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Hello! I have your father. What? – Your father has been kidnapped.
– Kidnapped? Bring one crore rupees and
come where I ask you to. – One crore?
– I’ll tell you where you to bring it. Hang up now. – Hello. Who is this?
– Hello. – How are you doing?
– What? I’m Jeevan! Please check the numbers before dialing them. I’m Jeevan. Didn’t you recognize me? Asshole! Don’t have anything else to do?
Check the numbers first. Wait! Taxi! Where to, sister? Kingsway. Watch. Yeah. Just like that. Focus. Focus. Yeah, That’s nice. Okay, everybody. Come gather around. Okay, take a bow. 5, 6, 7, and up… down. Up… down. What happened? No energy, no focus. If it’s like this, then I don’t think
you’ll be able to perform in the finals. I don’t think you’ll be in the group. No. Sorry, sir. It won’t happen again. You better perform well from tomorrow. Got it? – Okay?
– I’ll try. Hello? Hello. Is this Rupa? Yes. I’m Jeevan. I called you before. Yes. You’re so cute. What? Have you ever seen me? So many times in my dreams. The lessons learnt in school and
the lessons of life are similar. They’re categorized into different chapters. Lessons in school were taught by teachers.
And in life, they have to be learnt by ourselves. We’re the teacher and we’re the student. We ask the question and answer them ourselves. Having the question and the answer in two different places seems like one of life’s adventures. I, too have some chapters in my life. Some that I have dealt with
and some that are yet to be discovered. Hey kid! Come here. What? Listen, a girl will be coming out of that building. Whoever picks up the phone… …give her the flowers and the card. – It’s gonna cost you.
– Oh. You need money? Here. Don’t forget to smile. Yeah, that’s fine. I think it’s a good idea for you. I’ll recommend it to you.
You can perform it well, right? Then… wait a minute. Hello. Who gave this? That guy over there. There’s nobody out there. Thank you. What’s this? Hold this. A card? For the best dancer of the world? Hello? How do you like the flower? Flower? Very bad. Rubbish. Okay. But… The card… How did you know I was a dancer? We know everything about the person we like. – You seem like an interesting person.
– Really? I want to meet you. Where can we meet? One lakh. And the rest? After you finish the job. Alright. I’ll be going then. Hello? I’ll be right there. Sorry. Yeah. I’m here. Hello. Hello. When did you get here? Hasn’t been long.
I’ve only finished two cups of coffee. How about a third cup? Coffee gives a glow to women’s face. Waiter! Two black coffee, please. And what kind of a shitty scholar said that? Not a scholar. Dr. Jeevan Jung Thapa BAMF said it. Doctors are supposed to be MBBS, aren’t they? BA… what is this? BAMF means BA- pass and MA- fail. He’s at your service 24 hours. Okay. I am a struggling actor. Who knows? I might be a superstar someday. Buy an actor, get an actress free.
Plus you’re a dancer too. Buy an actress, get a spoon free. How’s that? That will work. Thank you. So? How’s everything. You’re the stalker. You tell me. You idiot! Hello? What are you? A thief or something? You’re scared of the police. Don’t! I’m a kidnapper. And you have been kidnapped. Why are you scared?
I meant your heart’s been kidnapped. Hi, hot! Hi, sexy! 36-24-36. Have fun! – Hold this. I’ll be right back.
– Where are you going? Jeevan! Jeevan! Jeevan! Why did you tease her? What you gonna do? Huh? What are you? A hero? You beat the shit out of them. Sorry. I can’t do it. It’s okay. Don’t come here from tomorrow onwards. Just because of this? No. It’s something else. Something you don’t know. What? My husband is coming back tomorrow. Are you kidding me? Don’t joke about these things with me. I am not joking. It’s true. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I didn’t know it either that he was returning this early. That’s why you lied to me? Truth and lies can be depicted
according to the situation. One’s lie can be someone else’s truth. Where is he now? He got a contractor job, so he’s out of town. Every contractor I have seen in films
has always turned out to be a bastard. Each and every one of them. They show their one set of teeth
and eat with another set. Do you love me? Hello. What’s the matter? You were being all dramatic yesterday. You couldn’t live a day without me? It’s not as easy as I thought. I couldn’t sleep well. Since yesterday, I’ve been having a really bad feeling. So, even heroes can get scared. You’re such a good fighter. Who else gives heroes trouble? Villain. In this case, your husband. Sir, can I get you anything? – Two coffee, please.
