Facebook and Twitter delete accounts ‘undermining’ Hong Kong protest | Tech Wash

Both Facebook and Twitter
are banned in China but that has not stopped
Beijing using both platforms to advance its own
agenda, whether that is by taking out accounts
for its own officials or by simply paying
for advertising. But in recent months, as
pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have ramped up,
both Twitter and Facebook say they have seen the
use of their platforms for something more sinister. Both companies say they have
noticed co-ordinated attempts by the government in Beijing
to spread disinformation about the protests and to
undermine their legitimacy. Twitter says it has
taken down 936 accounts, which it said originated
from mainland China and were involved in
attempting to spread fake news about the Hong Kong protests. Facebook, meanwhile, has
taken down 15 pages, groups, and individual
accounts which it says were associated with Beijing
and focused on Hong Kong. These are the latest in a series
of steps both companies have taken to combat the spread of
disinformation and state-backed attempts to use their
services for propaganda. Both companies know
that taking such action and publicising
it will be crucial if they are to recover their
reputations following the 2016 US presidential elections. But more importantly,
with just over a year until the next
presidential elections, both companies also
know they will soon be under more scrutiny
than ever before.

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78 thoughts on “Facebook and Twitter delete accounts ‘undermining’ Hong Kong protest | Tech Wash

  1. I don't see these 2 videos being misleading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrZvlhizKb0&list=WL&index=95&t=9s AND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzIJ25ob1aA&list=WL&index=91&t=5s

  2. Shut up China. We are talking about freedom of speech.😂The West always uses double standards for China.They accused the Chinese Hong Kong police of violently treating the mobs, but they did not report that if the mobs attacked the police in the West, they would be killed immediately.The mobs bit the policeman’s finger and the police were forced to defend and used tear gas. As a result, CNN reported that the police violently suppressed the peaceful mobs. The disgusting US government, in order to threaten China’s compromise in trade wars, provides a large amount of support to these rioters through Ngo organizations such as the American Democracy Foundation.The Conscience Chinese don't want to world to be misled by Western fake media just as they report that Iraq has chemical weapons, so they smashed the Western media lie movement on social networks. These media actually accused them of being manipulated by the Chinese government and Closed all social media for no clear evidence. This is what they call freedom of the press and freedom of speech.It’s just too hypocritical. They monitor citizens of other countries by being poked out of Snowdenand.They even monitor their own allies, such as Merkel and Abe, but they are accusing Huawei of being a spy company.They are always proud of their judicial independence and judicial justice, but the Canadian Prime Minister intervened in the business case and illegally arrest Ms. Mengwanzhou. They bombed other countries to plunder resources, causing a large number of casualties and countless refugees. But they said that I am protecting human rights.Western media particularly like fraud, such as the release of a Syrian chemical attack made by a white helmet.The freedom of speech and human rights emphasized by the West are limited to whites.

  3. Funny who China is fighting for freedom of expression for its state run medias despite they didn't have it in their own country 😅

  4. Oh so it's alright when Twitter and facebook spread disinformation in the USA supporting libs, socialists, antifa, black supremacy, but not when china does it. 🤔

  5. Twitter, YouTube, a jewbook, are communist platforms. They suck. Anyone on the right is de-platformed, But the dirtbag leftists can say anything they want without consequence. It’s a complete disgrace and joke. F them.

  6. Huh? Are you really implying Facebook and Twitter are complicit with the controlling, communist China regime? Now that I would believe . If not, this post in itself appears to be propaganda .

  7. how stupid will CCP be if the back all of those accounts. There are people I know who are showing violence committed by Hong Kong rioters got deleted. Freedom of expression and press, what a joke. PLS do stop brainwashing my western friends.

  8. Facebook and Twitter tried to fix the election for Hillary. They support dictatorship in the US by opposing it in China.

