Famous Tech Investor Says Ripple XRP is Ready for Massive Growth. Calm Before the Coming Storm

What is up good people, Jungle Inc Here. Hope your having a good day. Now I got a great question yesterday in the
comments of the last video. Someone asked why doesn’t SWIFT just
build their own blockchain system to compete with Ripple. I think its a valid point. But when we look at all of the work that
Ripple has done just to get to this point. Tons of money, years on engineering time and
partnership building. They
have some of the brightest minds in this field and it still has been a battle. It is unlikely that swift would be capable
of doing such a thing. To start from scratch would be too time consuming
and I dont think they have the capital or the expertise
to pull that off. If they were going to use a digital asset
for cross border settlement their best bet would be Ripples systems. I just think its a matter of time until the
world is ready for digital assets, when regulations are in place and the
On Demand Liquidity system is ramped up to scale. Now I just read an article by U-Today. Its titled Ripple XRP is in for Explosive
Growth Prominent Venture Investor Tim Draper says. Now Tim is most noted for his investments
in things like Skype, Twitter, Coinbase, Tesla and a slew
of other major investments. He also purchased the seized
Bitcoin from the Silk Road creator. So this dude understands tech and block chain. And he is seeing
what all of us are seeing. Quoting from the article ” A Bitcoin and Investment
guru Tim Draper predicts the calm before the storm for the price of
XrP, as to call Ripple developers actions wrong is impossible. Looking at three-time growth of Bitcoin over
the past 5 months one would expect a similar result from XRP. The company is actively developing, expanding
the sphere of influence. Enlisting the support of large
financial institutions and constantly improving the technology of transfers.” Boom! Come on in as my buddy Brad Kimes would say. We see Ripple is building value. No one is doing more. It’s non senicle to say non of that matters. The market will catch up with the rest of
us soon enough. We have the most useful digital asset, with
the biggest partners, its been put into play for practicle use. There really is no debate. The price of XRP will run its just a question
of when. I gotta tell you I understand peoples frustrations. I see the same complaint
time and time again. More good news but the price drops even further. I
saw someone yesterday say its 100 percent speculative based. Utility will
never matter. And in the very short term day to day they
may be absolutly correct. Thats important to remember if your a trader. But if your an investor who is going
after monster Bentley Time Empire starting type of gains it couldnt be farther from
the truth. To start with good news is a fairly subjective
isn’t it? If you have a big stack
of Bitcoins is it good news when xRapid transactions are on the rise. If your
Hodling XRP like your life depended on it and have no other holdings,
do VET partnerships announcments cause you to run out and pump fiat into the market. The hardcore crypto enthusiest are so tribalistic
no announcment or news is going to move them off their mark. The news only effects the new money. Its like a presidential election we are going
after the undecided vote. Yes we need to keep our base our community
engaged and interested in XRP, but we need the cash flows of the
next generation of crypto investors to flow into
our digital asset. How are they going to pick where to put their
money. Most of us (not all of us) but most of us
are products of the 2017 bull run. That is what captivated
our imagination and our attention. Our new cash flows pushed the price of XRP
from .006 to 3.80. The ones of us that were crazy enough to stick
around and keep buying and keep holding into the eye of
the storm have maintained the price of XRP at levels many times above the starting price
of .006. It likely will never return to those levels. That oportunity is a thing of the past. Someday so will
the 20 and 30 cent price levels be gone forever. I don’t pretend to know when that someday
is but it is coming. So the question is what will be the catelist
that makes the everyday person jump into this market. The one
that has forgot all about this invisiable coin nonsense. They have moved on with their lives. I did it many
times myself with bitcoin. I would see the price shoot up say to myself
man I missed the chance of a lifetime and then I would go back to whatever I was
doing. We don’t know what that catalist is, but we
know its coming. What project where you attracted to in 2017
and 2018. The same project that has got exponentially
more exiting and even closer to a global takeover of the
financial system. What will be the catelist that makes institutions
start to pour money into digital assets. It’s going to happen
sooner than later. They arent building all of this infastrucure
for nothing. The Fidelities the SBIs their not stupid. Their not making a random bet out of no where. They have all of the data that we dont have
access to. Major financial institutions are building
instatutional grade custudy solutions. Theres a reason for that. They are not
slowing down. The stage is being set. Its just a question of when. What will be the catelist that makes institutions
start using digital assets in a significant way. We are starting to see
this for sure, but when will everyone use blockchain solutions for their everyday operations. You can google any company
in the world you want. Put their name, crypto and pdf in your google
search. To a T you will find some type of executive
handbook that is attempting to prepare their organizations leaders for the coming revolution. Like us they know the day