– Black or milk? What kind of coffee would you
get a person who is dying? Now please leave. Look. A contractor. What do you think he’ll do when he finds out
that I’m having an affair with his wife. I know. He’s gonna wipe me out. Most of the people do not like their wife.
They always like someone else’s wife. But when someone else likes their wife,
they can’t endure it and that’s a fact. It’s not only in here. It implies everywhere. Look. I don’t know how much your husband loves you. But I can guarantee you that he won’t like
the fact that I’m having an affair with you. So what are we gonna do then? I have a contingency plan. When’s your husband coming? He’ll be here soon. – I won’t face any trouble, right?
– Don’t worry, you won’t. – He’s coming from behind.
– Where? – Behind.
– Oh, I see. Keep distance. Do your job well. Bye. Just drive where I tell you to.
And don’t try to be smart. Your phone’s ringing. Phone! Who is it? Hello. Jeevan! My husband’s been kidnapped. What? Some of the neighbours said they saw few people
taking him away near my apartment. I don’t know what to do, where
I’m supposed to go. I’m so confused. Alright, I’m coming. It’s cold outside, don’t forget your jacket. You go back to sleep. I’ll be back soon. Okay. Did he have any enemies? I don’t know anything about his work. If you don’t, then who does? You should be knowing. How long have you been together? 3 years. Not everybody knows everything about everyone. There must be someone who knows about him. There’s this guy named Babu Ram, his assistant. But I don’t know where he lives. What am I going to do? It’s okay. Don’t worry. The kidnapper might call you. If he doesn’t, we’ll find him ourselves. You should rest now, I’ll leave. Can’t you stay here tonight? I’m really scared. What if they come here? Please don’t go. Jeevan? Jeevan! Jeevan? Hello? Rangasala? – Keep talking.
– Yes, this is Rangasala. Wow! What an awesome football match. Look! It’s a goal! Bullshit! He thinks this is Rangasala. So how many people will be coming
to watch the football match? You’ll see when they get here. I don’t know, but we must
score a goal at the opponent’s post… Oh shit! – Can report about a kidnapping?
– Yes. Who has been kidnapped? – My husband.
– Again? What? Oh, sorry. Just a moment ago, a girl reported
about her boyfriend being kidnapped. So, I got confused. And when was he kidnapped? It’s been 2 days. – Oh! And why didn’t you report it earlier?
– I was looking for him myself, that’s why. Did he have any enemies some kind of affairs? Or were you involved in any of it? Are you gonna write the report or not? Please don’t get mad.
I’ll write it down right now. Now you see madam,
husbands can’t be trusted anymore. Just recently… hey, you tell her. Yes, madam. Just recently, a husband made a tape
of his own wife and posted it on the internet. That’s not all. He even tried to blackmail her. – I can’t believe what’s happening these days.
– I know, right? Is this what you do on duty at a police station?
Talk nonsense and harass people? No. Why are you getting mad? Alright, tell me his name. Surendra Dahal. Surendra… Dahal. Address? Baneshwor. – Do you have a photo?
– Here. He’s very handsome, no wonder he got kidnapped. Jai Nepal, sir. All of them were wearing masks,
so I couldn’t see their faces. It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t
see their faces, just forget it. We don’t care about the money. Yes, I agree. Yes, uncle. In an hour? Okay. Alright, then. Okay, bye. I just called SP uncle.
He’ll be here in an hour. You called SP uncle?
Why did you have to call him? Yeah, why would you do that?
Dad would’ve have done something. – Yeah, right.
– You should’ve asked us first. One crore rupees! We’ll just let it go? Yes, we’ll let it go. Forget about the money. Who earned that one crore rupees?
Is it you or is it me, huh? Look who’s worrying about the money. This is all that happened in this life. Everyone has their part to play. I played mine. There’s no one’s to blame. My time has come. I can bear all the burdens
of debts and loneliness. I couldn’t bare the fact that
my only house is to be demolished. I wish happiness and prosperity
to my children, wherever they are. Come here if you can.
