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Hi, everyone, welcome back to my channel i hope you, guys are doing very, well i’m so, sorry for the short break and I’ve been really, busy, with work as you, guys probably already know That youtube isn’t My, full-time job it takes time to do the research on the cryptos and bring you guys really good content i didn’t want to bring you guys, less quality content just because i wanted to upload to youtube and also um There’s a new addition to the family No, i didn’t have a, baby but i do have a, baby so i’ll show. You guys the, baby just hold on a sec So this is the new, addition to the family And she’s only ten weeks old so i’ve been trying to bond with, her i’m trying to get her used to Her new, home so this is part of the reason, why i’ve had a break from Youtube apart from my work but she’s settled in very, well now so i will. Be having more time to bring you guys more crypto content So today’s video is going to be about Agora The last video before this one was about, agora and how i reported to you guys About the sierra Leonian presidential votes that took place on Agora’s blockchain it turned out that there was actually no Presidential vote on Agora’s blockchain, because the, sierra leonian government saw the headlines and the news, and they came out to tell Us that it was all fake news so i have all the details in this video and i’ll show You, right now lets start from this article from techcrunch So it says here that Sierra Leone government denies the world of blockchain in its recent election and let’s just remind ourselves what the ceo of Agora, said so the CEO of agora said here that This is a quote from him Anonymized votes ballots have been recorded on Agora’s blockchain, which will be publicly available For any interested party to review Counts, and validate he, also said that this is the first time a government election is using the blockchain Technology so i want to believe that because i wasn’t there when the votes happened, none of us were there when the vote happened Everything in the headlines aboutAgora actually conducting a presidential election on the blockchain it’s kind of come from what they’ve told us and what they’ve told the media and what they’ve told everyone so if they’re? saying it happened and then the country is saying it didn’t happen and Well i don’t know, you can draw Your conclusion from that and it says here but in africa the reactions were mixed it would be like me showing up to the uk election with my computer and saying Let me enter your counting room let, me plug in and count your results So, yeah it’s basically the same thing so all that’s happened, is that, agora i’ve been given the permission to observe The election in some districts in sierra leone this is what i got from our research on this whole thing I’ll put this links to this article the out option, below, so that you guys can have a second look at This, whole agora thing and in this one as, well as says sierra leaone Did not hold the world’s first blockchain election thank you multi ghost this is one of my subscribers they sent me this article And it says i mean it’s just going on about the same thing here That it didn’t happen on a block chain all the way allowed to do was observed so he says here that had simply been Registered as an observer in one district, agora i’ve actually responded to all these allegations of them not actually having the election on the blockchain but, before i show. You guys a response i’m going to show You, the sierra leonian Government’s twitter account so this is the twitter account national electoral commission in sierra leone and they’ve said That the national electoral commission uses an in-house database to tally election results this database Was originally developed for the elections held in 2012 it was then expanded and updated Prior to the 2018 in elections the database, was developed in c++ and runs in an ms sql Neither of which are open source applications and it does not use the blockchain in any way So this is directly from the sierra leonian government electoral commission So now Agora said that Agora have written a really long response to all of this Let me just read the start of this for you so it says, we have received several requests Asking for clarity and Agora’s involvement in the sierra leone election most of these questions, stem from a targeted campaign against Agora, which we will discuss later in this official statement so let me show You, guys the targeted campaign against Agora that they are talking, about so they’re talking about this organization Sierra leone Open election data platform so basically this platform have posted things about Agora saying please help the people of sierra leone stop Agora, blockchain and a few other people Promoting fakenews headlines about the use of blockchain during sierra leone election somebody from that, same organization as Well posted things in Agora’s telegram here it says hello agora admins i’m tamba lamin an IT Professional from sierra leone As a concerned citizen of sierra leone i am worried about a false news being propagated on the internet with headlines like Sierra leone is the first countries to run a blockchain powered election this is false and should be debunked By, your organization a formal letter to effect, will be sent to your company and a group of civil society activities activists Will be publishing that should be activists will be publishing another article within the next few Days to debunk your false narrative please, do not take advantage of our people By spreading false narratives your technology Had no effects in our elections you experimented and 250 polling stations on your results were never used by NEC or any election body your system did not help the people of sierra leone in any shape or form Stop spreading fake news you guys can read this whole thing i’ll put article down below Agora have explained all the facts, about this whole situation And have said that a partial deployment of our technology Was used this, is stated on our current home page our telegram and in many interviews so they’re, still Saying that a partial deployment of the technology, was used but then, again, the results Wasn’t exactly the same so Agora’s results are very close to the ones published, by the NEC That’s the electoral commission for the same area we’re provided a numerical comparison later in this statement So here they’re Saying so so really only saying that did he use the technology as i read before they use c++ And ms sql and now, agora is saying that a partial deployment of the technology Was used sierra leone is saying they Were just observing so this is really confusing i don’t really know but all i know Is that even though the the elections were not done on a blockchain in this election i know that in the future We will have elections taking place on a blockchain Hopefully very very soon so if you guys, want to have a read of everything that’s happened with this whole sierra leonian blockchain election voting i’ll put the links to all of these articles down Below so basically they’ve done the votes manually as we can see in this picture and all agora have done is Counted the votes but then, agora is saying part of the technology, was deployed so i don’t really know How that would have happened but yeah this is all i have to say, about this Whole controversy around, this vote not being on the blockchain right so in other news Guys, the social media giant snapchat if you know Snapchat confirms its banned ico adverts so yes they’ve joined facebook And they’ve joined google and very soon, youtube we join in as, well in banning the Cryptocurrency, ads all this tech, giant’s can, try everything they can to ban all of those things and i still don’t see this? Affecting the cryptocurrency, world at all so ICO’s actually i think there’s too Many ico’s this is my opinion i think that the influx of icos right now We have about what an average of 50 ICO’s a day i think is a lot of ICO’s and until We have regulations and we know, which one the credible ones are it will be really hard for people not to lose Their money and a bit of wanting to invest in an ico—- so is it a good thing to bandit ads now maybe yes for icos or maybe no for cryptocurrencies in general so that’s my take on it Also, the uk government Launches crypto task force so basically the bank of england and the fca thats the financial conduct authority in addition to the treasury Are going to form a task force for cryptocurrencies so maybe we’re A, step closer to cryptocurrencies being regulated, which i think is a good thing because at the end of the day We need to know Which cryptocurrencies are credible and which ones are not i mean a lot of cryptocurrencies even the ones listed on coin market Market cap are a scam so let’s not deceive ourselves here a lot of them are not you know They’re, not going to survive, ok, there’s almost 2000 cryptocurrencies right now and not all of them are going to survive that’s What i think but anyways guys thank you very much for staying with me through This, video Give this video a thumbs up if you, liked it subscribe If you aren’t subscribed yet and i will see you on my next video bye

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  1. You're most welcome.

    I do agree that elections will take place on blockchain at some point in future, which will be a great day for blockchain technology, but I don't think there is a system to-date that is actually ready to handle this in a transparent and secure manner, where personal voters data is properly protected and the results irrefutable.

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