Facebook Hits 8B Video Views Every Day | Crunch Report

Let’s talk about the behemouth that is Facebook,
starting with some sweet sweet growth. Facebook reported 1.55 billion users in its Q3 earnings
report and beat the street’s estimates with $4.5 billion in revenue and $0.57 earnings
per share. That’s up 11.3% from last quarter! Facebook’s DAU count hit 1.01 billion, up
from 968 million in Q2. And the numbers of monthly users that actually visit daily is
around 65%. which is real good. Facebook now has 1.39 billion mobile monthly users, and
mobile now accounts for 78% of Facebook’s advertising revenue, with 727 million Facebook
users who only access via mobile devices. Even in the US and Canada where saturation
accounts for slower growth, Facebook added 4 million users, which is more in a single
quarter than any time in the last 2 years. During the company’s earnings call, Facebook
also casually dropped that it sees an average of 8 billion video views every day from 500
million users, up from 4 billion views in April. CEO Mark Zuckerberg added that Facebook
Groups now have 900 million monthly users, an interesting market opportunity between
traditional Facebook and Instagram updates, and private sharing on Messenger and Facebook-owned
WhatsApp. Dropbox held its first customer conference
this week, Dropbox Open, in San Francisco this week… where CEO Drew Houston took to
the stage to defend the company’s enterrpise future. Houston says the company has hit 150,000
paying customers, with 50,000 added in the last 10 months, along with a suite of new
tools, like the appropriately named Dropbox Enterprise. which gives IT managers more tools
to onboard employees to a corporate Dropbox account and start the collaboration processes…
and also gives managers a dedicated customer service representative. Dropbox also announced
it’s partnered with Symantec to prevent data loss; is adding shared folders and shared
links to its development API, and launching a partner network with more training and support,
to help companies market their tools to customers. It’s hard not to compare these new products
to a competitor like Box, which has big enterprise clients like Coca-Cola, IBM and General Electric,
who have hundreds of thousands of employees. Dropbox has spent a lot more time being a
cloud storage solution for.. the rest of us. Even so, Dropbox is currently worth $10 billion.
Houston tells TechCrunch: “We combine the consumer Internet piece with all the great
things about SaaS business, the monetization, subscription revenue, sticky customers, I
just can’t think of examples of too many companies that have a model like that.” Expedia is buying vacation rental service
HomeAway and Homeaway’s brands (which includes VRBO.com) for $3.9 billion in cash and Expedia
common stock. Homeaway is based in Austin TX and raised around $505 million in five
funding rounds before it went public in 2011. The cmpany currently features more than a
million paid vacation rental home listings in 190 countries and owns other brands like
VacationRental.com and BedandBreakfast.com. As for Expedia, which owns sites like Hotels.com,
Hotwire.com, Travelocity, Orbitz and Venera, is clearning gunning for Airbnb here, but
by buying Homeaway, can rely more on a service that already exists, rather than building
a competitng product from scratch. By the way another competitor to Expedia is Priceline,
which doesn’t currently own a dedicated “sharing economy” travel site to competet
with Airbnb either, but its Booking.com brand is slowly moving into this space. “Google Maps for iOS got a small but mighty
new feature update…spoken traffic alerts while navigating! So in addtion to telling
you when and where to turn, the app will now tell you about accidents up ahead, traffic
congestion, or other incidents, like police in the area, for your route before you start
driving, so you can press on or avoid altogether. Anyone who uses Waze is already used to this,
these are helpful features. Reminder that Google acquired Waze for $1.1 billion in 2013,
and recently gave the app a nice redesign, but so far, the two products haen’t merged.
By the way, the Android verison of Google Maps already had voice navigation and alerts.
We iPhone cavepeople are simply catching up. Ok let’s end on an equestian note. Researchers
at Carnegie Mellon have created realistic-looking plastic hair on 3D printed objects. This is
a long way off from realistic human hair, but it does make 3D printed characters more
interesting, and definitely more lifelike! The system uses a standard 3D printer and
some plastic, which is then sort of pulled up and out of a would-be follicle area like
a hot glue gun. Then the hair can be placed anywhere on a surface, in rows for uniformity,
and it can be brushed and cut. Like a barbie. Checkmate, Mattel.

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