F8 recap: new Camera Effects and Messenger updates

– [Reporter] Day one of F8 was
all about Facebook bringing you new ways to augment your reality. Putting your camera at the
center of the experience, Facebook launched augmented
reality Camera Effects. Thanks, Snapchat, because a lot of this new functionality
works roughly the same. Developers can make
entertaining visual experiences, like AR selfie masks, informational tools, like overlaid ratings on businesses, interactive games, and mind-bending art that Mark Zuckerberg said would be impossible to create in the real world. Another cool example of
how this might be used is the ability to leave
augmented reality notes in specific locations. You can tell a friend to
try your favorite dish at a restaurant, or maybe
your partner to buy some milk with a note on the fridge. These new AR tools will allow developers to use precise location,
object recognition, and depth detection to
create their effects. Facebook’s camera will
be able to recognize specific objects, like a cup of coffee, and surface related effects, like steam coming out of the
cup or a shark swimming inside. Camera Effects is already
integrated with Facebook Live, and is designed to
eventually be compatible with future augmented reality
hardware, such as eyeglasses. Also, today, Facebook
launched a beta of Spaces. It’s goofy and fun social VR platform on Oculus Rift plus Touch. Those who have bought in
to the Oculus Ecosystem can connect their Facebook accounts, and dive into an environment
where communication isn’t about chat messages, but voice
and avatar body language. React VR is also new. It is a JavaScript framework
that’s similar to React’s for standard web apps,
allows VR developers to easily build basic
360 degree experiences. Then, there were some
updates to Messenger. Among them is an update
to M virtual assistant, the launch of Messenger Codes, and better support for GameBots
and turn-by-turn games. Speaking of bots, today, Facebook
launched two powerful ways for people to find Messenger bots to use. A Discovery tab and M
Suggestions will address the Discovery problem that’s been plaguing the platform’s hundred
thousand developers. Workplace, Facebook’s Slack competitor, which launched this fall, also got a slew of new
partners and bot integrations. The update focused on blending information from various non-Facebook platforms into a more seamless
communication experience. And that’s about it. Some really cool new AR camera
features were announced. Communication tools like Spaces
and Messenger got updates, and jokes about “The Fast
and the Furious” were made. Stay tuned for tech runs
for more news from F8.

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  1. My grandma said that my generation couldn't live without technology and that we are useless. I said no grandma your generation can't live with out technology and then I pulled her life support.

  2. Facebook is EVIL!!  if every-one  had some brains you would be off it!!    this is with out a doubt demonic!  Facebook brings in demonic forces and its working!   Its always been this way, you are OWNED!!! by demons, Zuckerburg is a freemason and Satanist ,   its not free!!  WAKE – UP people!!!

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