Whatever is left belongs to you. Don’t blame on this lonely and helpless old man. Don’t curse him. That’s all. Yours, father. We called you after a huge dilemma, SP sir. Once they got the ransom, they let me go unharmed. And I also didn’t want to involve the police. But my son insisted. On second thought, maybe he was right. If we leave them now… ..they’ll be out doing the same kidnapping thing. It might not be me again,
but they will kidnap someone else. But their kidnapping business will go on. That is why I called you. But… I know nothing about them. Do you have a doubt on anyone? So where were you held captive? I heard cows mooing from where I was kept. They were talking about a specific cow. So I think the place was close to a cowshed. There were many cows out there. How many cows and cowsheds are their in the city? No, there was something special about that cow. I heard she gave plenty of milk
and she is very beautiful too. She had a name too. – A name?
– Yes, a very unique name. A unique name? What was it? Fitkiree. – Fitkiree?
– Yes. Alright. Over. – May I come in, sir?
– Yes. – Jai Nepal, sir.
– Have a seat. We have one major case. We need to find the kidnappers of merchant
Ramji Lal and retrieve 1 crore rupees. I’ve met him. We don’t know anything about the group. I’m very busy with another case. So I want you to handle this case. Do whatever it takes. But keep me informed
about any development on the case. – Yes, sir. Any clues?
– We’ve got no clues at all. – You have to solve the case without any clue.
– But, sir. There must be something. There’s a really minor clue.
He was held captive in a house. Since he was blindfolded,
he couldn’t tell where that was. But one thing what he knew was
he was kept near a cowshed. And one of the cows was known as Fitkiree. So Fitkiree is the only clue we have.
But we don’t know if it has some other meaning. So the only thing we can rely on is the name Fitkiree. If we find out the meaning behind this name,
I’m sure we can find the kidnappers. I’ve sent Pratap to investigate how many houses
around the ring road areas that have cowsheds. Your mission starts once you receive the data. Jai Nepal, sir. There’s a report on a missing girl near Bagmati river. Bastards. They don’t let me to concentrate on one case. Let’s go. It’s your funeral. Hey! Come here. Quick! What do you know about the missing girl? She’s from another neighbourhood, isn’t she? Which way is it? This way, sir. Daughter’s been missing for so many days,
and we haven’t found her yet. Who’s the one that reported? Namaste, sir. I’m the one who did. Please, have a seat. No, I’m fine. Where did she go missing? Are you sure she didn’t elope? I searched everywhere. At friends’ and family’s.
But she was nowhere to be found. How old was she? 17 years old. And what do you do for living? What else? Anything I can get my hands on. Where did your daughter study? Which standard? We couldn’t afford to send her to school. We can barely afford to feed ourselves. So why did you come to Kathmandu?
To take over public land? To find a missing relative. But we couldn’t. We were also born in this country. Where else would we go? We grew up in this country. We too, are the citizen of this country.
We have the right to live here. You talk like you’re some kind of politician. If we were born in a better place,
we would’ve become better persons. But we were born in this unfortunate country
just to end up losing our home and our daughter. There are some other complaints from this place. It seems the boys here tend to cause a lot of trouble. If this goes on, you might get
chased away from this place too. – Do you have any photo of your daughter?
– Yes. Give it to me. What do you wanna ask? There are about 442 houses around
the ring road area that have cowsheds. 442 houses. Alright. We need to find Fitkiree among those houses. Get the boys ready. Mission: Fitkiree begins now. Yes, sir. This is the place, sir. (Chanting prayers) Namaste, uncle. Namaste. – We’re from a veterinary center.
– So? – You own a cow, right?
– Yes. So we’re here to vaccinate your cow. – Injection, uncle.
– Alright, then. This way. Wait. – What is the name of your cow?
– What did you say? The name of your cow. Jai Mangala. So? Then your cow doesn’t need a vaccination today.
Come on, let’s go. They just said they’re from the veterinary center.
What does the name have to do with the vaccination? What kind of people are they? Ask him. – Do you have a cow named Fitkiree?
