Five Technology Reviewers Worth Subscribing to

(hip hop beat) Welcome to Unboxed Daily. I’m your host, Jason. Today I wanna talk to you
about five content creators in the tech space on YouTube that all deserve your subscription. ‘Cause lemme tell ya. There’s a lot of talent out
there, but these five folks, they’re doing something pretty special. So the first person I
wanna point you towards is Juan Carlos Bagnell. Now you might know some of
his work from PocketNow. But actually he’s been doing
a lot of independent reviews on his own and I wanna say
he’s been really innovative about the way that he
presents his reviews. Case in point, he recently
did a video on the LG V40, where he shot most of the
video on the V40 itself. Now that by itself isn’t
terribly interesting until you start to think about
all the different cameras he used in addition to the V40. Normalizing all of that footage, putting it together into a review. And, to top it off he published
the video after the fact, going through his entire
workflow and talking about the different technical
issues that he hit. So whether you’re somebody
who wants to know more about just the phone
itself, or you want a deeper understanding of the technical
process of video editing, he’s got a lot to offer. Another content creator to
keep your eye on, Krystal Lora. Now to be fair, she’s been
producing reviews for some time. But something we’ve noticed
recently that I really like is the fact that she’s really
taking a designer’s eye to the way that she produces her videos. There’s a lot more color coordination. There’s a lot more consideration,
not only of the shot, but how the different elements
of the shot come together. Don’t get me wrong. Lots of people shoot
product really beautifully. Do they take the time to
coordinate the color of their phone with the color of the
wallpaper behind them? I definitely don’t. But she does. Next up, straight outta Colorado,
it’s Chris from DailyTekk. If you haven’t watched
his content for a while, you may not know that
recently he started really focusing on Apple products
and the Apple ecosystem. I think it’s a really
smart move on his part. Rather than being a content
creator who’s speaking about a lot of different topics, he’s sticking with his passion. And when you hear him talk about Apple, you know that he really
feels strongly about it. Now speaking of people
who love Apple products, we have to talk about
Michael from DetroitBORG. He’s one of those people
who doesn’t just get excited about Apple products. When they announce Apple products, he has to buy all of them. And I don’t just mean
each individual product, I mean he actually has to
buy each individual variant. He bought all the of the
different colors of the iPhone XR. He bought literally every
variation of every different kind of product Apple’s ever
released as far as I can tell. Now the thing about DetroitBORG, he’s not a blind Apple devotee. He may love everything
about Apple and the way that they make products,
but he’s also not afraid to tell them when they’ve
fallen short of their promise. I think that’s really important. I don’t think you can
be a fan of something and be afraid to tell them when
they’re not doing it right. And I think Michael, as well
as Chris from DailyTekk, both do a really good job of this. Finally if you’re not following Jacklyn, from NothingButTech88, you are missing out on one of the rising stars of YouTube. Now Jacklyn may only be
in high school, right? She may not have the same
ability to spend her day super, hyper focused on tech. But what she lacks in
time she makes up for in quality of video. In fact, to the point where
recently she was called out by Casey Neistat, as one of
his favorite new tech talents. And I have to say,
Casey’s absolutely right. Her videos are well-composed. They’re well-thought-out. Her reviews are in-depth. And she comes at it from
a perspective that frankly most of us don’t have. So if you’re looking for somebody who’s got an alternate take on the tech that we use everyday. And who frankly, I think is
gonna be around on the scene for a really long time. Jacklyn’s definitely somebody
you wanna keep an eye on. That’s it for my thoughts on the talent you should be following. Who did I miss, who did I forget? Leave me a comment on YouTube,
tell me what you think. And in the meantime, if you wanna see more about these creators,
head over to We’ve got profiles set up
for all of them and more. And you can check out not
only their latest videos, but the products that they’re
talking about in each one. If you like what you see and
you wanna check out more, hit the Subscribe button,
that Notification Bell. Follow us on Twitter, you
know, all that good stuff. In the meantime, I’ll
see you back here soon. I’m your host, Jason. Have a great day. (hip hop beat)

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13 thoughts on “Five Technology Reviewers Worth Subscribing to

  1. I following all of them ••• and yes have been following Jacklyn from Nothingbuttech88 since she had 100 subscribers.

  2. My list
    1. Erica Griffin
    2. Juan Bagnell (especially for cameras and audio)
    3. Linus (because he always mention something I didn't get from the others)
    4. Mkbhd just for a short overview

    5. Me when I making tech reviews too

  3. Awesome list dude! I would check out:

    Brandon (This is Tech Today)
    Shelly (Shelly Saves The Day)
    Jason (Painfully Honest Tech)
    Armando (MondoBytes)
    Roger (Life of Tech)

  4. This is a real great list of creators and totally agree with why you chose them. Love each and every one of them. Especially Jacklyn, for someone so young, she is quite a talent. This channel is great, thanks for putting out the content you do. So glad I subbed, I hope to see more of these videos in the future. And maybe make the list, some day. But until then I have more to learn.

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