five Main Technologies That Perhaps you Didn’t know Based on the laws of Quantum physics But There’s Loads of other ones That We use in The World Today and because these, Days? We do Pretty much everything on Computers you could argue that the entire modern World exists Because of our? Understanding of Quantum Physics Which is something. I don’t think Many People Appreciate but I think is super cool And in The Future There’s more Quantum Technologies Coming on like Quantum Information Quantum Computing Quantum Metrology and Quantum Simulation and Seeing How all of These develop is going to be it’s going to be very Fascinating Clearly I’m A massive Fan of Quantum Physics But I think I’ll give it A rest There thanks so much for Watching and if You’d like to support me There’s Many Different ways you can Buy A
Poster Or a Book We’ve Just Released the new Professor a stroke a tap a link to all of that in the Description Below and Any Support on Patreon is Gratefully received Thanks for Watching and I’ll see you on the next Video

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100 thoughts on “Five Ways You Use Quantum Technology Every Day

  1. I heard a saying which says 'If you think that you can understand quantum physics, you don't understand quantum physics' , but I get the impression that you do understand it Dominic.
    Anyway, it's good to try to get your head around this topic and you are good at explaining it, thankyou but this is
    a case of me still not really understanding the concept, try as I might.

  2. Nice video. Useful information. I am a little confused though. I thought gps is possible thanks to Einstein's relativity theory?

  3. Your videos are just amazing! Even as someone studying physics – or because of that? – I do not appreciate the importance of quantum physics enough. Getting a reminder how half the time we spend every day is possible to be spent in this way only through quantum physics is eye-opening.

  4. 100 percent of these inventions were discovered through experimentation and observation, not because of theory. Diodes came about due to observed effect and were not the original goal of the experiment. Diode behavior indicated transistors could be possible. Trial and error experiment led to transistors. Noting described in this video is the result of any quantum prediction. The QM descriptions were created later and still predict nothing.
    Quantum physics is still the same waste of time it has always been. If every quantum physicist quit tomorrow, it wouldn't affect engineering at all.

    Quantum physics is without a doubt the largest waste of human capital the world has ever seen, followed closely by theoretical cosmology.

    Quantum physics has strayed so far from reality that it will never produce a significant discovery again. Even if you happen to develop a useful test apparatus, the data will be misinterpreted by quack quantum theories.

    You doing a lot with the new 'Higgs Boson'. Can you make leprechauns and unicorns now? Probably not but you new formulas can tell us how unicorns exist. Great science. You can't possibly believe what you are saying

  5. Quantum entanglement is not particles communicating. You can't communicate with quantum entanglement. They affect each other, but not in a way that allows communication. There are extensive papers on this topic.

  6. Hi
    I'm a student from one of high schools in the Philippines. I just want to know if I could use your videos as a reference on the science bulletin board that I'm currently making. I found your videos simple and interesting. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. Poor explication. Most of what you said can be explained with classical physics. You need to expand in to more details such as quantum tunnelling, and explain the reasons I need quantum mechanics not just say "it can't be done without it"

  8. I think production of electricity was a bigger deal since everything he mentioned depends on it. Magnet are quantum wonders.

  9. I thought most of these things were laid out in Maxwell's equations, where does the probabilistic part come into it?

  10. How can I buy the poster? Someone is always asing me this about quantum physics and this poster would be a good way to answer them.
    I'd think about getting the book too if it were available in French :/ .

  11. I was surprised that you did not mention my favorite application of quantum effects. Flash memory is a non-volatile semi-conductor memory technology. It induces electrons to tunnel through an insulating barrier, onto the gate of a IGFET (Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor). As long as they stay there, the FET is "on", or conducting, and one bit of info is stored. Tunnelling has no classical analog. For most of those other things you mentioned, yes, you need quantum to get the energy levels right, but classical models get you mostly there. Tunnelling is an example of quantum that everyone carries in their cell phone.

  12. Dear Mr. Walliman. Does this make sense? M=E/m2 (y โ€œphase shift symbolโ€) I keep seeing it in my head. I don't know why.

  13. Make a map of Engineering after finishing up the map of Computer Science.

    That would be magnificent.
    Greatly appreciate considering my suggestion.

  14. Khazam: Can we have a map for particle physics? please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. A very good video that explain how quantum mechanics is important and it isn't a sort of magic that nobody understands!!! Thanks

  16. Can you help me understand if and if so how quantum physics are making internet and phone technologies work too? Thanks !

  17. Ohhh my God just loving it and being a physics student watching the application of my studies …. want to study more about it and research in quantum physics as these part of physics still needs to study more and more

  18. Thank you for visualizing your thought processes. Extremely helpful in the instances where language fails or connotation interferes.

  19. WOW! I find quantum mechanics, in general, absolutely fascinating. I knew computers, CPU's, GPU's, RAM, SSD's and things like that were a result of our understanding of quantum physics. (I have had a few very long, very in-depth conversations with an ex-hardware engineer for a rather large computer company, who kindly and rather thoroughly educated me on how some of these technologies functioned on a component and bit by bit level.)

    I did not know GPS, Cameras and especially MRI machines leveraged these properties.

    You must enjoy what you do. I have been trying to think of ways to get my young cousins interested in it because some of them are extremely interested in science and are around middle school to high school range and as automation and machine learning become more prevalent I suspect it is a wise long-term investment, when it comes to value, cost, time, etc.

    How do you get middle school and high schoolers interested in quantum mechanics? Hmmmm

  20. There's also the idea that internet communication is happening across vast stretches of space between individuals who are being affected by things that they do on opposite ends of the world. That's pretty er… "quantum" ?

  21. Could you use quantum entanglement to communicate with individuals who are very far away? A hundred lightyears away?
    Currently our fastest way to transmit information is only as fast as the speed of light… But if we could use quantum entanglement to transmit information we could communicate instantly even over a very very very long distance!!!

    Do you think this could be possible?

  22. Found the video uninteresting 'cause you haven't told how quantum physics works in these things. Except that the video was marvellous

  23. Good evening to Domain of Science. Thank you so much for explaining quantum technology everyday. Thank you so much sir.

  24. Cara, achei muito bacana esse vรญdeo. vou usar ele num trabalho, gostaria de ter uma referรชncia bibliogrรกfica para poder citar esse seu excelentรญssimo trabalho.

  25. When people present the math of quantum physics they always just do particle in a potential well, and then there are videos like this where people talk about the applications. What I would like to see is something that connects the dots a bit better. Show us the wave function calculations that go into the design of, say, and basic LED.

  26. Can you please create a map for engineering fields such electrical , aircraft and so on thank you very much ..

  27. Microwave ovens in lots of homes, all use tunnel diodes which use quantum tunneling…
    Late comment, yes, I know. Might have been mentioned already.

  28. Youtube comments are full of amusements sometimes….

  29. So can you explain the process of how the individuals or group of individuals through the use of QP made those particular work and without the understanding of QP how those items wouldnt have been possible to construct? I am looking to dive more deeply into this subject but my theory is that we could have came to these inovations without the understanding of QP and would have come to those conclusions simply based on testing, observation, and inovation.

  30. Satellites do not exist. It's just a belief not real.

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