– No. You don’t? Brother. Is there a cow named Fitkiree? No. There’s Tikhey. Sir. It’s an ox, not a cow. So you got the blessings early in the morning? Today’s gonna be a good day then. Let’s go. You’re joking, right? – Do you have a cow named Fitkiree?
– No. Hey! Stop throwing water at people! Shit! Thief! Get him! Hey! Stop! Catch the thief! He’s running away! Hey! What are you doing? What the hell? Stop it! Wait! I’m a police officer! – You’re not a police, you’re a thief.
– Let’s beat him up. Look at this, you sons of bitches! Look at this! He’s a police officer. Let him go. I’ll beat the shit out of you guys. Fuck off! Bastards! What are you looking at? Get lost! Let me see that. – You’ve drawn a wonderful house, hero.
– It still needs to be colored, daddy. What are we going to do now? Hey, watch it! Bastard! Those bastards want to demolish my house. They think our houses are made of cards? 5 meters have been marked for demolition. Sir, you must help me. Try talking to the seniors
and ask them stop this, please. Sir. If 5 metres of my house is destroyed,
there will be barely anything left of it. That’s the only piece of property I’ve got. If that gets demolished… …where will I keep my family, sir? Look. There’s nothing I can do about this. Many houses are being demolished. But if there’s anything I can do,
I’ll try my best to help you. And look for some new ideas to search this cow. Old ideas may not work all the time. I need that cow within 2 days. I can’t wait any longer. If you can’t solve the case,
I must give it to someone else. Hello. Yes. Yes, sir. I’ll be right there. I’ll try my best to help you, alright? Jai Nepal, sir. Hey, hero. Don’t you have any homework to do? I’ve already finished my homework. Does that mean you don’t have to study? Switch of the TV. “Homework’s finished.” Is our house being demolished
by a bulldozer, daddy? Who told you that? Come here. Come on. Be quick! Where is this hero’s dad? Right here. Then? I’m the hero’s father. Why does this hero have to worry
when his daddy’s around. That puny bulldozer! I’m gonna crush that bulldozer! And throw it on the garbage. Spinach? Not again. I said I wanted to eat some local chicken. What’s this? What is this? Don’t you feel ashamed
drinking alcohol in front of your son? Rami! Rami! Ramila! Ramila! There’s only a little left in it. You’re being a good example to our son. I’m the one who’s bad. Neither can I say something,
nor can I teach anything. Do as you wish. What the hell? Same old house. Same old wife. How am I supposed to bring new ideas? Every single person tries to threaten me. And that… That SP! I earned the rank of a police officer
because I work hard. Not because of some source or recommendation. Those bastards are demolishing our houses
and trying to make us homeless. I’m gonna fight each and every one of them. Come on, bastards! Each and every one of them! Fucking bastards! I’m not gonna just sit here and watch! Who do they think I am? Each and every one of those bastards! Shit! All those bastards. All of them are my enemies. Move! He gets drunk and then starts behaving. Let’s go have dinner. The food is getting cold. Let’s go and eat. What’s the matter? What is it? I’ve crossed the line. Sometimes I cross the line. It’s okay, don’t cry. I shouldn’t have done it. Nothing has happened. I’m alright. It’s okay. Sometimes it happens. You don’t have to cry. Hello! Is anybody in there? Lock him up! Open the door! Bastards! Where did they go? Look at me. Look at me. – Go away!
– Nothing’s gonna happen to you. – Don’t be afraid.
– No! Nothing’s gonna happen to you. – Listen to me.
– I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna go. No one’s gonna take you. I’m a police officer. Listen. You guys are safe. I’m a police officer. I’m a police officer. No one will harm you. You’re Uma, right? Uma? Nothing’s gonna happen to you, alright? Uma. Uma. It’s alright. Nothing’s gonna happen to you. You’re safe. Alright? Pratap. Listen to me. There’s an old house at Chunnikhel in Bhaisipati.
Bring an ambulance immediately. And listen. Some boys ran away from here.
Send a search party to catch them, quick. – Pratap!
– Yes, sir. Take them to the hospital. I know one of the boys.
He’s from the river-side area. – Take them with you. I’ll go there.
– Yes, sir. – Two of you, come with me.