  9. The irony… The social media are themselves faking. News and intoxicating people with their owb sinister propaganda… A classical example of pot calling the kettle black

  10. Facebook is suppressing the free speech of Conservatives and anyone else that disagrees with main stream media propaganda.

  11. Has nothing to do with American politics. The truth is the Regime has went to Hong Kong and shut down the protesters with force because the government has weapons and the people don't. This is why we haven't seen the protest lately on the internet.

  12. Freedom of speech only applies to liberals! Anything else is labeled “hate speech.” That’s why I stopped using Facebook and Twitter! They love banning and suspending anyone with anti-liberal, or pro Trump views!

  13. CEO's of Facebook and Twitter are making a clear moral choice to stand with the protestors. Anyone mad at that hates freedom.

  14. Conservatives: Private companies aren't protected by the first Amendment LIBURALS! Stop trying to regulate them! No big government!
    Also Conservatives: Facebook and Twitter are mean to Conservatives and should be forced to stop doing that by the government!!

  15. And yet Facebook and Twitter don’t ban the young Turk channel after saying Americans deserved 911. They are pro liberal and ban anyone who disagrees.

  16. Its figure Facebook & Twitter will do anything to save their own asses rather than fight for what's right.

  17. I honestly been having a slight suspicion that Zuckerberg is a spy for China ,just saying ,yes sounds crazy but, just look into it first.

  18. So they kill the voice of the opposition? Look who’s censoring people now. Why did Twitter feel it should intervene?

  19. FB, Twitter are banned in china. Howcome soomany chinese use these platforms. Strange. This is real China,tentacles every where, all fake.

  20. Boycotted FB and Twitter years ago. Scumbags.
    I've mostly boycotted Google too. Youtube is about the only platform of theirs I use. Again, scumbags

  21. The left are keep on crying Russia Russia and here they are colluding with China and they don't even hide it anymore ^_^

  22. Quit bitching when you choose to sell yourselves out to these scummy sites. You shunned or cringe at the dark web but f.b, y.t Twitter i.g are darker than any other sites deep or not. I'm so sick of these idiots or the idiots who use them complaining… ITS YOUR FAULT, YOUR A IDIOT.

  23. Twitter and Facebook are the tip of the spear for the global advance of Communism.

    Death is preferable to Communism.

  24. Lmao and you idiots think we have rights 😂😂🤣 ok then, google 1942 japanese americans and learn all about your precious rights

  25. Social media is out of control……. they need to be stop. Not sure why the leftist dont like freedoms. Anyone they dont agree with getting the boot. Once again it the left thinking that they know best and are above everyone.

  26. Freedom of speech unless you like being under authoritarian leadership. I.e: conservatism or communism (not the Bernie Sanders type)

  27. They shouldn't be taking anything down. Do you think we believe they're only taking down posts of the government. Please

  28. How most people define "fake" and "true" news is based on media that transfers the way it wants to…
    When the political system and culture is different, and especially when some country treats another as a 'threat' or 'has WMD' or 'evil'…
    The thing is some country is happy to see the similar political system of their own is used by others (even though it doesn't fit the country) to make allies to gain more control over the world (even if that's the case, they can dispute allies, let's say Japan in 1980s).

    The resource is limited in the planet, and all countries are fighting for it, and that's the only truth.

    The media is a tool to convey the whole interest group's philosophy to gain more resource, so I don't care much about what media says it's 'fake' or not, everyone should have his/her own judgement and criterion for a news.

  29. Censorship SUCKS!! Stop hiding the truth and let people have freedom of speech……Youtubes gonna get sad and delete my post. Respect to all the brave protesters in Hong Kong.

  30. USA has no democracy lol it’s a few wealthy families dictating how people should live and spend their money. Homeless are everywhere. The bottom 80% in USA are not listened too and only the rich makes changes. It’s a plutocracy not a democracy, yet they use democracy as a way to fight their enemies or countries they don’t like. Lol all these brain washed people it’s sad.

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