FitBit Flex 2 can go in the pool with you

The Fitbit Flex 2 is a paired-down $99 fitness
tracker for the workout novice. Unlike the Blaze, the tracker easily blends
in as a bracelet on your wrist and doesn’t come with the other bells and whistles like
a heart rate monitor. But, like other Fitbit devices, it will automatically
tracks your steps and calories burned in a day. And comes in several colors. I took the lavender colored wristband out
for a test in the park near TechCrunch headquarters in San Francisco. The Flex2 is an upgrade from the original
Flex band and is geared toward those who just want to keep track of their steps or get into
healthier habits. In other words, those needing motivation to
get up and go or who need to break away from a sedentary lifestyle are the target consumer
for this gadget. The Flex2 also tracks sleep – and comes with
up to five days of battery life so you don’t have to plug it in every night. A nice bonus is that it’s also water-resistant
up to 164 feet. That means you can take it in the shower or
go swimming with the device. Flex 2 automatically tracks your your laps
in the pool, their duration and your caloric burn while swimming in the Fitbit app. You can also program the device to automatically
track certain exercises you do on a regular basis using the app. It’s a bit confusing if you want to customize
your activity but you select weekly exercise in the app, click on one of the exercises
completed and then select categorize exercise. You can then type in the type of exercise
and Fitbit will bring up the modifications for that exercise. Fitbit’s Flex2 is a simple, slim design
built to blend in. The little sensor is kept in a band that comes
in large or small, depending on your wrist size. I have small wrists so I chose to wear the
smaller size. There’s a little sensor inside the pocket
on the top of the band. The sensor pops out and can be recharged using
the recharging station. You’ll see 5 little lights on top of the
band. You’ll know your Flex2 is fully charged
when all 5 lights are lit up. Flex2 will also let you know you’re charge
is getting low as it drops down in lights. Fitbit also sends you an email notification
when you are almost out of battery so you know it’s time to power up again. One really cool thing about the Flex2 is you
can take it on a workout without your phone and it will record your steps, floors climbed
and how far you went. You simply sync it up with the app on your
smartphone or desktop after. Be sure to wear your Flex2 on your non-dominant
hand for accuracy. This has caused problems in the past for those
who want more accurate results with their steps. You may also notice a discrepancy in how many
steps the Flex2 records and your phone tells you you’ve walked. My Flex2 said i went x and my phone says I’ve
gone x today. Fitbit tells me you can fix this by recalibrating
your walks on the app. It’s not clear how to do that just by looking
at the app but Fitbit says they’ll get back to me on instructions there and I’ll be
sure to add them in here if they do. Fitbit Flex2 is perfect for those who just
want to move more. The little notification buzz I get to get
up and move around every hour helps keep me going and is important in keeping metabolism
up throughout the day. The ability to log the foods I’ve eaten
and see how many calories I’ve burned throughout the day are a plus as well. It’s a simple gadget for those who don’t
want a lot of fuss and at $100 it’s a great price compared to other fitness trackers. Of course, you could always rely on your phone
but perhaps the extra motivation and all in one calorie counter and food log are worth
it for you.

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