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hey everyone, welcome back to tech feed i’m
juliet beauchamp. today’s we’re diving deep into facebook’s
new strategy… and we’ll also look at tesla’s new plan to save money… and how robots are
making their way into the supply chain. stick around. tesla reversed its plan to shutter most of
its retail stores in favor of a new strategy: a global 3 percent increase on most of its
car prices. tesla has been cutting costs recently, and
its original plan to close most of its stores and transition to online sales was portrayed
as a move to pass along savings to customers, according to the company’s blog. ten percent
of stores have already been closed, and another 20 percent are reportedly under review. now, however, tesla’s plan is to raise prices
on its more expensive models: the model s, model x and premium model 3 versions. the base model of tesla’s model 3 will not
change in price. apple is increasingly using robots in its
supply chain, according to a new report. the company’s annual supplier responsibility
report revealed that apple has hundreds of supplier employees working with industrial
robotics applications. on a larger scale, robotics are becoming more
and more commonplace in the supply chain. self-learning robots can be integrated into
a manufacturing line for as little as 60 thousand dollars each, and apple’s biggest manufacturing
partner, foxconn, said last year it plans to invest 4 billion dollars in robotics and
automation. so don’t be surprised if you hear more and
more about your phones or computers being built mostly by machines. okay, this next story is a long one, so settle
in. facebook is shifting its strategy to focus
on to private, intimate messaging according to a blog post published by mark zuckerberg. zuckerberg detailed the company’s plan to
foster more private connections across its platforms–and it goes beyond secure, encrypted
messaging. he visualizes a platform that allows users
to make calls, video chat, send payments and share stories with friends. zuckerberg is also taking a cue from another
social giant, snapchat, and aiming to make these interactions temporary: messages, photos
and anything else shared can disappear within a pre-determined time frame. he also focused on making facebook’s current
messaging offerings–instagram, whatsapp and messenger, integrated with each other to make
cross-platform communication easier. and zuckerberg said this will all be secure, private and
encrypted. this is of course a big goal that will take
years to accomplish. facebook relies on public sharing to gather
data and sell targeted ads, so it’s important to consider how this change may affect the
company’s business model. but it’s not without precedent. wechat, a chinese social app, is one of these
“all in one” apps–millions of people use it to communicate with each other, order
food and even pay their bills. while this plan is pretty vague and without
a clear deadline, we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about facebook’s potential
strategy shift. thanks for watching today’s episode of tech
feed. if you liked this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. and i want to hear your thoughts about this
new facebook strategy–would you use one of these all in one apps? let me know in the comments. see you next time.

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