Family Nerf Wars Part 5! Ethan and Cole Sneak Attack Squad Vs. Mom and Dad!

>>Mom, Dad, we’re home! Mom. Dad? What? Boys, be right back. Left you some snacks to eat. Love, Mom and Dad. Good, I’m hungry.>>Yeah, me too.>>I’ll take some mixed nuts.>>I’ll have some mixed nuts. You want some gum, too?>>In a little bit.>>Hahahaha! You got owned! You should have stucked with the gum. Ahhhh! Ahhhh! What’s wrong with this gum? It’s just like shocked me.>>Whoa! It’s called shock gum.>>Why do mom and dad try to prank us?>>I know! Who they think
they’re messing with?>>Oh we’re gonna show them
who they’re messing with.>>Boys, we’re home!>>Hi Mom and Dad.>>It took you guys long enough.>>Sorry. It took a little
longer than expected. How’d you boys enjoy your
afternoon snacks though?>>Yeah, was it pretty good?>>Yeah, you guys got us. That’s a really funny joke.>>Yeah. Hahaha!>>So there’s no hard feelings, right?>>Yeah. It’s pretty funny, huh guys?>>No. No hard feelings.>>Yeah, we’re fine.>>Well good. I’m glad
you guys can take a joke.>>Yeah. Better luck next time.>>They are so done.>>We gotta plan something.>>We’ll wait till tomorrow
when everything blows over then we can get them back.>>Yeah, we’ll just do that.>>Cole! Cole!>>What?>>It’s time to do it.>>Do what?>>Revenge on mom and dad! Duh! The pranks?>>What’d you have in mind?>>A lot. Come here. I’ll show you. Okay. Mom’s right there. You get her. I’m gonna go get down the garage.>>Okay.>>Go go go.>>What in the world? How did this happen? I just cleaned this. Ughhh! What? I swear. It must be seeming. Who is that? Who’s that? What’s going on here? Who’s there? I know someone’s in here.>>Oh man.
>>Better show yourself. Come out! You better come out. I know you’re in here. What? What’s going on? What in the world?>>Catch me if you can.>>Hey, come back here! I’ll get you.>>What’s this? Ahhhh! Oh ow. Ahhhh!>>Come on, let’s go! Come on!
Get up, get up, get up.>>So gross! So so so gross!
>>What’s goin’ on here? Hey! look! There they go! Get them!>>Let’s do Plan B. Go go go!>>They went in there!>>There’s a cockroach!>>Where? Where?>>There!
>>No! it’s them! Let’s get them.>>Get ready to fire, here they come!>>They came in here! Where’d they go? They’re in here somewhere.>>Fire!>>Let’s just see if you stop
pranking us. Haha!>>That’s what you get for
messing with the Sneak Attack Squad!>>Hope no hard feelings. Hahahaha! Oh, good one.>>Not again.>>Hey guys! Today’s comment of the
week comes from Anthony D’Agostino. “The scariest in the
world to me is my sisters.”>>My sister’s scary too.>>No kidding. I’m stuck. Picture of this week comes
from Ryder and Ava.>>That’s a nice arsenal, guys.>>Thank you Ryder and Ava
for sending us a picture. And also in this video, you may
have noticed we used no special effects. Let us know in the comments
if you like it this way because we can make a lot more videos.>>Oh by the way guys,
our dog tags are for sale! Yeah! If you want one of these bad boys,
go to our Facebook or Instagram, or go to the link below if we have it there. I don’t know if we can
put the link below.. Anyways check out our Facebook page
and Instagram page anyways!>>Give us a thumbs up.>>Click on our faces to subscribe
and as always, we’ll see you all next time. Dog tag!

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