Facebook Buys Mind Reading Technology & You Can Now Buy A Robot Dog

Welcome to this week’s
Digital News Roundup What can be more exciting than digital
and tech news on a Friday morning? Nothing I can think of! So take a seat and let’s do this. Robot dogs are no longer a
thing of the future You know how all of us wanted a
robot dog when we were kids? Okay, maybe just me. Well now we can, with Boston Dynamics introduction
of ‘Spot’, which is available to lease. Will this be the beginnings of a
robotics revolution? Here’s one for you webmasters Google have added new Snippet settings These new controls will allow you to
change the way Google search displays your listings, giving you increased flexibility in what you see. The new feature is expected to go
live by the end of October. Twitter are giving you more freedom for
your feed with a welcome change to ‘Lists’ You will now be able to
pin a maximum of 5 lists, which will then appear on your
home timeline for your swiping delight. You can now easily stay up to date and live
alongside your favourite TV show or the latest industry news Snapchat have increased the
maximum length of video ads by 18 times! You can now run ads up to
three minutes in length, with users still being provided the
option to skip or interact as they see fit. We know Instagram and
Facebook ads get all the spotlight, but have you considered Snapchat for
your next ad campaign? Calm down everyone, panic stations Instagram is getting a dark mode We’ve highlighted before that everything
seems to be getting a dark mode at the moment, but come on, this is Instagram. The platform appear to be testing out
the sought-after feature for a few lucky users. I guess black is the new… black? Facebook has bought a firm that has been developing and get this MIND CONTROL WRISTBANDS We wish we were joking. The tech is being developed so that a user
can control computers with the power of their mind. The start-up believe that this technology
is just a few short years away. Remember you can read these stories in full by
visiting the news section of our website just click the link in the description Find a button, give us a share
and let’s spread some news. I’ve been Shaun Staunton
for Digital News Roundup, live at Giant Towers post my selfie to Instagram… post my selfie to Instagram…

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