Faces in Aviation: Hiram Vazquez, FAA Tech Center Electronics Engineer

Unfortunately, I have the
habit of looking up. I wonder what light’s they’re using,
where are they getting power. My name is Hiram Vasquez.
I’m an electrical power engineer, and I provide all the electrical
power to the NAS labs. Power is the energy by which
any facility has to operate. This is the area where
most people do not see. The people who are here to accomplish
the FAA mission cannot without electrical power being delivered to them
in a reliable and effective way. As a good engineer, you will find moments in
which it is difficult to deal with circumstances, but if you have the heart for the job,
those things are just not important to you because you have focused to accomplish
the goal that you’ve been given. I believe in legacy. I truly have done
my best to prepare other people. I’ve made it better for other
people to carry on what I started. A relationship is the most important thing above our
jobs because that is what makes a place work. When the relationships are right,
everything else follows. I have enjoyed this job with all my heart. You make being proud of what you do, and bring
others behind you up to that same level.

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