File Conversions with ARGUS Enterprise, Rent Rolls & Reports

Hi My name’s Carly’s
lucky and I’m a trainer here of this group. Today I’m going to be
discussing the tips and tricks from our top support cases,
which is file conversion your rent roll and your reports. Let’s go ahead and get started. The first tip and trick
I’m going to discuss is file conversion
models created within a particular
release are freely interchangeable among the
service packs produced for that release. So for example, you
can import any 11 8 1 models into 11 8 systems or 11
7 1 models into 11 7 systems. However, it is not
possible to import models that are created
by later systems and push them into
prior systems. So an example here is I can
not import a 12 point model into Argus version 11.8. If you send a model to someone
and they are unable to open it, they could be due to
a version difference. So the first trick I’m
going to go through is how to convert your 12
0 files to a prior system or a prior version. So right now. I currently have Argus
Enterprise 12 point open and I have a couple of
properties within my property list here before I
convert these files I want to show you the error
message that you would receive in August version 11.8. If you were trying to import
a 12.0 file into that system. So referencing my screen
here, I am now opening up Argus Enterprise version 11.8. And I’m going to click the
Import properties dropdown and find a 12.0 file. So let me go ahead and navigate
to my desktop real quick and there is currently
a 12.0 file that I just clicked import in I
will now click Finish, as this file is importing. You will notice
it says two tasks. One failed one remaining
since the task failed. That is due to it
being a 12.0 file and me not being able to push
it into that prior system. So you’ll now see whenever
I close out of this window no properties appear
within my property list because it was unable to import. Now I’m going to walk
you through in ’12 0.0 how to calculate as and
convert to a prior version such as version 11.8. So in this case, let’s just say
you’re trying to send a file to a broker or a colleague, or
a sponsor whomever you’re trying to send that file to if they
are telling you that it cannot upload and it saying failed. The first thing you
should do is ask them what version they’re running. In this example, let’s
say that the client is running version 11.8. And I am currently in
version ’12 point out you can click one property
or multiple properties to export and push in
to a different version and it’s all done
within the property list by selecting the desired
properties you want to export and then up within
your portfolio interfaces ribbon bar. There’s an icon that
reads export properties and clicking that
first dropdown here that reads export as Argus
Enterprise property asset file. I can then click where I
want to store these files. So in this case, I’m
going to store them in my downloads folder. And I’m then going to
go ahead and click OK. It’s now giving me
the first dropdown this first dropdown is reading. Do I want to export the
properties as retaining the existing versions gives
me what you would retain. Argus version 12 0 or
do I want to convert it to a prior version
and in this case, I’m going to be converting it to
a prior version, which is Argus Enterprise version 11.8 0.3. As soon as I select the version
that I want to calculate it as I will then click
Finish, as this is loading it might
take a couple of seconds to load because I do have a
bunch of properties I click here when this reads 100
percent I can close out of it. And now whoever I
send these properties to if they’re
running version 11.8 they will now be able
to upload my properties into their system. The next tip and trick
that I’m going to discuss is going to be your
reports section. So making sure I am back in
August enterprise version 12 point l. These are support team in
America’s gets a few questions over reports and recoveries. So I decided just to consolidate
the two topics together. So I will be discussing
your recovery audit reports within Argus
Enterprise version 1.0. I’m going to go
ahead and open up DC plaza by simply double
clicking on the property here. And once I open up the property. I’m going to make sure my
reports section is open and I’m navigating now to
my audit report parent top in Argus Enterprise
version 12 0. There is going to be a new
detailed recovery structure or recovery structure
report that reads recovery detail by expense. What this report is doing is
it’s showing you the amounts that you’re being
reimbursed per tenant from an individual expense. So in this case, if
I wanted to see what I was being paid from Hargreaves
enterprise for insurance. I could click on insurance. And I now see in year
one, I am receiving a total of $30,000 going towards
insurance from Hargreaves enterprise. The next thing I wanted to
point out is in varg in August. Enterprise version 12 0 you
can utilize shortcut keys for your reports section. So just like your
input section where you can use shortcut keys to
toggle in between your inputs. You can now use
your shortcut keys to navigate in your
report section as well. The last tip and trick
I’m going to talk to you about is the rent rule
our support team also gets a lot of calls
regarding the rent rolls. So I just wanted to discuss
a few new features that are within the rent roll
and Argus version 12.0 so navigating to my rent roll
here within my Argus Enterprise model, which is THC plaza. I’m going to get into
my rent roll section. The first thing you’re going
to notice within your rent rule is when you’re in your
rental income section, there is a new column that reads
current rent your current rent field will be read if
your current rent exceeds your market rent. So the cart rent column
will be a new feature. Another new feature
is down at the bottom here in this bottom bar down
at the here at the bottom. You will notice it shows you
now your total market rent. Total valuation rent and
total contracted rent. The next new feature within
your artist Enterprise Rent roll in version ’12
point 0 is going to be exporting your
rent roll to Excel. So in my grid navigation
bar up at the top. If I were to click
Export to rent roll. It’s going to take my entire
rent roll within my DC plaza and push and extract that
information into Excel. So now it opens up
an Excel document where I can see
everything that is within that model is currently
now pushed into Excel. Thanks for listening to this
month’s tips and tricks video. I look forward to
seeing you next month.

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