is coming its just not here yet. And as you look over the crypto landscape
and try to decide, what will be the digital assets that institutions will use and
invest in. We are talking about a higher level of investor. Who is used to analysing defined messurables. They are not going to
get bogged down by myopic thinking. They are not hobbiest clinging to a dieing
system of miners. We know XRP is likely to be the first crypto
used by institutions because it is being used today. If it works at scale we can
expect the expansion of this technology to be historic in nature. Part of our problem is we can see the future
so clearly it seems like it is already here. xRapid or On Demand Liquidity is not the
standard. No one is going to give you credit for almost
having a great system. We have to scale this system up and get more
serious volumes running threw the network. Until then their is great risk we will never
get to scale. Only with great risk comes
great reward, but we understand this tech and the people that are stearing us towards
that eventualy reality. Thats what
makes the future seem so clear for us, but the rest of the world will wait until its
too late. Until ODL is the standard and XRP is
fairly expensive. And like a conquiring hord coming home from
a foreign invasion we will have our coffers stuffed and our future secured. Now I just read this article from AMB Crypto
and its titled: ” Ripple exec claims theres huge opportunity in the Middle East
I think this is a huge oportunity for growth in this region and also legitimacy. Ripple describes their activities in the Middle
East as replacing the plumbing with post-internet
era plumbing. Quoting from the article ” The same financial
instiutions can be instant, error free and make sure they can provide
that service in a very transparent manner.” Now thats important if you pay attention to
the quote. Every other blockchain system is looking to
replace the financial system. Ripple wants to make the existing system better
and more efficient with the atributes of XRP as a bridge. Change is coming one way or the other. Either a big tech solution like Facebook Libra
or something from other major players like Amazon or Google will be the future or
they will use Ripples solution which keeps the current players in place but makes their
service world class. Continuing with the article ” I think theres
a huge opportunity. If you look at the ecosystem in the US, it
has large domestic markets, VC funding and companies can experiment with
the regulatary framework that exists today. The same opportunity exists in the Middle
East. Its
the largest remittance market in the world” So one of the most accepting regions to this
new technology is also the biggest. They need to make
fast and cost effective payments. Furthermore they need a secure payment system
that is free from political control. This should be a region where we
see explosive growth over the next few years. Now a lot of time I make fun of some of the
smaller ODL customers. That really showcased the real world usecase
of XRP. I act like they are mearly a
stepping stone to the big leagues but that may not be the case. Some of these entities will be able to compete
and scale up due to being able to operate on a level playing field with everyone
else. Thats kinda the point of the whole operation. And we see that happening with Bitso. I think I got that
right its not the soup its Bitso. Now they have been able to acquire 750K customers
in a very short time and now they have received funding from Coinbase
and Ripple themselves. They are looking to expand past Mexico and
into sourounding areas of Latin America. Just like the Middle East this is an area
that has a lot of remitence volume flowing in and out of the region. It can be an area where XRP can help
firms like Bitso grow exponetially. This technology is going to improve existing
businesses and creat new business that the old system could not
service due to cost constraints. Bitso is the perfect warning to the established
players in the financial market. XRP is the future you better get on board. Now I wanna end with a little youtube talk. I could jibber jabber all day about youtube,
but I try to keep the discussion on task about XRP. But Anytime I change
something that has to do with making revenue off the channel I try to disclose that to
you. We have built this Jungle Inc family together. Its only right. Now you may not know but youtube has a code
of conduct. And it essentially states that a youtube should
try to pelt each and every view with endless affiliate links. Further a youtuber should pack a video with
as many advertisinments as possible to try to squeeze each and every bit of revenue from
the viewer. Now myself I have
always felt that a single add at the beginning of a video is sufficient. If you want to make more money just get more
views. No need to torture the viewer with
endless adds. First and formost Im really a youtube consumer
more than anything. I understand how mid video adds are really
annoying. I have never used them in
the past. Well if youve noticed lately I have been including
mid video ads. And its not the few extra sheckles that youtube
pays me for this. As it turns out youtube
pushes your video out to way more people if you follow their code of misconduct and include
an additional mid video add. So by including the mid video add I am able
to reach twice as many people. I appreciate you putting up with this annoyance
it really helps the channel out. Hopefully we can at least get some Rippel
commercials playing or something. As always please like please subscribe. The Revolution will be televised. Right here on Jungle Inc.

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