Fake Nerds – COBS #8

am I finally in fucking focus? hi everybody, I’m Amanda the G and it’s time for more calling you out on your bullshit which I’ve decided from now on, I’m just gonna call COBS it’s just easier it’s less words and might as well make a fucking acronym to deal with our sadness COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, COBS, bullshit I think that’s how you pronounce two X’s in a row, txssssssssssss ok Google who are the elders in the day of lore? not the day of WAR! the day of lore you jerk! not lord! this gem is a profile you don’t follow through with punctuation what genre is rock hell? appreciate that sorry, that just had to be a rap to me since there’s no punctuation and it just works I don’t have the energy right now to get into HOW TERRIBLE THAT WAS (groan) sent at 9:25 PM when I did not respond the next morning right before noon, I got buckle up we got a long one fair point do you think that dressing up in costume for Halloween is the same thing as cosplaying? (deep inhale) (deep exhale) I can no longer remain silent about this this is referencing the Peter Jackson adaptation to feature films of the Hobbit which became three movies for some reason let’s go into why you’re fucking wrong here (starts to speed up) just because there’s characters that appear in other writings by Tolkien does not mean that this is at all appropriate for them to be in this movie let’s start by saying there are 60 years that pass between the end of the Hobbit and the start of the Lord of the Rings (faster) not only that, which most people don’t even pay attention to, but there are 17 years that pass from when the Lord of the Rings starts until Frodo leaves the Shire, he waits for 17 years in the movies it looks like it’s a day, it’s 17 years so that makes 77 years (faster) from the end of the Hobbit until the, the hobbits leave the Shire, ok, so why would there be all exactly the same people in both of them? There wouldn’t be, there’s an entirely different cast of characters and the Hobbit is not (speeds to unintelligible) (super fast nerd ranting about the Hobbit) followed up by and then gives his phone number your profile says you’re 26 let’s, let’s go into your profile real quick did you just copy and paste your about me into a message and then add that you were LATE on your TAXES? and then finally, our last one what I find very interesting about this I have never seen this before but it had on the bottom of it and you can report the message or say no, it’s fine at this point, I’m rather disheartened so that’s the end of this video if you liked it, click the like button and subscribe to my channel, I make a new video every Tuesday thank you guys so much for watching MWAH!

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One thought on “Fake Nerds – COBS #8

  1. It's so hard to watch these…but i can't look away. Definitely my favorite videos. So say the Elders of Lore.

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