– Come on. I don’t know, sir. I went to a dance party with my friends. I remember drinking two glasses of wine. Then I was in that house. Do you remember who took you there and why? I really don’t remember anything. They used to intoxicate us every day. When I was conscious, I used to hear them talk
and thought they were girl traffickers. What is the name of your friend?
What does he do? Dinesh. I don’t know much about him. We’ve already caught Dinesh. What happened after they took you in there? Do you remember anything? It’s alright. Take some rest. Everything will be alright. They didn’t let us go out. Those boys in the other room
used to talk about cows. Sometimes, they used to say they
found a cow that gives more milk. Sometimes, they used to say
they found a cow with a small udder. Later, I found out that they used to
talk about girls and refer to them as cows. Girls who were beautiful and
worth more money were known as Fitkiree. Later when they were talking about me,
I found out that I was called Fitkiree. It’s alright. Take some rest. I’ll be going now. It’s alright. Sir. Thank you. You’re gonna witness hell today. You okay? Look, kid. You’re just ruining your own face
by getting beat up. If you still don’t use your brain, I’m gonna
beat you to death and no one will even get a hint. Do you understand? So think fast. And you don’t have to get beaten up. Your protection will be
the responsibility of the police. Just give me this. The names of your gang’s members
and information on your gang’s leader. I swear I don’t know anything about them, sir.
If I’d known, I’d have told you everything. Alright, I’ll tell you. Surendra. It’s Surendra. Look at me! Surendra. The guy named Surendra. I don’t know who are in the gang
and I don’t know where they are. I just did the work for money. I’ll tell you everything. Look at me. There’s a girl in Kathmandu. She used to call me and ask me to do the job
and I used to the job. She’s the one who pays me. I don’t know anything else. I swear. Her number’s on my phone. I swear I don’t know anything else. I don’t know, sir. I’ve told you everything I know.
I don’t know anything else. Listen. Shave his head. Yes, sir. You did a great job in this case. Thank you, sir. But you still haven’t found the money
and the guy behind all this. Now there’s only one way to catch him. His wife. You need to use his wife as a path to get to him. This is your responsibility. No one except the two of us
will know about this mission. Okay, sir. I’ll do it. How? I have an idea. Come on. Pick up the phone. Come on. Hello. Who’s this? How are you doing? I’m Jeevan. I’m Jeevan. Didn’t you recognize me? Wait! Shit. You used me. You trapped me. That was a mission. And I did what I had to. Now Surendra won’t leave me. Enough with this nonsense. You tried to have an affair with me
when you were already married. What about that, huh? Weren’t you playing with your husband’s feeling? If you don’t know what your husband is,
then you really are a fool. If you do know, then please stop playing dumb. It’s okay. This is just the trailer. Listen. My promotion is being held down
just because of this case. While I’m here talking to a lowlife like you,
my house might get demolished. That is why I can do anything to you
just to add a star to the cross. Do you understand? You house is just getting demolished. But I know nothing about my house. I’m also an educated person. But what good has it done for me?
I am nothing but a mere contractor. Pratap. Do something about this guy. – What good has education done?
– Now you’ll brag about your qualifications. Take that! You talk too much. Anything? I don’t know anything, sir. I don’t know what you’re asking. Again. You don’t know anything? Baburam! Baburam. What? Baburam. That’s all I know, sir. Baburam? Looks like the cloth and water did the trick. Now answer this as well.
Where can I find this Baburam? That’s all I know, sir. I just know the name. Alright. What are you staring at? Come here. Beat the shit out of him. Hey! Didn’t they teach you to hit during training? This is how you do it! Hit him until he spills out everything. Let go! – Let go!
-Sir, that’s enough. Why are you here? You’ve got everything you needed. Where is Baburam? You had a hard time catching Surendra.
Didn’t he tell you anything? I asked you where Baburam is! I’m not here to play games with you. I want baburam no matter what.
Or else you’ll go to jail too. And I’m not kidding. Why don’t you go outside and play? Good boy. You – I told you to leave that police officer.
– Stop it, mom. I’m already having so much tension. Our son is growing up.
There’s no point in talking about this. This is why I don’t like coming here. This is where I first met Baburam. Go ahead and ask. Is Mr. Baburam here? Baburam hasn’t been here for around 6 months. – He hasn’t returned yet?
