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Good afternoon everyone! I’m Robin,
founder of The Startup Buddy. and we’ve been building on our platform for almost a year now. In that year, we’ve talked to a lot of founders here in the region and one of the questions they always run into is who am I going to build my company with? A lot of people are looking for co-founders and there’s not that
many ways to easily find one. So we’ve set up a new community on The Startup Buddy where you can start finding other co-founders or other people that are
looking to build their business. One of those people was Sann She’s the founder of So Now, a company that originated in the Netherlands and she’s going to share
with us who she is, what she does and why she is looking for a co-founder. So Sann, can you share a little bit more about So Now? Of course, thank you Robin
and thank you for having us on Startup Buddy. So Now is a consultancy firm founded in 2009, trying to find different models of
value creation. So we believe there was a different economy on the rise that would focus not just on making money but also on social value and ecological value. and then in 2011 the thinking about a circular economy presented itself to the
world. We started playing around with it, finding out if this could actually be
an alternative to the current economic model. that is destroying the planet, is leading to social inequalities and we might be running out of time or this
model might be running out of time. Okay, cool. So you’ve been working on it
for a long time. I know you’re expanding here to Singapore. Correct? That’s right. During the past decade we mostly focused on the consultancy parts. So trying to find the business model that is related to a circular economy, looking at partnership models for a circular economy. What we learned is that only when we actually put it to practice we can show that it works. So next to the consultancy part we also started venture building. With new technologies that
drive this circular economy, we built the business cases we created together with
our clients. Okay and now that you’re here setting up in Singapore you’re looking
for somebody who can help you do that. First of all, if they would want to work
with you who would they get as somebody to work with? Oh! Okay, so…some more about myself. I’ve always know that I wanted to do something that will contribute to
the bigger plan and to have a positive contribution, meaning that all the vision
part and all knowing where we are going I engage with people. So I easily engage with government, with big business and I get the commitment from them. I also know how to put that into valuable business models but then the
operational side arises, of course, and in order to grow your business you need people that manage that part. So working with me? That would be
working with somebody that knows where she’s going, what kind of future she’s
building on, and wants to the work with committed and
engaged people that share the same goal. okay Anything else that you are really
finding important for somebody to work together with? To work together with, it would be a question and a search for somebody complementary. So somebody that can bring structure, that can build this future with me on an equal basis. Okay! Thank you very much! So if you really want to explore how to work on So Now and together with Sann get in touch with Sann on [email protected] or get in touch on The Startup Buddy
through the community for co-founders or send a message to us. See you next time!

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