Facebook launches Messenger Day

– Instagram has its own Stories. Facebook is starting to test
a version of Stories itself. And now there’s Messenger Day. Does this ever seem redundant
or feel like it’s fragmenting the social media space
of Facebook’s users? – Look, I think there
are different use cases for those different things. I think, Instagram is
doing really, really well. It’s got a lot of also
public figure content that’s doing really, really
well, and that’s awesome. I think that messaging
is really important, WhatsApp also has a Status product that’s now out and we have
our own coming out now. And I feel that for messaging, it’s really a critical component,
because having contexts before you start a conversation
about what your friends are up to is really valuable
if done the right way. – Why did you guys choose
to call it Messenger Day? – This is about today. It’s not about yesterday,
it’s not about tomorrow. This thing lasts for 24 hours. Yeah, again, the two key functionalities are one, I’m going to set context because it’s going to make
for better conversations. And two, it’s about where
I want to take my day. It’s like, I’m bored and I
want to go out for coffee, or I want to go see a
movie, and so I’m going to use a frame, take a photo, just post it and see which of my friends are going to engage with me to
actually make that plan, because planning is one
of the core capability of a messaging app. We feel that we’ve
gotten to the point where it doesn’t get in the
way of you messaging, but it actually augments messaging by giving you context
about what your friends are doing, so you know
what to talk to them about. And, well messaging needs to be always the main thing that you come to do, and we should never
get in the way of that. – Where have you guys drawn
inspiration from this? I know Snapchat has sort of pioneered some of this idea of Stories, and Kevin Systrom from Instagram said that they deserved all the credit originally for when
Instagram made the Stories. How do you guys view
where you get inspiration from and the landscape of
other places to share stories? – Look I think the Stories
format is definitely a format, the same way
the Feed is a format in its way that’s being
done across multiple companies and multiple products. And so, Stories is definitely one of the formats that work well, and it feels like in different types of context as a format,
it just makes sense. And so, it’s totally, I think in my book, totally cool to look at
what’s working out there and try to adapt it to the
platform you have with all of the actual attributes
that your platform has. And so for a messaging product, it definitely made
sense for us to do that.

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9 thoughts on “Facebook launches Messenger Day

  1. This… Dosen't make… any sence…
    You can give context in messaging…
    He should just have said "We need to stay competitive since we gettin' our ass wacked".

  2. Tech Crunch really need to hire a full time hairdresser for its employees! It is really getting out of hand!

  3. This is so fucking sad. So basically they tested this for instagram first after stealing it for snapchat and now they're making it available for Facebook.

  4. I fucking hate this shit. When I'm typing a message this stupid shit cuts off my message so I can't see what I'm typing. I disable it but it still shows up at the top when I'm typing a message. I have to send 2 or 3 messages in order for me to see what I'm typing.

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