– No, he hasn’t. – They’ll come in my apartment. I can’t go there.
– And the money? How are we gonna find it? I don’t know. I don’t even know where I’m supposed to go. I’m losing my mind. I’m going back home. I can’t stay here anymore.
Everyone will just use me. You won’t leave until we get the money. Show me the green one, please. Mom, look! It’s daddy. No, that’s not your daddy.
Show me another one. A better piece. I don’t like it. Forget it. Let’s go. Come inside. Namaste. Rami. Rami. Rami. Can you get me a blanket, please? Get it yourself. Where am I supposed to find it? Can’t you find it? You can find out everything else. You’re impossible. This is just a case. She’s not my mistress. Just because it’s a case doesn’t mean
you have to bring her home. You and your case. Our house is getting demolished.
We haven’t figured out where we’re moving. Where will you keep us?
Have you thought about that? Do you even care? You’re too busy running around with your case. Look, Jeevan. There are more important things in life.
Try to understand. The blanket’s up there. Rupa. Here’s the blanket. Jeevan. – Thanks for everything.
– No, it’s fine. If you need anything, I’m right here, alright? Its been a long time since I’ve seen
Kathmandu’s morning sunshine. It looks amazing, doesn’t it? This view won’t last long enough. When I was I child, I’d come up here
every morning to find my dad. He’d be sitting in this chair reading a newspaper. And I’d be drawing a sketch the city. The sketch wouldn’t have our house in it. Because our house couldn’t be seen from here. Gradually, the spaces around
began to fill with more houses. And my sketches would contain
nothing but walls of houses. Then I stopped drawing sketches. Later, dad started feeling suffocated. Then one day, he left me this roof… …and passed away in search of a more open space. Even this house won’t stand long. Why is that? It’s the government. To widen the roads. There is suffocation everywhere. It’s not just you. The whole city is suffocating. Everyone’s having a hard time breathing. I had a dream too. But I lost track of that dream. I feel like I’m trapped in a maze. I feel like a fish out of water
that has come to take refuge in your house. So you really don’t know where Baburam is? Tell me this. Where did you hear the name? Say something. Hey! I’m here. I didn’t bring you in here just to read your face. Education. I’ve studied hard enough. I have a fucking master’s degree,
major in Psychology. Education. What difference does it make now? Fucking in? Psychology? Good. Good. Fucking in Psychology. Good. That means… …cherry. Yes, sir. What is that? What is that? I’ve already told you. I’ve told you everything. Come on, do something. Open your mouth! Bastard! Such a waste. Such a waste of Akabare. So? Does it make a difference now?
Remember anything? Water! You remember water? Take this. My name is Arjun Karki. Water! I live in Bhaisipati. I have an apartment there. You can go there and see for yourself. I have the number on my phone.
You can check it. Give me phone, Pratap. Water. Give me some water! – We’ll find out everything.
– Give me some water. Shit. Unlock the screen, will you? How will I find it?
At least dial the number. Thank you. Water! Hello. Is this Arjun Karki’s residence? How long has he been staying there? What does he do? Where exactly is this house? Thank you. Water! Pratap. – Go and check it out.
– Yes, sir. Give Prince Charming some water. Water. Give me some water! Are you leaving? Yes. – I can’t bother you all the time.
– No, it’s not a burden at all. Jeevan said you’d be staying
for a couple more days. I can’t stay here forever. Take care, you guys. Okay. Now you’ll be charged with
kidnapping as well as girls trafficking. Had you told us where the money was,
you wouldn’t have had to go through all this. Now look at this poor fellow. He’s gonna rot in jail forever. I am not Surendra. Bastard! You keep giving me the wrong information, bastard. You think I’m stupid? I’m not lying, sir. I’m not Surendra. I’m just a pawn to Rupa. Only Rupa knows where the money is. The only reason why Rupa used
us is to be safe from Surendra. They knew about your plans
right from the beginning. That is why they sent me here as Surendra. He’s telling the truth. This is his passport, sir. You bastard! Why didn’t you tell me this before? Why? Who doesn’t love their own life? Do you believe me now? That I am not Surendra. I told you that you had the wrong guy. Pratap. Fill up the paperwork and release him. Okay, sir. Listen. Until and unless this case gets solved,
you need to come here everyday. Hey! Take him away. Yes, sir. Get up! Move! So that means… We were the ones protecting the criminal. It seems so. Sometimes the thief is the police. And sometimes the police is the thief. This is how the game goes, Pratap. One cigarette, please. Be careful with the glass, please. And move the sofa a bit forward. Put it there. Rami. Rami, please. Don’t make me weak by crying. I know, Rami. You’re very strong. You have me. I have you. And we both have our little hero. We can build another house.
