FinTech at #McrMetUni: MSc Financial Technology

At Man Met, we’re proud to have launched
the first FinTech course at Masters level in England. Many lecturers have got industry
experience in banks, in finance firms that enable you to learn together, applying it
to real-life case studies. My name is Tsegi and I’m from Mongolia. The FinTech course at Manchester Met has prepared me for a whole range of opportunities in the financial sector. You have to have a set of skills, from financial strategy, to business
models and then going into technology, that has blockchain and machine learning.
The tutors are just super professional, very supportive. This is the highlight for me. Throughout our network we’re able to bring in guest lecturers to talk about interesting areas. Lloyds TSB fraud department were able
to share some of the innovations theyíve got to actually use new technology to detect fraud on the telephone. It brings to life the sort of material that we’re teaching
students. It’s a great chance to be building your professional
network. I would truly recommend to study the FinTech course at Manchester Met.

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