F8: Everything you need to know

Bots, brain-typing, machine learning, and
augmented reality took center the stage at this years F8. The event showcased Facebook’s ability to
process contextual information and give feedback in both virtual and haptic worlds. Here’s a recap of some of the mind-bending
news announced at Facebook’s annual developer conference. Starting with augmented reality…Facebook
debuted a new platform called Creative Effects that layers virtual art and messages with
real life. Experiences can be triggered by objects detected
in your camera, your exact location, movement, or data pulled from other apps. It’s a bit like SnapChat but has the potential
to be so much more. A sample of effects is now live in Facebook’s
camera, where you can also make your own still 2D filters. Frame Studio lets you upload a design for
an overlaid graphic with no coding required, then friends or fans can then use them for
their own photos or videos. Today Facebook’s AR future may be taking
the form of selfie filters, but in the future the company wants to let you interact with
the world only by using your brain. There weren’t many details as to what this
would really look like, but it does involve a pea-sized array of electrodes implanted
inside the subject’s brain. This initially sounds pretty terrifying, but
this “brain mouse” could one day allow you to type up to 100 words per minute. In less-invasive brain technology news… Facebook is building brain-computer interfaces
for typing and hearing via skin, This technology could let deaf people essentially “hear”
by bypassing their ears. Using a system of actuators tuned to 16 frequency
bands, Facebook demoed a test subject able to comprehend a vocabulary of nine words she
could hear through her skin. Facebook also announced a new technique the
company is using to improve the watching experience for 360 videos. By predicting where a viewer will look next,
it can render that area of the image first, which is particularly helpful for high resolution
experiences or places with lower quality internet. While we are talking 360, Facebook will license
its new 360 cameras that capture in six degrees of freedom. There are two new designs, one with 24 and
the other a 6 camera design. Building on the original Surround 360, both
cameras have a simple spherical design and look pretty fantastic. Facebook plans to license the designs for
market later this year. With Facebook new Spaces, you and up to three
friends hang out in a virtual room where you can chat, draw, watch 360 videos, make Messenger
video calls, and take VR selfies — all while appearing as a cartoony avatar based on your
recently tagged photos. For now it’s only available on the Oculus
Rift VR headset and Oculus Touch controllers, but eventually it will expand to other tethered
VR devices. Instagram for Android now works offline. You can consume content you previously uploaded,
and leave Likes, comments, and more that get added when you reconnect to the Internet. And for the developers in the room…. Facebook is open sourcing the tool it internally
uses to build its Android app. Litho allows for the efficient creation of
Android user interfaces that run at a smooth 60 frames per second. React, Facebook’s popular open-source JavaScript
framework for building user interfaces, is getting a major rewrite. React Fiber, as the project is called, is
designed to power the imagery-heavy user experiences of the future and will replace the existing
React framework soon. Facebook also launched a VR-version of React
that lets developers build basic VR apps based on the same tools and skill all React developers
already have. Messenger bots are now discoverable and can
be added to group chat conversations. Well, that’s the short of it. With intelligent software leading the charge,
Facebook is giving developers tools for a future where with haptic vocabulary – we may
not need to speak, language is no longer a barrier with instantaneous translations, and
our brains can type for us. But until then, let’s all paint the real
world and make style-y selfies.

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  2. Nah, not letting anyone into my brain, that is when we humans will truly give up our will and become cattle. Imagine how they could stimulate you, how they could literally program you and never forget a software glitch can and will be deadly. Nah, I'll pass.

  3. This is the best highlight video about the F8 2017. It's more widely-covered about all of the topics, thanks TC!

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