It’s not a big deal. By the way… Doesn’t our hero miss me? How is he? Wait. Here. Police and thief. He looks just like me. He really thinks about me. The kid has grown clever. I should be going now, Rami. Take care. Greetings, mother. My daughter is bound to face problems. The only piece of property has been demolished. Now where will you take her? Policemen are really ignorant.
You’re not paying attention to what I’m saying. I’d asked my daughter not to marry a guy
like you, but she didn’t listen. What more can I say now? What an idiot. We have news, sir. We’ve found Baburam. What? According to the reports of postmortem,
he was killed 4 days ago. That means… Someone had a tail on him
right after he was released from jail. Mr. Jeevan. I should go now.
I have a patient waiting. Thank you, doctor. This case is getting real complicated. It means the game is still on. Maybe. I can’t seem to understand anything, sir. He said the money was with Baburam. Rupa said the same thing.
The money was with Baburam. But it turns out he’s Baburam. They’ve tricked us. Those sons of bitches tricked us pretty good. Let’s go, Pratap. Rupa. Where are you? Sir! Rupa is here. Send her in. Okay, sir. You can go in. – Can I come in?
– Yes. Hi. Take a seat. – So, what’s up?
– You’ll get your husband back in 2 days. We’re going to catch the leader soon. And also those who’re involved in this. What’s wrong? That was a good news. Aren’t you happy? Best of luck. You can go now. Thank you. What was that, sir? Why did you just let her go? Did she offer you something or what? I can ask whatever I feel like asking, can’t I? We’ve worked very hard on this case. You can’t just waive your feelings because
of a girl and let all our hard work in vain. You’re just worrying for no reason, Pratap. I’ve got an idea. Idea? Taxi! Hello. Jeevan, I have the money. Come and take it from my apartment. Surendra, is it you? Yes, I am. How can I forget you? No, it’s just that you surprised me. That means… …you were expecting someone else? You don’t seem to like my surprise. You’re always expecting something else.
That is why there’s always a problem. When you’re with me,
all my problems will get solved. You’re my medicine. You can cure my every disease. I’m glad you came. I was really missing you. How could I forget this day? It’s 13th December, your birthday. For your birthday… I brought wine, pizza and a birthday cake. Thank you. Now we’re going to celebrate
your birthday and our success. Thank you. Many, many happy returns of the day. Thank you. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Dear Rupa. Alright, grab a slice. You eat it first. It’s your day. That’s it. Nice. It’s fine. What are you doing? – Don’t!
– This is how you do it. Alright, that’s enough. – Enough.
– I wanna do it. Our bank loan is increasing day by day. I think we made a mistake
by investing in real estate. I think I’ll go bankrupt. I can’t make a living
out of the restaurant business. Because of the DUI checks,
there are hardly any costumers. How will I earn money if I don’t sell alcohol? What do you have in mind then? With my earnings alone,
we can’t even afford this apartment. These small business won’t work for us.
We should plan something big. Kidnapping. There’s this merchant, Ramji. I’ve made all the plans. We’re going to take him away
from his own house during this Tihar. I know some guys who do this kind of job. After we get the money,
I’ll be going underground for a while. You’ll be keeping the money safe. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit! I won’t do such a risky job. Can’t you sell the land to pay the loan? – I’m not getting involved in this.
– Don’t talk bullshit! If I could’ve sold the land,
there wouldn’t be any problem. No one’s willing to buy it. Look. We’ve only got two options. Either we die or we kidnap. I don’t wanna die. I’m the guy who came to this city with a dream. And I will not die until my dream comes true. And what about your dreams? Don’t you want to go to Paris? USA? See? Look. I helped you get through hard times. And now I’m having a hard time.
