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New Products, new camera and a viral App in this Tech News. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech in a simpler way, I am your Tech Friend JOE 🙂 Apple launched their 2019 version MacBook Air and Macbook Pro last week. Now according to a report, the Macbook Air which they launched this year is slower than the last year model. Consomac compared the SSD in both the laptops. For this they used Black magic disk speed test. According to this test, 2019 SSD’s write speed is 1 Gbps, at the same time its read speed is 1.3 Gbps. But last year’s SSD write speed is 920 Mbps also its read speed is 2 Gbps. We can clearly see the new SSD is slightly faster in right speed but in read speed, it is just half. Using the slower SSD in the new version, they managed to keep the overall price of the laptop down. Just because they used a slow SSD, don’t think it’s performance will be low. You won’t even notice this in your day to day uses. You can get this 2019 MacBook Air at a starting price of Rs.1 lakh. Xiaomi to celebrate their 5 years entering Indian market, they have launched a new product. It’s a rechargeable LED lamp. It is available only in white colour but the light which comes from it it can be changed into 3 colour. White, warm white and yellow colour. Its base is round shaped, its Pole is slim and the top part which holds the bulb is cylindrical shaped. It’s lightweight and portable. Not only that in a single charge it can last up to 5 days. If you have a daily current cut problem, this product will be very useful to you. Already for 5th anniversary they launched a trimmer. What more do they have in shelf, let’s wait and see. Tech fact Tech fact – let’s see some interesting facts about xiaomi. The Xiaomi which we know sold budget phones in India and became famous. But apart from phones, TV’s and laptops, they sell many products which we don’t know. I will just read out some of the products which they sell. Electric scooters, fitness trackers, drones, smart light, bulbs, robot vacuum cleaner, Power Bank, security cameras and media streaming devices. Apart from these, they sell even some strange items. For example shoes, rice cookers, electric toothbrush, travel pillows, Suitcase, mattresses also pens. but not any smart pens/ stylus found in Samsung Galaxy Note, it’s just a normal writing pen. It a wonder knowing a big company like them selling products like these. Do you know any products which I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments sections below. Sony has launched a new camera, Sony A7 mark IV. It has full frame back illuminated CMOS sensor. From last year’s 42 megapixel they are now giving 61 megapixel in this version. It has 15 stop dynamic range. It also has 5 axis in body image stabilization. They have given in this 5.76 million dot resolution Oled electronic viewfinder. In this viewfinder you have an option to toggle between 60 hertz and 120 Hz refresh rate. Additionally they are giving a mode called pixel shift. Using this you can stack up to 16 images and in editing you can produce up to 240 megapixel image. It can take a 61 megapixel image 10 frames per second. It has 567 phase detection and 425 contrast autofocus points also. It has real time eye autofocus For the first time this autofocus works in video also. They have launched this camera for $3,500. From September it will be available for everyone to buy. Sony finally launched their RXO mark ii. They announced this early March but to launch they have delayed this much time. Full information about this action camera, I have explained in another Tech News. Click this link to know about it. You can get this camera for Rs.58000. Today’s hot news Let’s see an app which is being Viral in all social media. If you go to Facebook or WhatsApp, you might have seen your friends as an age old person. This can be done by an app called ‘Face App’. They launched this early 2017 itself but this became viral recently. The main reason for it is the filter in it which can turns us into old person. Even I tried this, it looked so realistic. For this they are using an Artificial Intelligent algorithm. In this free version itself it can turn you into old person, young person, can change your hair colour, can put makeup, and it can add smile/ laugh to your dull face. You can do this for yourself and for your friends also. As far as I used this, it was fun. Try it out for yourself. Friends if you liked today’s News, give a thumbs up. Share it with your friends who loves Tech. If you want to see videos like this daily, please subscribe and don’t forget to click the Bell icon next to it. We will meet in another episode I am your Tech Friend JOE 🙂

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