Faros a marketplace for furnished apartments and compatible housemates

(upbeat music) – Faros is the marketplace for furnished apartments and
compatible housemates. So we essentially combined
a housing marketplace with a roommate marketplace. – So take me through the product ’cause I understand renting sucks. So how do you make renting suck less. – So first of all, hosts list their space directly to the site. Those hosts are a range of an
individual with a spare bed, a property manager, co-living companies. And then the renters browse those spaces they’re interested in, see which other people are
interested in those same spaces for the same period of time, and then they can request to join a group that is forming to
actually book that space. Once your group is big enough
to book the whole place you can split the deposit, split the rent, actually choose which bed and the price, and then move in. – How many markets are
you live in right now? – We’re throughout Silicon Valley, so San Jose, San Francisco,
Palo Alto, Mountain View, etc. We’re expanding to Seattle
and L.A. very soon, and then eastern U.S. immediately after. – Now you guys are currently Faros, but you used to have a different name. And you’re blushing right now. – We used to be called Pad Piper, which was 100% a play on
the show Silicon Valley. – Right. – And smart people told us
we should maybe rebrand it from a show that’s on its
last season, so we did. – Yeah, that’s a good idea. When did you rebrand, and what did you learn from rebranding? – Yeah, the rebrand actually
just launched this week, so we’re kind of announcing
it here at TechCrunch, which is pretty exciting. And the name actually
means lighthouse in Greek. And we chose that because we want to be that guiding path for people
as they’re becoming adults, trying to determine how you move, how you find people to live with, how you find those new opportunities even. We wanna be that lighthouse
that guides them. – Well Jack, I really
do appreciate your time. Thanks so much. – Thanks Matt, appreciate it
– Yep.

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