First look at the new MacBook Pro

At first glance, Apple’s new MacBook Pro
looks a lot like the old one. The TrackPad is the first indication that
something’s different. It’s huge — twice as big as the last version,
and thankfully now with Force Touch. If you’re standing off to the side, you’ll
spot the ports. Two Thunderbolts on each side, clean and uniform,
and the balance is once again restored for the Apple aesthetic universe. The key new feature is that the row of function
keys now lost to obsolescence, in favor of a thin, black, glossy strip. The Touch Bar is frictionless. You can run a finger across it with little
effort. It’s quick and responsive, reacting to multi-touch
and the amount of pressure the user applies. The Touch Bar also adapts quite quickly as
you toggle between different apps. The keyboard is similar to the latest MacBook,
featuring an improved version of the Butterfly Switch technology. It felt a little less soft, but unlike the
trackpad, the company hasn’t quite mimicked the old-school keyboard. Also worth a mention are the speakers, which
have been noticeably improved over the last version. They’re both louder and richer. More on that, along with everything else,
when review time rolls around.

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