Feiyu-Tech FY-G4 #1 Unboxing Handheld 3Axis Gimbal First Look Review GoPro Hero3 3+4 Stabilizer

Hello this it the unboxing and first look
video of the feiyutech gimbal G4 this is a three axis hand held gimbal for Gopro hero
3 3+ and Gopro hero 4 and you can also use this with cam of similar size now the first
thing you will see when you open the box is this read me first here theres some important
information about remembering to remove the batteries before you connect the gimbal to
your pc if you have to upgrade firmware but not if you have to adjust parameters o and
calibration and you must remember to use this usb connector supplied you also get user manuals
a warranty card now the first thin you will notice is how well its boxed as you can see
i mean feiyutech have done a great job with that now its not going to get damaged in shipping
and this foam is going to be perfect store it in as well now lets have a look and see
what you get inside the box now you get this incredible three axis handheld gimbal as you
can see now the first thing I’ve noticed as I’ve touched this is that its cold now thats
great as it means its not made out of cheap plastic but its made of alluminium and as
you can see this is really really very well made and i also can feel how smooth the motors
are on this so thats great heres the power on and off button but we’ll have a closer
look at this gimbal powered on in my next video now you also get four batteries now
thats great because to operate this you only need two batteries that means that i have
two extra batteries included so thanks feiyutech normally you have to buy extra batteries whereas
with this you don’t have too so thats great now inside here you also find the usb battery
charger here you have the usb cable these are two extension thumb screws to add a bigger
cam on the gimbal or if you need to use it with the gopro back pack the lcd backpack
so you can just add that on you get a european plug adaptor for this wall charger and then
this is the important usb connector that your going to need to use this for doing updates parameters
and calibration as i said before so if your a gopro user like me then this gimbal is a
must if you want better and more stable video footage and remember with this you won’t have
to edit videos anymore with stabilization software which can be very time consuming
ill put the link to the feiyutech website down below in the description box so you can
check out all of their great products and in my next my next video were going to take a look and see how
this works and were do some video comparisons and see how smooth the video footage is with
this well thats it this is the feiyutech G4 handheld gimbal for gopro and similar cams
thanks very much for watching bye

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6 thoughts on “Feiyu-Tech FY-G4 #1 Unboxing Handheld 3Axis Gimbal First Look Review GoPro Hero3 3+4 Stabilizer

  1. Thanks for all your videos! Between these videos and reading the instructions on the Feiyu website, I was able to load all the necessary drivers & run calibration on my G4.

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