So please, help me. You’ll help me, won’t you? Thank you. I’m sorry I brought this up when
we were supposed to be celebrating. Alright. Hey, just forget it. Get you cell phone and let’s take a picture. It’s okay? Alright. Yeah. Just right there. Alright then. Let me see the money. I’ve been dying to see it.
I’m feeling quite upset. Wasn’t the money with Baburam? Lok at your face. I’m just kidding. The money’s in the aquarium’s drawer. Try pulling it from under. I know very well what’s on your mind right now. Mr. Devendra singh Thakuri a.k.a. Surendra. Rupa. Rupa. Six. Devendra Singh Thakuri. I’ve got another history.
And you should know that as well. I was a corrupted police inspector. I guess you didn’t like my grand design. That is why you wanted to have my hard-earned money… …all by yourself. That’s not fair. – I’m sorry.
– That’s not fair. Rupa. Rupa? It looks like some policeman’s number. How did he get your number? I think the police have already suspected us. Receive the call and mislead him. No, I won’t. Why should we get into any kind of trouble?
The police don’t even know us. If he can get the phone number,
he can also find us in no time. You must mislead him. While you’re busy doing that,
I’ll be making plans to escape with the money. We should split up. We can’t stay together. I’ll be waiting for you outside. Come quickly. Yes, Rami. Where are you? At Rupa’s apartment. Where? Rupa’s apartment. Are you still chasing that girl? Aren’t the home problems enough for you?
What more are you planning to do? Rupa has been murdered. I just came from there. When? Just a moment ago. Really? – It’s complicated. I’m going to my office now.
– Son, look out! There’s a bike coming. And listen. I’ll come and talk about the house. Son! Rami! What happened? Rami! What happened? Rami! Rami. How is he? We’re taking him to Teaching Hospital. – The bleeding’s not stopping.
– Don’t worry. Nothing’s gonna happen to him. – Come quickly.
– I’ll be there as soon as possible. Don’t worry. We’ll get there soon. Son, drive faster. Please drive faster. Namaste, sir. – Hey!
– What’s the matter, sir? Hey! – What’s wrong?
– Hey, stop! I said stop! Stop running! I said stop! Hey! Stop! Bastard! Stop right there, you bastard! Asshole! – So you were spying on me, huh?
– Please don’t hurt me. – Were you spying on me?
– Please don’t hurt me. My wife is sick, sir. I have children as well. Please don’t hurt me. Bastard. I’ve been noticing you. You’re spying on me. – No, sir.
– You do you work for? No, sir. I’m just a porter.
I don’t work for anyone, sir. Fucking bastard! You’ll speak up when you get a taste of this bullet. Do you know Surendra? – Do you?
– I don’t know anyone, sir. Tell me! I just know where that guy lives. I don’t know anybody else, sir. – Please don’t hurt me.
– Let’s go. This is the place. Devendra Singh Thakuri. Fucking corrupted police inspector! He might escape from the alley.
Go and get him! You guys go from here.
You go from here. I have to leave my demolished house,
an angry wife and an injured son… …just to run after sick bastards like you. Pratap. Take his body away for the postmortem. I’m going to the hospital. Take him away. Rami. Grandma, this is my room. – This one?
– Yes. – And this one?
– Toilet. Hey! Look what she’s doing. I’m all wet. – Let’s go upstairs.
– Let’s go. We’ve moved from the city to a rural area. My mother-in-law is mad at me because
I took her daughter to a rural area. The roads in Kathmandu are wider now.
But the traffic is still facing the same problem. I don’t know how much bigger roads this city needs. Mission: Fitkiree was a success. But I didn’t get promoted. Maybe some day, I will. Unlike my father, I have no intention
to ask my son to join the police. He can become whatever he wants. After all, it’s not the police that protects the people.
It’s our heart that does. There isn’t any place where
we can’t find thieves and crooks. It doesn’t matter if we’re behind protective walls,
we’re not safe unless we don’t have fear in our hearts. So you’ve seen some of the chapters of my life. And the rest of the chapters?
Well, even I’m waiting for them.

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